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Former Abilities

Zanpakutō (Former)[]

Tsuyakeshi Hanabira (花びらつや消し,Frosted Petal) is Van's Zanpakuto it takes the form of a regular katana with a green hilt and a spiked-sphere shaped guard. Van no longer has this zanpakuto due to his transformation

Shikai: Van's Zanpakuto is released with the command "Wreak Havoc". When releasing, thorns surround the katana then burts as it takes the form of a glittering long katana

Van's release

Shikai Special Ability: Tsuyakeshi Hanabira grants Van the ability to create crystals for attack and defense purposes. When using a technique he must say "Bloom" before each use. This can be used to crystalize anything with a mass (water, air, fire, etc.) but, it is useless against energy based attacks as they have no mass to begin with. He can coat himself in these crystals to improve his defense or bolster his physical attacks. Thus his zanpakuto is of the yet unheard of crystal type.
Crystal Creations: Not a technique but, Van can form his crystals into many shapes to aid him in battle such as swords, shields, fists, animals, etc.
  • Kesshō Keimusho (Crystal Prison): Van encases a target in a crystal shell immobolizing them. It is highly durable to most attacks from the outside. Able to reflect away elemental attacks due to the surface being able to spread the damage evenly throughout the structure.
  • Kesshō Yaei-chi (Crystal Camp): Van creates a dome made out of his crystal that surrounds the area to trap the enemy. It is able to fix itself after being damaged although this process drains a lot of energy out of him.
  • Kesshō Tōdai (Crystal Beacon): Van can create clones that can use the same techniques as him. The flaw is that they can be easily defeated by kido spells.
  • Guren211

    An enemy being attacked by Kessho Token

    Kesshō Tōken
    (Crystal Point): Van creates a multitude of knives made of crystal in the air. Once broken by the enemy's attack or Van's choosing the shards are used to rain down on the enemy either to impale or rip them to shreds.
  • Kesshō Dangan (Crystal Fang): Van creates a spiked sphere around him and rotates it at high speed. Used to travel long distances quickly or to ram into opponents to cut them to pieces.
  • Kesshō Yūdaina Shinrin (Crystal Majestic Forest): Van sticks his zanpakuto into the ground and creates a forest of crystal that continues to grow until it reaches his intended target. Once struck the enemy will be encased in a tower of crystal that slowly drains their energy and pours it out into the air.
  • Kesshō Barentain (Crystal Valentine): Van condenses the air around him creating a dragon that can be used to grab or crush the enemy. The major advantage to this ability is that it can be used to create multiple dragons since there is always a constant flow of air.
    • Kesshō Barentain Hidora-ban (Crystal Valentine -Hydra Edition): Van creates a three headed dragon that can be used to battle a stronger opponents. These heads can act on their own accord to attack Van's foes even if he is knocked out.

      Kessho Barentain Hidora-ban


Van releasing Chushin

Shikai: Released with the command "Beat", Chushin doesn't change shape, but begins to shimmer with a yellow energy as it grants Van augmented strength as well. As he releases, Van will begin to be surrounded by a large storm of dust particles that will swirl around himself and his opponents as though a storm were beginning to be conjured by the loose particles in the air. The dust quickly picks up and seemingly begins to take a solid form reminscent of threads of hair that flow throughout the area before it comes back and falls around Van and forms a cloud at Van's feet.

Shikai Special Ability: Compacting the capabilities of his spiritual energy into an excessively dense yet abnormally fragile form, Van's specialized and distinctive zanpakuto enables him to produce and manipulate a destructive dust particle cloud by simultaneously transforming the loose reishi in the air into loose silicon particles and creating an explosive release at its center, expelling its mass at high velocity in all directions. The dust is also filled with many microscopic blades giving Van the abiility to manipulate molecules, allowing him the ability to disintegrate nearly anything on a molecular level. He is capable of breaking down the Earth around him in order to create more of this dangerous dust cloud, however, he is also able to keep this on the ground in order to trap and capture and opponent, though those with a keen eye would be able to notice it. Occasionally Van chooses not to solidify his zanpakuto ability, preferring to instead manipulate the dust through the air and thus conducts the subsequent cut with a simple motion of his blade but this utilization is usually reserved only when opposing a particularly weak or defenseless adversary due to the ease of which this technique can kill. By controlling the minute alteration of the specific frequency at which the molecular structure that comprises the entirety of his zanpakuto's composition vibrates, Van allows himself, his zanpakuto, and any objects he maintains direct contact with to effortlessly phase through the majority of solid materials, without inflicting irreparable damage to either of the articles in question. The limitations of this ability extend beyond solely inorganic substances and Van takes particular pleasure in utilizing it to conduct the vicious removal of a targeted individual’s organs, while leaving the remainder of the intended victim intact. These abnormal capabilities also confer numerous advantageous defensive properties upon their manipulator, by enabling him to effectively become momentarily unassailable if he perceives an attack before it occurs, either by becoming intangible and simply permitting the offending object to harmlessly continue along its current trajectory or by depositing himself within a suitably durable construction.
  • Blade11


