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Yasahiro Shihōin
Name Yasahiro Shihōin
Kanji 四楓 康比呂
Romaji Shihōin Yasahiro
Race Shinigami
Gender Male
Weight 84 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Circle of Nezumi
Previous Affiliation Shihōin Clan
Occupation Member of the Circle of Nezumi
Previous Occupation Prince of the Shihōin Clan
Team Circle of Nezumi
Previous Team Shihōin Clan
Partner Nezumi Hanabi Yamamoto
Ōmaka Nimaiya
Base of Operations Rukongai
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Yoshitatsu Shihōin (Father, deceased)
Yoruichi Shihōin (Descendant)
Yūshirō Shihōin (Descendant)
Education N/A
Status Active
Shikai Not Yet Revealed
Bankai Not Yet Revealed

Yasahiro Shihōin (四楓 康比呂, Shihōin Yasahiro) is a member of the Circle of Nezumi and a former prince of the Shihōin Clan. Yasahiro was seen as a very promising candidate for succeeding his father as head of the family, but at some point in his life became interested in the philosophy of the Circle together with his childhood friend Sifo.

After the Trial of the 108, the two desired revenge and wanted to target the Onmitsukidō for tracking down and rounding yup the victims. Yasahiro aided Sifo in infiltrating the Shihōin Mansion and assassinating his father, the Commander-in-Chief. They were apprehended by the Thirteenth Division and sentenced to death not long afterwards.

While awaiting execution, Yasahiro and Sifo formed a bond with Thirteenth Division Captain Ōmaka Nimaiya, who was sympathetic to their motivations. Yasahiro's execution was planned the day after Sifo's, but Ōmaka busted him out of prison and the two fled to Hueco Mundo before that. After the death of Genryūsai and the resurgence of the insurrectionary movement in the Rukongai through the Heiminjūtai, the two returned to Soul Society to offer their support.


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Early Life

Assassination Plot

Escape to Hueco Mundo


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Powers & Abilities

Immense Spiritual Power: As the prince of the Shihōin Clan, Yasahiro boasts an exorbant amount of spiritual energy. His father commented that Yasahiro had to potential to cement the Shihōin as the strongest family among the Five Noble Houses and admitted that Yasahiro's reiatsu was more powerful than his own. His level of spiritual energy matches that of Ōmaka Nimaiya, who was a part of the Gotei 13's strongest generation.

  • Masterful Reiatsu Control: Yasahiro is one of the pioneers of reiatsu manipulation, developing much of the finesse that would later become standard in the Gotei 13 and the Onmitsukidō in particular. During the early years of the Gotei, reiatsu was mostly used as a tool of brute force. It was Yasahiro who experimented with ways to focus it into specific uses, whether defensive, psychological or to conceal one's precense. His mastery over reiatsu gives him an immense endurance as well, being able to perform great feats with minimal energy. His control over reiatsu is enough that he can contain and control the primordial Hollow Kurikara that took up residence within him, even though the latter's spiritual energy is far greater.

Master Assassin: Yasahiro was trained by his father, the founder of the Onmitsukidō, to succeed him as Commander-in-Chief. As such, he is one of the most foremost masters of the art of assassination and helped shape the tradition within the organisation. He has an advanced knowledge of the anatomy of all sorts of spiritual and even physical creatures, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of most poisons and toxins. His skill in remaining hidden and unseen is great enough to be able to not only sneak up on his father, who was Commander-in-Chief of the Onmitsukidō at the time, but smuggle in Sifo into the room as well, demonstrating that he can even hide the presence of his allies.

  • Nanafushi (ナナフシ, Ghost Insect): Way of Onmitsu, 6th of the Shihō. An advanced technique that makes the opponent lose track of the user's presence during battle. It is a very deadly technique because it renders the opponent completely unable to see or detect the user's next attack. Yasahiro used this to win one of his spars with Ōmaka Nimaiya.

Shunpo Master: During his time in time in Soul Society, Yasahiro was considered to have the second fastest Shunpo around, behind Tenjirō Kirinji. Yasahiro states that he is not actually that much faster than most of the captains of the Gotei 13, but that his movements are just 'very efficient'. Yasahiro will never perform a step for just one purpose: if he has to evade an attack he will use that same movement to put himself in a favorable position to deliver a counterattack. This fluidity makes Yasahiro appears twice as fast as he actually is. Ōmaka Nimaiya considers this Yasahiro's greatest strength.

Expert Swordsman: While preferring to fight his opponents barehanded, Yasahiro is still a capable enough swordsman to match Ōmaka, a master swordsman, for a limited time. During their time in Hueco Mundo, he was seen slaying multiple large Hollow with a single strike of his sealed Zanpakutō.

Hakuda Master: Being trained by his father, the founder of the Onmitsukidō, to succeed him as Commander-in-Chief, Yasahiro was one of the most accomplished hand-to-hand combatants during his time in Soul Society. His mastery is great enough that he generally forgoes the use of his Zanpakutō, even when faced with hordes of powerful Hollows. His prowess allows him to effectively use his fists as his sword, shown when he was able to trade blows barehanded with Ōmaka Nimaiya, a master swordsman. He is easily able to smash through a Hollow's Hierro and repel a Cero with a palm strike. During his confrontation with Sakae Amakasu, Yasahiro was able to match Sakae's attacks for a short while, which Noe Kuchiki remarked was very impressive, given how Sakae's power is absolute.

