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Yoshino Kuro
Name Yoshino Kuro
Kanji Unknown
Romaji Kuro Yoshino
Race Human
Birthday 11th of December
Age 33 years
Gender Female
Height 5'9 feet (172'5cm)
Weight 64kg
Blood Type Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Seta Girls' Academy
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation English Teacher
Previous Occupation Unknown
Team Unknown
Previous Team N/A
Partner N/A
Previous Partner N/A
Base of Operations Seta Girls Academy Grounds, The Human World
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Unknown
Education College
Status Active
Main Skill Unknown

Yoshino Kuro, better known as "Moringa" or by her given nickname by the student body "Shikaku" (刺客, "Assassin"). She is feared all over Seta Girls' Academy for her cruelty, sadism and highly brutal punishment methods. She will commonly give her students tasks which they cannot complete only to accuse them of slacking when they inevitably fail; the tasks are always close enough to the subject at hand so as to not seem suspicious, but are invariably always just a couple of steps beyond the students capability range. She also gives a couple of students the answers in order to make the failure feel much more significant - talk with parents are also very common; which she does to instigate worry in the students Guardians in order to further contamine their life even in they're not in school.

Character Overview[]

Yoshino is a tall, lanky and rather thin woman; her skin is pale but smooth, sometimes being likened to the skin of a snake by the student-body at Seta Girls' Academy; she dresses in a black-leather shirt and jacket with high collar and wears tight-fitting pants, her attire is complete by black and pointy, almost sharp looking, high-heeled shoes that tap omniously when she walks and most of the Students have made it a point to identify if Moringa is close by by hearing that very tapping.

Yoshino makes a point of coming out as rude, sarcastic and generally disdainful to her student and is known to be incredibly strict besides - by her note, a student should give their teachers apples and other forms of treats and wordlessly accept any form of verbal abuse - she has also managed to include a new set of rules that applies specifically to her lessons:

  1. Crying is a sin, and will therefore lead to two hours detention
  2. Laughing brings the mind away from academical thinking and will therefore lead to two laps around campus
  3. Disrespecting the teacher will result in a letter home, three hours detention and a meeting with the principal after class
  4. Failure to answer a question will give the teacher authority to scold you
  5. Detentions will be held in a special room