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Yanagi Hitomukashi (lit. Willow of Ages) is a Rogue Shinigami who has sworn legence to Hakumei. She serves as Hangetsu's assitant. She is a Shinigami with Hollow abilities, although not classified as a Vizard.

Yanagi Hitomukashi
A Character
Age 7500-8000
Height 5'2"
Weight 99 lbs.
Gender Female
Species Shinigami, with Hollow links as well
Previous Affiliation Soul Society



Yanagi is a short young woman with messy black hair and black eyes. Around both pupils, she has two black rings. Her outfit consists of a black dress with a parting towards the bottom. The collar is high and white with ruffles around it. Under this, she wears a black long sleeved shirt with black pants, that reach her thighs. She has bandages around her ankles to her lower legs. Yanagi wears a pair of white gloves with two black skulls on them. She has another outfit which consists of a Karakura High School uniform.


Yanagi is a cold hearted single goaled person. She has a deep hatred for Soul Society, for abandoning and making her an outcast. For unknown reasons, she has Hollow powers. She has sworn legence to Hakumei and despies the fact that he makes her work alongside Hangetus. She seems to have a crush on Gengetsu, thinking he strong, bold and smart.


Shunpo Practioner- Her skills in Shunpo are average, as she can move from an Unseated Shinigami unseen. She has mastered a variant for the Shunpo as well

  • Hanaidou (lit. Petal Movement)- A variant of the Flash Step, that involves condensing the reiatsu of the target into flower petals. As they move away, a cascade of petals will rain down in their place. They seem to mimic Byakuya Kuchiki's Senbonzakura's abilities.

Bala (lit. Bullet)- Due to her unknown links with Hollow abilities, she has seen using bala. She seems to only be able to focus it through the pair of gloves. She will focus her reiatsu to the gloves, and they will be covered in a black aura. In Soul Society, her Bala has been classified as a Level 6.

Cero (lit. Zero)- Yanagi's Cero is quite powerful and has been seen fired from her pointer finger. She has used this ability once and had it blocked easily.

Imaginería (lit. Imagery)- An ability created by Yanagi. It involves creating an illusion that will affect an entire area. It usually focuses on deepest desires and is quite potent.


Yanagi's Zanpakuto is called Senbunha Otaki (lit. One Thousand Leaf Cascade). It is apparently sealed as a katana. The handle is red and the guard is diamond shaped. The release phrase, Shikai, and Bankai are unknown.


  • Her favorite phrase is "Soul Society makes Me Sick"
  • Her favorite foods are Pork Bun's and White Rice
  • Yanagi's hobbies include Gardening and Reading