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290px-Xcution Card
Kanji エクスキューション
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Headquarters Chōbara, Naruki City, Human World
Purpose Defensive/Offensive Force of Naruki City and Karakura Town

Xcution (エクスキューション, Ekusukyūshon) is an organization of Fullbringers operating in the Human World, with protective purposes against Hollows and other threats.


Xcution once came across as a secret association, with the objective of obtaining powers from Ichigo Kurosaki to power theirs. The organization is composed by Fullbringers. The current leader is Keiji Austerlitz. Keiji completely changed the organization into a security force against potencial threats to the Human World, namely Naruki City and Karakura Town.

It is composed of a few Humans, all with different lifes and pasts.

Having contacts with Soul Society, the organization grew and gained strength.



The exterior look of Xcution's headquarters.

The organization is located in Karakura Town, near the border with Naruki City. It's got a secret passage: one from the sewages.

It's a big mansion with a red tiled roof and beige-colored walls. It's full of windows. Its interiors are composed of white walls and marble floor. It has several sculptures and bookshelves, as well as rooms to the members and to guests.

Xcution Int

Xcution's mansion's interior.

In case of emergency, there is a hideout to where they can go. It is located under an hotel on Karakura Town, owned by a familiar of Keiji Austerlitz. He can access it by asking the key to their hideout. It is behind a wardrobe. It is smaller and has a few couches.

Notable Members[]

(† = confirmed death)

Name Fullbring Status
Keiji Austerlitz Shadows are Ultimate Active
Shifumaru Welcome Home Active
Kobayashi Muruyama Forget-me-not Pen Active