    Kinshin (剥離, Golden Truth): Van is able to flow his spiritual energy throughout his dust particles as well. Through this ability he is able to mold his dust into various shapes including large blades and these blades are tied to him through a "chain" of dust through which he flows his spiritual energy. He can materialize blades of varying size and shape, and they tend to have various designs. In general, the larger the amount of dust particles that is formed around the object in question, the larger the blade. Upon creation, they float and fly around as he wishes. The blades seem to appear from nothing, surprising and confusing most opponents. He can materialize his spiritual energy around an object, attack, and make the object return to normal so fast the attacks sometimes can’t be seen. The blades are very powerful as well, capable of cutting through concrete. These blades are not invincible however, as if the chain is cut by a poweful force, the blades shatter leaving only the flying object. Using this ability, he is able to catch his opponents off guard by almost instantly creating another weapon while an enemy is attacking and lets their guard down or even by creating an even larger sword over his own zanpakuto.
    • Sakuseishin (試作, Fabricated Truth): Not Yet Revealed
    • Vanswords

      Shininshin in use

      Shininshin (死人, Deathly Truth): Raising the dust cloud around him, Van manipulates the dust cloud into several katana like forms. These blades are condensed with spiritual energy and are completely under Van's control. They are capable of slicing through the majority of materials effortlessly, including barriers construed by kidō and even bypass enhanced defenses given by a large flux of spiritual energy. When faced with a strong defense, the blades in fact grow stronger proportionately to how strong the defensive ability in question is. In spite of the offensive capabilities of this respective technique, the swords remain relatively delicate and can be shattered if struck unexpectedly.
    • Miraishin (未来, Future Truth): Not Yet Revealed
    • Kamihainuse

      Kamishin is use

      Kamishin (神刃, God's Truth): Van is capable of utilizing his dust cloud to momentarily fabricate a large solidified blade around his zanpakuto or any of his limbs. The entirety of this process is completed in a mere moment, resulting in the individual steps involved in this technique becoming virtually indistinguishable to the majority of observers until the actual cut has occurred, leaving little opportunity for the intended victim to evade successfully. The speed and strength of this technique was seen in Van's fight against the new 9th division Captain, Ryouga Joukaihan, as it was able to counter the Captain's own hypersonic blade technique.
    • Samuishin (寒い, Cold Truth): Using Samuishin, Van is able to create a set of teal colored ethreal blades. These blades are different from the standard blades he creates as they are not used to cut the physical realm, but instead these blades are made in order to be able to cut an opponent's spiritual energy away from their body. Upon contact with the opponent, the blades will slice cleanly through them, however, no actual cut will be made, but instead a portion of their spiritual energy will be ripped from their bodies leaving them with a chilled sensation.
    • Mujinshin (無人の, Desolate Truth): Through the integration of the entirety of the blade of his zanpakuto into the surrounding environment, Van is capable of materializing an innumerable quantity of blades emanating from any of the superficial surfaces within the immediate vicinity, fabricated by an appropriate combination of a minute proportion of his zanpakuto's own distinct dust molecules. Each of these individual blades possesses similar properties to Van's base weapon evident of their capability to break apart into Van's dust and they still retain the faculty to utilize Van's respective fundamental ability; allowing him to utilize his other techniques while making use of this as well. As these extremities are primarily exploited in order to shred and cleave the present foe, the aforementioned attribute increases the efficiency at which these aims can be achieved, as far greater vital and secure interior anchors such as the muscular structure can be pierced. During this process Van emits no detectable presence or even any spiritual energy making it difficult for adversaries to ascertain his exact inhabited destination, significantly reducing their opportunity to initiate a successful counter.
  • Yaeiinuse

