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"You shall suffer long and suffer hard fools, for you have just now angered the next God-King Necrid. I tell you this I shall be much more gentle with you than he would be with you hehe. So lets see how much suffering can I give you, I shall inject you with such pain. You shall loath be on what words could describe, oh such a sight to see your suffering from the inside to the outside. Come on all of your suffer fuels my Zanpakuto and myself, oh such joy I feel as maggots are eating away at my soul and my body. I feel my sight going, I am an empty shell of something. I don't even know what I am any more am I a shinigami or hollw?"
— Yoshitsugu

Yoshitsugu vizard
Name Yoshitsugu
Kanji 大谷
Romaji Unknown
Race Vizard
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Black
Hair Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Unusual Features Leprosy
Professional Status
Affiliation Dios-Rey Remnants
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Commanding Officer of the Dios-Rey Remnants
Previous Occupation Unknown
Team Unknown
Previous Team None
Partner Necrid de Diosrey
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Unknown
Personal Status
Marital Status Unknown
Relatives None
Education Unknown
Status Active
Shikai Makai no Saiga
Bankai Not yet Revealed
Resurrección Not yet Revealed
"The one who is suffering and yet is never heard"

Yoshitsugu (大谷) is a mysterious Vizard that calls itself Yoshitsugu, it has allied itself with Necrid and is a loyalist much like him to Baraggan. Yoshitsugu is now one of the most notable members of the Dios-Rey Remnants holding the position of second in command, head of the intelligence division of the Dios-Rey Remnants and is the main adviser to Necrid. This Vizard is known as one of the greatest mysterious of Hueco Mundo and the Soul Society; much is unknown to who this Vizard is or what it wants. It seems that the Vizard has a great knowledge of many figures within the Soul Society, Ametsumi and even knowing much about Averian and his arrancar army.



Yoshitsugu's General Appearance

The Vizard known as Yoshitsugu is famed for having leprosy, in which is why it concealing itself in bandages. It appears to be extremely old, skinny and weak of a person, warped in bandages and wearing red samurai armor. With its mask looking like a helmet looking like moth wings and red antennas, wears white Hakama, with tabi shocks. Pure black eyes, like a demon, underneath its bandages, most of its flesh rotted away. Making it appeared to be like a corpse, none have seen it without its bandages. Since Yoshitsugu’s leprosy has destroyed it's body inside and out, Yoshitsugu is forced into the lotus position on a palanquin limiting its movement. Although through the use of Necrid’s magic, Yoshitsugu is able to float around on this palanquin freely. Giving it more of way to move around, before Yoshitsugu needed to be cared by subordinates. Yoshitsugu is often having the look of disgust on its face, with its rotted away flesh. Yoshitsugu has a very powerful smell of rotting flesh, which many can’t stand so many run away from it. Yoshitsugu is still able to talk through his bandages, although the sound will be muffed so making Yoshitsugu sound slow and depressed. Making it hard to tell if Yoshitsugu is a Male of Female, because most of Yoshitsugu’s body is decayed. Since Yoshitsugu is a frail and weak creature, Yoshitsugu can barely move limbs and other body parts. Often moaning at the pain that Yoshitsugu’s body is in, screaming so much that Yoshitsugu’s voice is horse most of the time. Talking in a depressed and grave tone, Yoshitsugu is often feared as a freak for what has happened from the leprosy Yoshitsugu has. When forced to move limbs, an opponent will often hear Yoshitsugu’s bone crack at the pain moving limbs. From the smell, the sight, Yoshitsugu’s voice, Yoshitsugu is a disgusting creature to all of the senses.


Yoshitsugu is depicted as one of the most tragic members of Dios-Rey Remnants, and misguided ambitions come across as "evil". Because of itsdisease,Yoshitsugu was constantly ridiculed and shunned. Seeing the great Necrid as a way to take its revenge and share its misfortune with the world, Yoshitsugu takes up its weapon and joins up with Necrid and Dios-Rey Remnants, for the approaching campaigns for the spiritual worlds. Like Necrid Yoshitsugu is very loyal to Baraggan and after hearing of his death, Yoshitsugu believed to cause suffering in the world. Yoshitsugu shares some insanity with Necrid as well, both enjoy seeing suffering and in turn they will come up with strange ways to create suffering. Yoshitsugu is a being that has no heart or feelings for others, hating health young men the most. Yoshitsugu gets very jealous and often yells at the top of its lungs at how cursed Yoshitsugu is and how the heavens gave those health, yet Yoshitsugu suffers. Although at times Yoshitsugu shows to have a strange habit of looking up into the sky and asking the great heavens take the life away. But it seems that Yoshitsugu does not die, then in turn Yoshitsugu will grow more and more restless, Yoshitsugu will begin to sing a song, in a childish voice and singing this to many they will look on upon Yoshitsugu as if this creature has finally gone over board.

