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The leader of the Espada sits on his throne observing the current events through his crystal ball.

Deep within Hueco Mundo the Leader of the Espada looks into his crystal observing the battles of the Espada. He sips his wine as bat like creatures flutter around his head.

"Tis sad that we loss so many Espada in this short ammount of time, the originals might have done a better job but oh well" he said calmly as he sat his glass down on the table next to him. He began to dip his finger into the wine glass and slowly lick the cool wine off his finger tips. "It seems that our intruders have made quite an advancement.... perhaps its time to let my children have some fun" he said. The man snaped his fingers and out of nowhere Isabella appeared. The man turned to face her and she simply shook her head and told him she understood, she then vanished. He pondered for a moment "Perhaps someone like Isabella shouln't be used to bring back intruders alive, but oh well" he said. The man leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes he began to speak to himself, "Things will work out in the end, so long as I get what I want". The leader fell asleep, his snores echoed in the room.


A caped man appeared in front of the Espada leader with news about Aizen's revival.

As the leader naped a cloaked man entered the room, he slowly walked up to the throne. "Sir don't you think you should monitor the progress of the revival?" he asked. The sleeping leader awoke and shook his head trying to wake himself up, "I see so need to oversee that. If you screw up then oh well I will just have to slaughter you". The cloaked man slowly backed away in fear. "Haha don't worry my friend I won't slaughter you, not until I fully have milked you of all you are worth" chuckled the leader. Not feeling reassured the cloaked man fleed from whence he came, the leader chuckled to himself and picked up his glass of wine. "Ahhh wine you truly are my only nectar" he said as he sipped the cool liquid relishing every drop. Suddenly he stoped and threw the glass on the floor shattering it as he stared into the crystal ball. "You shinigami make me sick, to think Aizen-sama was once tainted by your kind.... oh well". The leader layed back and fell back into slumber with a satisfied smile on his face.

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