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Sayuri Kuchiki was an odd girl, seeing as she was born into the noble Kuchiki Clan. She always spent her time shirking off her studies when she was attending the Soul Reaper Academy. She never took her studies seriously, and she never truly cared for the idea of becoming a Soul Reaper. She only did her duty as being a member of the Kuchiki Clan. Yet now, she is one of the most devoted members of the 7th Division, and her power matches that of a Lieutenant. What happened to change this defiant girl? You're about to find out.

Soul Reaper Academy Courtyard: 15:20 SST (Soul Society Time)[]

"Where is she?" asked one of the teachers.

"I don't know," replied another teacher.

"I don't even know why we even allow that girl to attend this school, when she won't even take her studies seriously," said another teacher who had just walked up.

"Ah, just let the little disgrace run," said the first teacher.

"Yeah. We're wasting time chasing a flunky anyway," snorted the second.

"Amen. Even if she graduated, I doubt even 4th Company would take her in."

The other two teachers laughed heartily. "You got that right, brother!" Then they all left the area.

High up in the treetops, two long white ribbons flowed with the winds, but they remained unseen in the trees. They were tied into a headband, on top of a mess of long black hair. Despite the discord that was present in the hair, it seemed to flow with the girl that it adorned itself upon. The girl was quite beautiful, but she her beauty was masked by the scowl she wore. Only disdain and hatred could be seen from the girl's face. Hatred of the teachers. Hatred of the Soul Reapers. The clothes that the girl wore were not a typical sight in the Soul Society, much less on the grounds of the Soul Reaper Academy. She wore a gray t-shirt which had a depiction of a wind current carrying a leaf across the skies. A necklace with a cross was in the middle of the wind's path. She wore jeans that had an olive shade on them, along with 2 wisps of wind on both of the back pockets.