Yoshitsugu seems to believe in something called the star dusts, asking this force to come down onto the world and rain down suffering to the masses. Yoshitsugu has shown to be cunning and loyal, to only Necrid seeing Necrid as a way to bring more suffering to the lands. Yoshitsugu has allied with Necrid in hopes that the goals will come true. Yoshitsugu will often tell others that Yoshitsugu loathes and hate them, because of either their health or other “blessings”. Yoshitsugu has shown to have a sliver tongue as well; being a jealous type Yoshitsugu will tell others of things to intimidate them. This will work most of the times, Yoshitsugu then laughs at them and keeps on taunting them. Yoshitsugu enjoys seeing such things, showing how twisted Yoshitsugu is and like many members of the Dios-Rey Remnants the whole organization is made up of freaks and nut house rejects, as Ashura calls them. Yoshitsugu has connections


Yoshitsugu shows the love of death

many of these organizations such as Ametsumi Works and having great knowledge of many of the other organization of the spiritual worlds. Yoshitsugu mostly watches these groups out of jealousy. Such as the Espada, Averian’s Army and the Gotei 13, Necrid often questions why Yoshitsugu watches these groups. Yoshitsugu says in reply that there suffering shall be coming from the heavens. Yoshitsugu seems to have a love for death and disease seeing that Yoshitsugu is cursed with leprosy. Yoshitsugu will love get blood onto the armor and body, going so far as write the kanji for Yoshitsugu in the blood of a dead opponent. Much like Necrid Yoshitsugu will seem to kiss the forehead of the victim telling them that they are forgiven by Baraggan, although Yoshitsugu likes to lick the forehead and then kiss making it’s make onto the opponent. Yoshitsugu is told by many that it’s a sick individual, in return Yoshitsugu will cry tears of joy and suffering telling them that it fuels the burning rage in Yoshitsugu’s heart and body making Yoshitsugu want to go on more and more. Yoshitsugu yells and screams to his opponents for more and more. Although Yoshitsugu does speak in a grave and depressed tone, often going into a rage with the tone to the point that Yoshitsugu can make small children cry at the sight and sound of Yoshitsugu.


"Coming Soon"


Powers and Abilities[]

Overwhelming Spiritual Power:Even by the espada level standards, Yoshitsugu has shown to have tremendous spiritual power. Necrid commented that Yoshitsugu 's very presence is monstrously overwhelming and the smell of the boyd. A hint to his actual level of spirit power is given when he takes control of a shinigami's zanpakuto.The force of Yoshitsugu's spiritual power is also great enough to, without any visible effort, bring any of the espada to thier knees. He has commented that it takes a lot for him not to "crush an ant" in his path. He also claims that he is more powerful than all of the Espada. Yoshitsugu has shown that his reiatsu is powerful enough to nullify abilities, such as when he negated some ceros.

Expert Energy Manipulator:Throughout all of his years through the worlds he has picked up on different tricks, such as energy manipulation. Very different than the way he controls his spiritual power; his energy manipulation will come from his hands. Yoshitsugu mostly will use his energy manipulation technique to keep him and his zanpakuto a float, learning his techniques from Necrid, Yoshitsugu has shown to be an expert on energy manipulation. He has mastered the basic techniques and are able to use it.

