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Village of the Wetlands
"The roots of Israphel lie deep into this place."
Kanji 湿地村
Notable Locations The Elder's Temple

The Village of the Wetlands (湿地村, Shitchi-mura) is the oldest village in Israphel, established 512 years before Aizen's time as the 5th Division's Lieutenant.


Before Aizen's infiltration in Israphel, the village was a prosper place with friendly people, good businesses and a rather big population. Its houses were stable and were carved inside the trees. The people walked in wood platforms, built on top of the greenish water. They survived mostly from agriculture and fishing activities. There were some places with less trees and more grass and herbs, in which the animals fed.

When Aizen attacked the place, about 99% of the people died or left, leaving behind some babies and the Elders. Th Elders took care of them as their own babies and teached them Drakéiden Kidō.

The village had only some shacks left with few animals. The water was full of blood and the fish got away.

Along the time, with little resources, the people of the town rebuilt the houses with the wood from the trees.