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Yūrei Trooper
Name Yūrei Trooper
Race Plus
Birthday Various
Age Various
Gender Various
Height Various
Weight Various
Eyes Various
Hair Various
Professional Status
Affiliation Yūrei Ōkoku
Previous Affiliation Various
Occupation Members of the Yūrei Military
Previous Occupation Various
Team Various Teams in the Yūrei Military
Previous Team Various
Partner Various
Previous Partner Various
Base of Operations Yūrei Ōkoku
Personal Status
Relatives Various
Education Various
Status Various
Signature Skill Experience With Firearms, Enhanced Abilities (elite)

The Yuurei Troopers are elite soldiers under the command of the ruler of Yuurei Oukoku. Like the Yuurei Police Force, they maintain a steady patrol over Yuurei, but have other expansive roles which vary depending on what the order is given.


The majority of Yūrei soldiers are normal Souls residing within the spiritual world with special training for situations of combat and engagement. As spiritual entities made up of Spiritrons, they can be only seen by other spiritually aware entities. They are not seen within the physical world commonly, as they remain within the afterlife under the orders of the government. While the majority of Yūrei soldiers do not possess any unique abilities other than their specialty in Kidō firearms, there are exceptions with exceptional spiritual energy and potential. These few are promoted to participate in groups revolving around special operations.

While the Shinigami are tasked with sending spirits to the Soul Society (the afterlife) in order to maintain a balance of souls between it and the material world, Yūrei troops are assigned missions that handle the spiritual world's internal threats and problems. As a Soul, they possess superhuman abilities and traits that allow them to tend to the task at hand.

Traits and Abilities[]

Common Trooper[]

Common Yurei Trooper

The appearance of one particular Yūrei soldier's gear.

Normal Yūrei soldiers are more commonly seen in combat and on the frontlines. They are commonly found in squads during missions, engaging in direct combat. While they do not possess any unique any abilities, they are intelligent and quick to react to any situation. They commonly use tactics and numbers to compensate for their lack of superhuman strength, flanking and surrounding targets in order to take them down. They are the operators of transportation "vehicles" that Yūrei use in order to get from area to area. They wield various types of weaponry, from small fire arms to heavy, destructive weapons.

Elite Trooper[]

Elite Yurei Soldier

A portrayal of a specialized Yūrei soldier.

When displaying an exceptional amount of power, skill, and intelligence, some Yūrei troopers are promoted to higher divisions, used particularly in the art of special operations. They are fewer in number compared to the regulars. However, they possess incredible skill in combat and firearms, able to fight one-on-one against characters with immense spiritual energy and power such as the Gotei 13's Captains. When they work in teams with one another, they are next to unstoppable and have been described as such by Jūshin Igen, the government leader. A notable division debuted recently is the I.S.F.R., a division sent to deal with the Takahashi Ishikawa incident.


In the Yūrei Rebellion Arc and the following arcs, Yūrei soldiers have made several appearances throughout the Bleach fanon universe. Troops have strikingly similar to the modernized forces of the Living World due to cultural influence.