  • Energy Palms- the basic ability of Yoshitsugu’s manipulation is that he is able to materialize energy into his hands. With this technique he can do a number of actions and attacks, such as by touching another with his hands he can pour his energy into their body. He can infect one cell of the opponent’s opponent and it will go throughout the body like a cancer cell. If untreated the opponent’s body will start to shut down, starting with the organs and then going to the body’s heart. He can use the reverse of this technique, to use it to heal himself. He sends a small amount of his own energy into his body with the white blood cells to speed then and multiply. The basic powers of the energy palms is that Yoshitsugu is able to increase his strength and speed. Where he is able pick up items ten or greater times his own weight, he has been seen that he is able to grab onto a blast and throw it back at his opponent. He can be able to plant his hands into the ground and create earth like spikes and going so far as a dome over his opponent.
  • Energy Drain- Yoshitsugu is able to gather energy throughout the area and others to put into his own body and even being able to take the life energy out of a person and add it to his lifespan. To the point were the body of said individual will be a will dry out, if touched the body will fade away to dust.
  • Energy Push- a sub technique of the energy palms, in which Yoshitsugu can do a number of things. By either sending energy into an object or into a body, he can be able “to push it away from him.” The general term, although Yoshitsugu uses a very difficult process to this, he can take control of any form of energy from kinetic and potential energy to electricity. With the kinetic and potential energy is able to put energy behind one of these and “push” it to his own will. Many are fooled in thinking that this is telekinesis, he is able to do much more that what users of telekinesis could do. He is able to put energy behind an object and force his energy to push it to his opponent. He can take this a step above and form a stream of energy underneath said object so it will look like that he is able to make it float by itself. When it comes from an energy blast or cero, Yoshitsugu will form a mass amount of energy around said blast making it stop in mid air. He then will put two fingers within the blast, taking control of it and then he can either redirect to his opponent or put it into his own body.
  • Energy Pull-is a sub technique of the energy palms in which Yoshitsugu is able to “pull things to him”. By either sending energy in front an object or in front a body, he can be able to use a very difficult process to this, he can take control of any form of energy from kinetic and potential energy. With the kinetic and potential energy is able to put energy in front one of these and “pull” it to his own will. Like before many are fooled in thinking that this is telekinesis, he is able to do much more that what users of telekinesis could do. He is able to put energy in front an object and force his energy to pull it to his opponent or himself. He can take this a step above and form a stream of energy underneath said object so it will look like that he is able to make it float by itself.

    Yoshitsugu using Energy Float to levitate him and his Zanpakuto

  • Energy Float- Yoshitsugu is able to focus energy underneath his feet and body to give the appearance of levitating in mid air. He can choose what to float in air; he creates a stream of energy underneath said object and makes it lift up off the ground. Yoshitsugu has been seen that he can lift a whole building up with his energy float. He will most use this to float himself into the air, to give him the appearance of flying. Yoshitsugu can be able to float up one hundred objects and other materials at once and including himself or others.
  • Energy Ball-Is a sub class technique of the energy construct where Yoshitsugu can form raw energy into a ball like form and pull and push the raw energy down to so far. Where he is able to use these balls as bombs and other usages, going so far as making energy with an energy ball. He knows that can cause a lot more damage. He often will threat opponents that he will use the energy ball to destroy a whole village. Once an energy ball is released into the air Yoshitsugu is the only one who has control over it, he is able to pick when it will go off. If others try to destroy it will not work, they will only get electrocuted and can get burns. He can go far as holding an energy ball in his hands, using energy pull he can get an opponent to come to him and he will plant an energy ball within the person. Then when he wishes Yoshitsugu can make it explode when he pleases. He has put many of these within his fraccion to make them explode when they have failed him or for a strategy.

Enhanced Speed:Although Yoshitsugu is forced to sit on a palaquin and float in the air, he has shown to be very fast with his movements and using Sonído. Yoshitsugu is able to keep up with the likes of Necrid and the other members of the espada. Although he cannot technically “run”. He uses his energy push to literally push him at the speed of sound to get to a place where he is required.

Low Strength:Since Yoshitsugu has leprosy; it has eaten away at his whole body inside and out. So in turn his body and muscles had decayed away, making him weak and frail. Although through the power of the Makai no Saiga Yoshitsugu is able to regenerate his body but the side effect of this is that he his body will keep rotting away and healing, in an endless hell of rebirth.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant:While not showing many technical of formal skill in hand-to-hand combat, his skill in hand-to-hand combat combined with his immense strength makes him quitethe dangerous opponent. Yoshitsugu has also demonstrated tremendous skill in combat even though he is forced to be a float on a palaquin, being able to fight on even ground with the best combatants. When he uses his Zanpakuto for battle, the Zanpakuto itself Yoshitsugug is able to levitate his Zanpakuto to do battle with him lifting a finger. With his strength, despite his thin and fragile appearance, Yoshitsugu is frighteningly strong and can effortlessly put a lot of destructive power behind his large Zanpakutō with devastating results.

