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Yoshida District
Yoshida District
Kanji 吉田町
Romaji Yoshidachō
Location Statistics
Region East Rukongai
District 80

The Yoshida District (吉田町, Yoshidachō; literally "Lucky Ricefield Town") is one of Soul Society's Rukon Districts. It is District 80, located in East Rukongai.


Similar to the Zaraki District, Yoshida is a district of absolute nothingness. While there are a couple houses scattered about, it is a land that exists only as a battlefield between men and the beasts which lay beyond Soul Society's borders. Nothing much is known about its populace, if it should even have any. However, it was where Shōyō Shakyamuni first came across the young Seireitou Kawahiru; discovering a small boy who held a blood-stained blade that he lifted up from one of the many corpses littering the land. It appears that Shōyō's school, Shintai Sonjuku, was located here; having the original purpose of serving as a safe haven for those innocent people who suffered from the violent happenings of the outer districts while also to educate those children who were unable to attend the newly established Shinō Academy in the Seireitei. However, it soon earned a name for itself as a fine institution of learning academia and combat.

In reference to its name, Yoshida is a very fertile landscape which is said to be the area at which Kirio Hikifune procures her grain and vegetables for her cooking.


Shintai Sonjuku originally stood in this land, albeit it was burned down following its master's death. It was later revived by Raian Getsueikirite.

Notable Residents

Behind the Scenes

The name of this district is ironically the surname of the man whom Seireitou's mentor, Shōyō, is loosely based on.

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