    Sabaku in use

    Sabaku (野営, Desert): Whenever Van is about to come to harm he can manipulate the dust to surround and protect him. The dust acts as a near absolute defense as it is capable of withstanding considerably strong attacks and projectiles, and even self-harm should he be captured by an opponent's illusions. Van is also able to cover himself in a compacted layer of his dust to protect himself further during battle. Although not usually seen, When he activates this shield to its maximum power it takes on a more humanoid appearance with hands that are able to protect numerous amounts of people, although this is heavily taxing. The dust shield has been shown to be powerful enough to protect Van from various high level kido spells such as Ittō Kasō and Senjū Kōten Taihō, though not enough to save him from complete harm.
    • Sabaku: Wana (野営わな, Desert: Snare): Van launches the hands created by Subaku in order to capture the opponent. The potential of this ability has yet to be seen.
    • Karura traps 4th Kazekage

      Sabaku: Saiyo in use

      Sabaku: Saiyo (採用, Desert: Embrace): Forcing a majorty of the dust that he has placed on the ground into a mass that has a similar form to that of the standard Sabaku. Van will then cause this mass to surround an opponent in a manner comparable to that of a mother's embrace. Once the intended target is captured, he can then proceed to crush them in the sand as the many hidden blades begin to shred the unfortunate victim to ribbons.
    • Sabaku: Kan'oke (棺桶, Desert: Coffin): First, Van utilizes his dust in order to cause the ground around an opponent to crumble and weaken. Then, by integrating his dust particles around a person's being, Van is able to cause the opponent's body to gain an increase in density with each strike. As they are struck repeatedly, the attacks will slowly cause an opponent to lose their speed as well as begin sinking into the ground due to the dust molecules sifting through the ground around them, causing the unfortunate victim to sink until they are locked into the terrain with the surrounding Earth beginning to cling to their bodies. Finally Van is able to use the dust that has mixed with the ground in order to apply pressure to opponent once they are locked into the terrain in order to break their bones or even kill them in the process.
    • Sabak​u: Sōgi (葬儀, Desert: Funeral): Not Yet Revealed
    • Gaara shield

      Van creating a large wall

      Sabaku: Ikizumari (行き詰まり, Desert: Impasse): By raising a large quantity of the dust material in a wall-like formation, Van is able to create a near indestructible gate for protecting large areas. The wall is reinforced with several layers of Van's reiatsu allowing it to be capable of withstanding several attacks before it crumbles. Van is able to expand this wall to protect a larger field of people by causing the dust to expand, although this weakens the durability of wall.
    • Sabaku: Sunaarashi (彫像, Desert: Sandstorm): This technique cloaks an object with his dust particles makng anything in direct contact with Van much lighter. This allows freer manipulation of the affected objects, which would normally carry considerably more weight and as such, require a greater amount of exertion to move. Upon using it on himself, Van can use this to literally split his body into two exact and entirely independent parts. This also means that even if one is incapacitated, the other remains completely unaffected and as neither can truly be regarded as the original, the duplicates cannot be dispelled like normal clones. However, after splitting, Van is unable to utilize any techniques aside from those granted by his zanpakuto.
    • Sabakustatue

      Sabaku: Chozo in use

      Sabaku: Chōzō (彫像, Desert: Statue): By causing the large dust shroud to fall onto the Earth, Van can maniuplate its "arms" to allow the dust woman to pick up and mold the stone from the Earth into the form of a large golem as if it were a mother cradling its child. The golem is then infused with a large quantity of the dust substance allowing it to be able to fight as an autonomous monster, although Van can also take control of it if he chooses. When first activating this technique, it can also be used as a hefty defense against aerial techniques.
Kamishiyaku Chūshin
Shikai Form | Bankai Form
Race Zanpakuto Spirit
Gender Female
Bankai Kamishiyaku Chūshin
Professional Status
First Appearance

Chushin (点数心, Heart) is the name of Van's zanpakuto. In its sealed state it takes the form of a standard katana although it is more slender and is slightly longer than usual. It possesses a triangular shaped guard and a hilt covered in white wrappings and a black pommel.

