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Yū Nakamura
Yū Nakamura
Name Yū Nakamura
Kanji 中村優
Race Human
Birthday October 15
Age 19
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Weight 127 lbs
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Previous Occupation Unknown
Team None
Previous Team None
Partner None
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Unknown
Personal Status
Marital Status Married
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Education Unknown
Status Deceased
Main Skill Jinki Fragment

Yū Nakamura (中村優; Nakamura Yū) was a human who existed several hundred years before the main Bleach continuity. She was a host of the jinki fragment who was briefly acquainted with Herrera Tresckohen. Following an encounter with Herrera and Mūkade, Yū unleashed the power of her jinki fragment. However, she had no prior training in its use and died from overexertion.


It was not known what Yū's story was before she met Herrera Tresckohen. But her meeting with the hollow was relatively friendly at first. However, she was the unwilling spectator in a duel between Herrera and Mūkade when the latter appeared to "harvest jinki fragments." When Herrera was about to be defeated by Mūkade, Yū unwittingly activated her fragment powers to save Herrera and the two fled. Yū, although concerned about Herrera's well being, gradually passed away since her body could not handle the level of power that she displayed to save Herrera. Although she became a plus, she advised Herrera to return home, to which Herrera agreed. Yū later received a soul burial and was sent to Soul Society.

Personality and traits[]

Perhaps due to her ignorance, Yū displayed an unusually high level of kindness to Herrera, who was more animal-like and grotesque at the time. It was presumed that she was familiar with meeting other spirits, since she did not seem to be concerned about her own well being in the presence of Herrera. Initially hesitant and indecisive as to what to do while Herrera and Mūkade fought, she opted to save Herrera when he was losing against the shinigami. It is unknown if Yū would do the same for Mūkade if he was the one losing.

Shortly before her soul burial, Yū was hesitant about agreeing with the shinigami's counseling, due to her past experience with Mūkade. However, she relented and allowed the other to send her to Soul Society.

Powers and abilities[]

As a spiritually aware human, Yū could see a wide variety of spirits that others could not see. However, she also had the jinki fragment with the power of Harmony (調和; chowa). It allowed her to suppress violent tendencies: she suppressed Herrera's primal hunger for spirits as well as cause Mūkade to hesitate in delivering the final blow to Herrera long enough for the latter to escape.