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The World of Void (also known as the "Great Dark Beyond") is a plane of existence where things cease to exist.


The World of Void is the most feared plane of existence in the entire Bleach universe. Even Humans refer to the void as a place where all things disappear. Soul Society has always feared the opening of the void as it is well known that the void is an uncontrollable maelstrom of death and destruction, that absorbs all other planes of existence it attaches to. Apparently multiple sections of the void act as interdimensional pathways from different universes or planes of existence. It is also believed by the Nightmares that the creator of existence (only refered to as "God" or "King of Heaven") was born within the void, in this case the only time the void has ever "created" something rather then destroyed it.

The Hollows also fear the void, knowing well that when a person's soul completely dies out, it must travel to the void. Hollows, in the end, if they haven't become strong enough or survived long enough, are engulfed by the void.

The void is also a source of power for some beings but it is unknown exactly how.


The World of Void is connected to every world, galaxy, universe, and even planes of existence.

  • The Dangai Precipice World is one of the few connections supported by the void. It's connections are between "soul" worlds and "living" worlds.
  • The Dimension of Terror is one of the few connections supported by the void. It's connections are between "living" worlds and worlds of "nothingness".
  • Other path ways are currently unknown.


The World of Void has appeared in these arcs:

The Nightmare Arc[]

The World of Void is the main "weapon" Avarice seeks to obtain in order to destroy all of existence in order to create his own perfect universe. By creating many fake Human souls he has created an unbalance in existence which allowed him to rip open the fabric of space and time. Currently, it is unknown what exactly the void will do to which ever world it is connected to.