Shikai: Released with the phrase "Desire", Chushin begins to transform into a large bisentō. It possesses a striped pole with the stripes being blue and teal and ending in a spherical edge. In Shikai, Chushin now has a large, curved blade attached to the pole by a golden handle, decorated by what looks like a Japanese dragon, with a thin part of it protruding over the top of blade itself and ending in a point, with a similar appearance to that of a fang.

Shikai Special Ability: Chushin has stated that Van has always possessed the ability over "Life and Death" and that each zanpakuto that he has had was building up his strength in order to allow his body to be able to withstand the needed strength to weild its power to his full potential. Upon breaking free of his Cocoon, Chushin allows Van to cause any living organism around him to die or flourish with life when he begins using his zanpakuto's special ability. When gaining access to the death energy, that Van has named Gensui, abilities of his zanpakuto, Van is able to reduce any organism that comes into contact with his blade into nothing but dust by immediately removing the life force from within anything that he strikes. With his Gensui abilities, Van is able to quickly kill large groups of people or even single-cell bacteria, leaving almost nothing in its wake. Van can produce this effect in a smoke-like fashion as well, although the effects are weakened in exchange for distance causing objects to slowly rot away if they stay in contact with the smoke. However, the Gensui abilities are only able to inflict heavy damage on whoever Van perceives in his heart as an enemy, leaving friends and bystanders completely unharmed. The choice between friend or foe is decided by Van's spirit, as he can not lie to Chushin. When using the Life aspect of his zanpakuto, that he has named Jinsei, Van is able to manipulate and produce life-force in order to speed up the body's own natural healing properties but instead Van projectes it outward toward his allies and the environment. In doing so, Van is able to take control of various objects within the land manipulating it as though they were extensions of himself. He is highly capable of healing his allies both physically and spiritually in case their souls are damaged in any way, however, he is unable to utilize the Jinsei abilities of his zanpakuto in order to heal his own wounds.
Life Force Absorption: Due to not being able to heal himself, whenever Van strikes or pierces an opponent with Chushin he is able to absorb the life force from the opponent in order to replenish himself. This ability is able to rapidly kill the opponent by draining the very energy that sustains them if they do not die from the blood loss caused by each successsful strike. If this ability manages to kill the opponent, their souls are locked in Chushin and will continue to supply Van with spiritual energy until their souls 'burn out'.

Van's Life Force Manipulation in use

Life Force Manipulation: This ability allows Van to be able to take in the life force from all around him and form it into a shroud that then takes on the form of a woman much like the Sabaku technique of his former Zanpakuto. However, instead of manipulating dust particles, this technique manipulates the life energy located all around Van. This energy is so pure that it deflects away any malice and ill will from Van's vicinity and prevents him from being attacked by all but the most powerful of techniques and abilities. The motherly figure also has the ability to project Jinsei to heal Van's allies and is so powerful that it has been noted to be able to cause the dead to raise from the ground. Van has said that this technique is capable of restoring even the brain and heart back to his own body as long as he has gathered enough energy, however, this is still currently only speculation.
Soba (側, End): ​By releasing a wave of Gensui from around his body, Van is capable of reaping the souls of those who caught in its wake. The widespread wave will continue on for several meters, capturing and immobolizing any who are unlucky enough to become a unfortunate victim of this technique. Those who are caught by Soba will immediately feel as though their soul is being ripped from their body and burned. Opponents with sufficient spiritual energy are able to resist their soul being ripped away, however, they will be overcome with immense paralysis and become unable to move their bodies for several hours.
Sekai Shūryō (世界終了, The World Ends With You): A more focused version of Soba. This create a pillar of Jinsei used by Chushin as a means of keeping everything inside, as no negative influences are able to get past the barrier. Once the barrier is in place, the pillar erupts into a vertical column with a mass of Gensui located on the inside. Instead of slowly rotting or decay the target, this technique is capable of burning away the souls of any unfortunate victim caught inside, completely removing them from the reincarnation cycle.