Hollow Influence

Kurikara's presence within Yasahiro expressed through his tattoo

Kurikara (倶利伽羅): After Yasahiro and Ōmaka decided to start looking for the edge of Hueco Mundo, they eventually ended up in parts of the world that no Shinigami had ever come across. Here they encountered Kurikara, an ancient Hollow shaped like a dragon that had existed since the splitting of the three worlds. Throughout its lifetime it had devoured countless other souls, but after millions of years it had become bored and reclusive, allowing others to take power in Hueco Mundo. In exchange for not killing the two, Kurikara wanted Yasahiro to become a host to him. Yasahiro and Ōmaka tried to fight the ancient being but its power proved too great. With no other option, Yasahiro to let Kurikara inhabit him, but only if he would then supply his power to help them achieve their goals. Kurikara's inhabition of Yasahiro is expressed through the large dragon tattoo on his left arm and shoulder.

Kurikara's power is generally dormant and Yasahiro prefers not to rely on it. When in distress or danger, however, some amount slips out and empowers him out of his control. Additionally, Yasahiro can consciously call upon Kurikara and bring him out through his own body, similar to an Arrancar's Resurrección.

It is unclear if Kurikara has any relation to the Dragons of the Western Soul Society.

Hollow Power Negation: Since becoming Kurikara's host, Yasahiro is immune to almost all Hollow powers and abilities, such as Cero. Kurikara explains that no Hollow can hurt him since he precedes all of them. Sufficiently powerful techniques such as the Gran Rey Cero can overcome this nullification, however.

Los Desheredados released

  • Resurrección: Los Desheredados (盗本領安堵 (ロス・デシェラドス), Rosu Desheradosu; Spanish for "The Disinherited", Japanese for "Stolen Recognition and Guarantee"): By consciously allowing Kurikara to use his body as a vessel, Yasahiro can channel the Hollow's enormous power, molded through his own reiatsu. The result is a Resurrección in the sense that it brings out a part of Kurikara's latent power, but so much influenced by Yasahiro's own will and desires that it is basically an ability of his own. This is also visible in the fact that Yasahiro's appearance does not change that drastically. Most noticeably, he has grown two large antler-like horns on the top of his head and has a large, scaled green reptile-like tail. His reiatsu in this form is a bright gold color and has almost lightning-like qualities.
Resurrección Special Ability: Yasahiro can utilize a limited amount of Kurikara's power in this state, enhancing his abilities greatly. Yasahiro shapes and guides Kurikara's power with a small amount of his own spiritual energy, allowing him to maintain this state for an extended period. There is however the danger that if he fatigues himself too much, Kurikara could take over his body and he loses control over himself.
  • Overwhelming Reiatsu: In this form, Yasahiro's spiritual power is vastly increased. Even a captain-level combatant such as Ōmaka Nimaiya commented that the experience was frightening to him, like standing before a primordial being. Noe Kuchiki feared that her body might be torn apart just by being in Yasahiro's vicinity.
  • Enhanced Strength: In this form, Yasahiro's strikes produce shockwaves that can scar the environment even when they are blocked. Though Sakae Amakasu was still able to block it with one hand, he remarked it was the "strongest punch he had ever felt".

Yasahiro creating electricity

  • Antorcha (最初の光 (アントルチャ), Antorucha; Spanish for "Torch", Japanese for "First Light"): In this form, Yasahiro gains the ability to generate, control and project electricity. This electicity is actually drawn from, or a manifestation of, Hueco Mundo's Reimyaku, due to Kurikara's entwinment with the world. It has an extremely corrosive effect on all but the most powerful Hollows, nullifying all forms of High-Speed Regeneration. The electricity can also corrode weaker Shinigami and Quincy, permanently damaging their soul and causing 'Soul Suicide'.

Sabor Culebra

  • Sabor Culebra (セイバー・クレブラ, Seibā Kurebura; Spanish for "Snake Flavor", a pun on "sabo-Kurikara"): As a last resort, Yasahiro can bring out a large amount of Kurikara's power out at once, using his own reiatsu to shape and guide it. It takes the shape of a lightning bolt in the shape of Kurikara itself. Yasahiro can then bring it down on an opponent causing massive destruction in the area. The technique moves at the speed of actual lightning, making it incredibly hard to respond to. When Yasahiro moved to utilize it against Sakae Amakasu, Ōmaka remarked that he was basically forfeiting his life as well, as there was no way he would be able to resist it or escape the blast radius in time. Both in its power as well as its use of Reimyaku, the technique has been compared to Hadō #99, Goryūtenmetsu. If Yasahiro uses this technique, he has to exit his Resurrección immediately after, otherwise Kurikara would take over his body.



  • Yasahiro's appearance is based off Ookurikara from Touken Ranbu.
  • His character is partly inspired by Peter Kropotkin, a Russian prince who also renounced his nobility and broke out of prison to join the anarchist movement.