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The Symbol.


The Yakefaibu is a organization of five members that are working to achieve each of their own goals.


All, that is known is that the five main members are the leaders. Each leader, have their own army of ten fighters except for the leader and founder as he has rule over any member. The current leader is the founder Former Supreme Commander of the Royal Guard Haru Nakamaru.


The member are rank 1 through 5. The lower the number the stronger example the 1st fighter being the strongest and 5th being the weakest.

  1. The current Commander is Haru Nakamaru as well as the founder. Aizen-Level Character.

Abstracts of Despair[]

Each of the five member ideals, views, and abilities relate to one of five things or forms that create despair.

Haru's Abstract of Despair is Sin.