Kidō Expert: Yoshitsugu seems to be well-versed enough in Kidō to have an understanding of at least fairly high-level Kidō spells without incantation. He has been seen using them in conjunction with his released Zanpakutō to deliver more damage to his opponents. Along with his energy manipulation he is able to put more power behind any normal Kidō, being able to out doing the great Kidō Queen Surūmyō.

Garganta: Yoshitsugu has demonstrated the ability to use Garganta, and does so very frequently in order to travel to and from the Living World and Hueco Mundo. He can use the Garganta as a weapon as well, being able to open up two of them and reflecting attacks back at others.


Makai no Saiga


Makai no Saiga: (運河, "fang forged by hell"; literally Fang of Hell) is the name of Yoshitsugu's Shinigami Zanpakutō. Taking a very unique form, a long straight double bladed Zanpakuto. With a bone like hilt, the most unique part of his Zanpakuto is a red orb at the base of the Zanpakuto.

Shikai:When Yoshitsugu relases the zanpakuto, it will give off a blast of red energy and then this energy will go into the orb on the zanpakuto itself. That being the main source of power, to the zanpakuto and endless power source. Yoshitsugu release command is “the one who has suffered and now let the suffering come unto them, bring them down to hell.” Once it was said, Yoshitsugu will hold onto the blade tightly as small tentacle looking strings come out said blade and dig into Yoshitsugu’s skin connecting the blade with Yoshtisugu.

Shikai Special Ability: The special ability of the zanpakuto is to regenerate and heal any injures that owner could get and regenerate whatever he or she wishes. Although Yoshitsugu will use it on himself, but this zanpakuto does more harm than go to him. In exchange of being able to prolong his life to an immortal, with his leprosy he will constant be healing himself and in turn he will have greater pain throughout his body. But he is able to channel that suffering and pain into his zanpakuto to be able to attack others with it. Creating more suffer the zanpakuto’s red orb takes the negative emotions and uses that for its powers.

  • Namari:(訛り, Corrupted) Giving off a dark purple malevolent aura, the demonic essence of this zanpkauto was powerful enough to corrupt any strong will person. Yoshitsugu is able to use his blade to get others, controlling them through illusions and many other tricks. The corrupted aura is what can influence the mind and pain in thinking something else, such as pain or any other emotion. Necrid has commented that this power of his zanpakuto is able to compete with Necrid’s own magic.
  • Hinote:( 火の手, Aura Flames) this ability Yoshitsugu is able to collect all of the negative and suffering emotions in the area and store it in the red orb on the end of the blade. In turn this energy is converted into a dark purple flame, were Yoshitsugu is able to set things on fire but the special attribute to these flames is that they can not be put out by normal means no water nor any other fire extinguishing element can not put out. This flame effects the body from the inside out, which can cause the victim to feel an unbearable heat in their body, this heat can become so unbearable that the victim will kill themselves to relief themselves of the pain. Although these flames do have a weakness in which either the user can it put with a white sand such that is found in Hueco Mundo or Sekkisekki stone can put these flames out. But is said flames come into the body, the victim can rarely come back from the attacks.
  • Kaikaku:( 改革, Reformation) this is the most mysterious ability of Yoshitsugu zanpakuto in which he is able to reform his own body back to the state that it was before it was injured. But in doing this Yoshitsugu will feel great pain because of the leprosy is hitting him again and again. Yoshitsugu can use this as well to reformation other things as well, such as ceros, creatures and even some zanpkutos. Making them either change their form and come work for Yoshitsugu.

    Yoshitsugu using hirogari to spread his leprosy

  • Hirogari:( 広がり, To Spread) the most powerful technique that Yoshitsugu has, he is able to literally spread his disease, suffering and pain throughout the battlefield. This emotions will take the form of a dust like energy that will rot away everything, Yoshitsugu explains it that it will like rust making it fade away for good. He uses his leprosy as the main weapon of this, by removing the bandages from his hands anything he touches or cuts with his blade will become infected by his Leprosy and fades away. Yoshitsugu is able to do this to any part of the body, flesh, weapons, even whole builds and even to another Zanpakuto. Once this has touched or have been cut by the blade or Yoshitsugu's hands, the victim will never recover from this technique leaving them to die a slow and painful death, until they fade away from good.

