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Xìnyì Tú is the Zanpakuto of Kobushi Tarento, Captain of the 7th Division.

Xìnyì Tú
Xing Yu
English Translation True Intentions
User Kobushi Tarento
Shikai Abilities 2 Abilities
  • Bushido Seirei
  • Ichihito Gunryo
Shikai Xìnyì Tú
Shikai meaning
Bankai Abilities Unknown
Bankai Unknown
Bankai meaning Unknown


Xìnyì Tú is a tall man with long black hair, that has several red streaks. He has all red eyes. He wears a black shirt and black pants, covered in assortment of trinkets. He wears a golden shoulder pad shaped like an eagle. He has a large golden necklace. He has an assortment of black buckles and carries the Shikai version of his sealed form, loosley off the belts. Along his body, he has multiple red feathers, most of them hanging off the necklace.


Xìnyì Tú has a samurai's intentions, not wanting to intentionally hurt someone and being true to himself and others. He has a high sense of nobility and respects Kobushi greatly. He is said to be the only one to see Kobushi with his helmet off. He has shown to fight for whats right.


Master Swordsman- As a true samurai, his skills in Swordsmanship exceed. It is said in his past life, he mastered thousands of different styles. He also believes that Kobushi is the only one skilled oneough to wield him.

Shunpo Expert- He has shown to be quite skilled in Shunpo moving at speeds, surpassing that of Shinigami. He also states his armor is aero-dynamic.