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Zarah Ken'ichi
Name Zarah Ken'ichi
Kanji ザラ賢一
Romaji Zarah Kenichi
Race Shinigami
Birthday August 10th
Age unknown
Gender Female
Height 5ft 4in
Weight 110 lbs
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation unknown
Base of Operations unknown
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Education Herself
Status Active
Shikai Unknown
Bankai Unknown


Zarah is a young woman (atleast appears to be) with short blond hair and blue eyes, which turn red when inner Zarah takes over. Zarah tends to wear military clothes that includes a yellow uniform, long white stockings, and tall brown boots.


Zarah possess two kinds of personalities: the outer one and the inner one. The outer one is a happy-go-lucky typical cheerful teenager that usually befriends anyone she meets. While the inner one appears to be more sadistic and battle-loving. This inner Zarah never leaves her enemies without causing serious damages to them albeit never has she killed anyone yet (except for those lowly hollows). The outer Zarah is more merciful and will not fight unless the situation calls for it. But both shares a similar trait: loyal. Both cares for there comrades and is even willing to let themselves get hurt just to save there friends.


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Skills and Abilities[]

Vast Spiritual Energy:

Expert Swordmanship Specialist:

High Intellect:

Highly Perceptive Fighter:

Great Aim:

Immense Strength:

Immense Speed:

Enhanced Durability:


Kakusa reta ito (隠された意図, Hidden Intent) is Zarah's zanpakuto, its take the form of an ordinary katana with no guard. Its hilt has blood stain designs on it, giving it an almost evil appearance.

Shikai: Kakusa reta ito has two release commands that is able to activate it.

1st release command: Have their mouth shut.

Zarah's first command

Zarah Holding One Cannon

  • Upon saying this command, Kakusa reta ito transforms into a large, heavy, armor piercing cannon. Its bullets are able to pierce amost everything (Hierro, Almost unbreakable barriers, etc.) as its tips are highly concentrated, monomolecular reiatsu from Zarah herself. Fired with an unimaginable force, this bullets are almost impossible to stop, but with a Grandmaster Sword specialist might find its weak spot as it can be sliced in half with enough force.
  • Kage no kiba (影の牙, Shadow's fang) is a special bullet used for absorbing any kind of spiritual energy (Including Reiryoku, Reiatsu, and Reishi), if fired correctly, it can sip all Zarah's enemies' strength and energy. (Take note: It will only absorb spiritual energies it hits, not the ones that is surrounding it.)

2nd release command: Give them nothing

Zarah's second release

Zarah's 2nd release

  • This command changes the first release of Kakusa reta ito, from just one cannon to a dual/pair cannons. Its abilities remains the same, only its firepowers doubled, and its bullets can be fired simultaneosly like that of a machine gun, this traits makes Kakusa reta ito infamous for its overwhelming power.