"More to Come"

Bankai: "Not Yet Revealed"


Yoshitsugu’s hollowfication came from an unknown source although many believe that he went to Aizen trying to be cured of his leprosy. But in turned Yoshitsugu was another experiment, Yoshitsugu yet again was cursed by another. Yoshitsugu right after his hollowfication met Necrid and seen in him Baraggan’s Power. In turn Yoshitsugu did hear of Baraggan and his way, he agreed with them and joined Necrid in the Remnants.


Yoshitsugu's Hollow Mask

Yoshitsugu Hollow mask itself is very unique compared to other’s his mask is much like a samurai’s helmet with an old and diseased look to it. Many are scared and horrified at the look and smile of his Mask. Again like his own flesh it smells like a rotting corpse and many can’t stomach the smell and either vomit or run away. The mask itself takes the from of a helmet, looking like moth wings and red antennas. The whole mask covers Yoshitsugu’s head covering his decayed face and head, but leaving the mouth opened. His nose is cover and most of his head is. What is left to eye wholes for him to see out of and neck like armor that comes from the chin of the mask down past Yoshitsugu’s shoulders.

  • Bala: This technique hardens the user's spiritual pressure and fires it like a bullet from their fist. Yyoshitsugu has a green Bala, as seen in many battles. Yoshitsugu's Bala is powerful enough to blast a huge hole into two Shinigami.
  • Cero: Yohsitsugu has been shown shooting Cero from his fingers with excessively destructive power. His Cero can be charged and fired relatively fast and is a green color instead of red, which is the most common color of a Cero. The force of the blast is powerful enough to send an opponent hurtling long distances, effectively destroying any obstacle in its path at great range. He is shown able to fire it from either hand.
  • Enhanced Strength:Yoshitsugu gains much more strength than what he had before hand, Yoshitsugu is able to keep up with others now with his own strength. Being able to deal blows with his punches, being very skilled Yoshitsugu can put energy behind his punches to deal more damage. Although he is forced to stay seated in his palanquin, but he is able to move both him and his palanquin at great strengths.
  • Enhanced Speed:Yoshitsugu shows to have greater speed with his mask on, although still forced to sit on a palanquin and float around he is able to speed both his body and his palanquin. Easily dodging attacks and blows, Yoshitsugu is seen with his speed to create clones of himself much like Zommari is able to do.
  • Enhanced Kidō: Yoshitsugu has shown to be much more profinance with his mask on, being able to cas thousands of spells without an incantation or movements. Being able to be on the same level as the great Kido Queen Surūmyō.

"More to Come"


"Not Yet Revealed"


  • "Who are you to be bless with good health,family and many other things. Why is that you have all of these things, if I was you I would show all of my true suffering. Look at me I am forced to have leprosy, not able to walk and not to feel a thing. How dare you tell me that I am not suffering, I am above all of you the star dust will come and rain its suffering over the world. I shall be safe, for I am already suffering hahaha!"
  • “I have constantly asked myself and the heavens to why I am still here, and then it hit me I am here to cause suffering to others as for I have suffered. I am the heavens message to tell you that I am true suffering and yet you mock me. You all shall see how far I am willing to go to see all of the healthy young men to die; I want them to scream as I did. I want them to yell at others because of that pain, I want them to suffer I want them to see what happens when you think that you are suffering. FOR …………..I am the one who is truly suffering!”
  • "Why I am to suffer while you and thousands of health young men are able to walk and live thier life. While I am forced to sit here in a motionless HELL, day after day I must be in this pain and yet you feel nothing. This why I hate all men, women and children your blessed by the great heavens and and I am not. I forced to rot away and then regenerate, creating more pain for me. I shall show true suffering to you all, in the world that I see all shall be equal and take part of my own SUFERING!"


  • As choosen by the creator Yoshitsugu shall be a male, although due to the fact that most of his body is decayed he shall be known almost like a genderless character.