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This article, Walking along a Path of Blood and Hatred, was added by GokūBlack10 who determines its usage on this wiki.

Previous: Declaration of War

The Arrancar have invaded the Seijin Temple! While Seireitou and Koga are in the Dangai, the former teaching Koga about the Osore technique, how will the Seijin combat the invading Arrancar Five?!

The main blue-haired man stepped out in the sky, Kamui quickly realizing this man's identity. "It can't be... Akujin?!" he remarked. Akujin smirked, "Well well, Kawahiru Madara. How long has it been?" he mused, holding his arms behind his back. "Long enough." stated Kamui, as the Arrancar all charged an individual Cero. As they fired, Junsui ordered the Seijin to quickly divert the attacks, and prepare for all-out war. However, Kamui alone used an immense Bakudō to block all incoming Cero. This caught the eye of a red-haired Arrancar, somewhat interested by Kamui's prowess. This feeling was mutual, as the red-haired Arrancar was the center focus of Kamui's eyes.

The Seijin moved, as Master Renge Yamato confronted a spiky-haired Arrancar, Master Ken'ichi Misora confronted a female Arrancar, Sorata Nekoi and Tōkaru Mokushima confronted a masculine Arrancar, known from the former invasion of Hueco Mundo as Zacarias Donato, and lastly, Kamui confronted the red-haired man from their previous visual acknowledgement. "Get ready. Put the entirety of your spirit on the line and crush them here! Even if your flesh is torn asunder, be as a steel wall down to your last shard of bone! You must not let them take even a single step into the Seijin Temple!" called out Junsui, enhancing the morale of the Masters. Akujin chuckled, "So it begins..." he mused, as Junsui's eyes narrowed, "Attack!" he called out, as the Arrancar and Seijin began their respective showdowns.

Blood and Bone, Destructive Deadlock! Renge Yamato vs Alejandro Suarez[]

Renge looked over at Akujin with narrowed eyes, "So..Sora didn't come himself. He let Akujin invade Soul Society. He also sent the remnants of the Arrancar Five." he pondered to himself. He then looked to his opponent. "Such a pain." he said.

The Arrancar that confronted Renge gave a small smirk, not before sending off a small bala that blew into the latter's back in order to conquer his attention.