Tenhanji in use

Tenhanji (天判事, Heaven's Judges): By integrating Jinsei produced by Chushin into the Earth around him and even various other materials, Van is able to create a virtual army of black-colored golems that will act in battle for him. The Tenhanji are fueled by Jinsei so can nearly constantly regenerate themselves, but are capable of utilizing Gensui in a similar fashion as Chushin as well. With their tentacles they are capable of ensnaring Van's opponent's and decaying away their bodies. This technique is often a last resort as their is little chance for the opponent to escape from Van completely unscathed once this is used.
Jikai (十戒, Ten Commandments): This technique works in a similar manner to the Sekai Shūryō technique, but on a much larger scale. The Tenhanji begin a formation around the target in the shape of what seems to be a pentagram. Then, by interlocking their tentacles they form a thin membrane wall to prevent escape of whoever they have formed around before beginning a chain explosion on the inside. This technique is often used to destroy large groups quickly as it lacks the pure destructive force to obliterate a much stronger enemy.
Fukyōwokau (不興を買う, Fall From Grace): Activated by causing Gensui to swirl around his blade, Van will proceed to strike either his opponent or their zanpakuto causing the soul to slowly begin to erode away. The attack will produce no physical damage but, upon each sucessful strike the target's soul will begin to feel as though it is being decayed from the inside out. In a shinigami this is extremely dangerous as they will quickly find themselves losing their minds to the fear of death and utilizing their zanpakuto to block the attack leading to the effect activating against their zanpakuto spirit instead. Against a zanpakuto spirit, this technique will decay their Inner World away with each strike and slowly infect the spirit as well causing the Zanpakuto spirit to rot away sealing the zanpakuto in the process. However, after a few days rest, the target will find that the infection has left a residue of Jinsei in its wake causing all to be returned to normal. This is Van's strongest technique in Shikai as he is able obliterate an aspect of his opponent no matter what and restore it to what it once was, befitting his kind nature.

Kamishiyaku Chūshin (神試薬中心, Heart of the Divine Reagent) Upon release, Kam​ishiyaku Chūshin

Bankai Special Ability: In Bankai, Kam​ishiyaku Chūshin's special ability is the Manipulation of Souls. With this ability, Van is able to inflict agonizing damage to the soul of an opponent, which not only damages the spiritual being of a opponent, but their physical form as well. Much like a Fullbring, Kam​ishiyaku Chūshin has the ability to cut and then manipulate the soul of objects. When usen on nature, it allows Van to manipulate it as if though it were is own limbs. When he uses his zanpakuto to attack a Shinigami, Kam​ishiyaku Chūshin can produce a frequency that distorts their souls causing their spiritual abilities to cease functioning, including their Zanpakuto. Even simply crossing blades with Kam​ishiyaku Chūshin is potentially dangerous as the same frequency is constantly produced from the blade resulting in the opponent's soul becoming corrupted. Each time the opponent comes into contact with the blade of Kam​ishiyaku Chūshin, the stronger the power of the frequency becomes, leading to chance of losing one's spiritual abilities even greater, resulting in the opponent becoming nothing more than a simple soul.

Umarekawari in use

Umarekawari (生まれ変わり, Reincarnation): When using this technique, Van stabs the target using his agile speed. Once stabbed, Kam​ishiyaku Chūshin's wavelength will enter the opponent's body and cause their soul to begin to leave their bodies. When their soul is in view, Van is able to slash through it and purify the soul in the process. When used against a hollow, the hollow is almost instantly killed as the corrupted energies that make up their being are removed and they are returned to the state of being a plus before being sent to the Soul Society almost instantly due to the innate purifying energy given off by Kamishiyaku Chūshin. If Van were to use this technique against another Shinigami, the Shinigami in question will have their abilities temporarily sealed if they bore malice in their soul when stabbed by Kamishiyaku Chūshin, if no malice is present, they will simply be healed by the pure energy of Van's Zanpakuto.
Soul Takeover

Saisei in use

Saisei (再生, Rebirth): By channeling the previous ability inward, Van is able to remove his own soul from his body. By doing so, Van's spirit is able to enter the opponent's body and he is then able used to completely cut the opponent off from their spiritual abilities. This technique has only been demonstrated once as Van grew angered at a revived Kanata Yamato and took away his ability to be a shinigami. This technique appears to require direct contact between Van's Soul and the victim's own, which isn't always easy if the opponent houses an inner being. The effects of this technique are long-standing, and it cannot be easily undone. According to Van, the technique "severs" an individual from their Spiritual Energy, implying a surgical-like disconnection that is irreversible through known healing methods.

Tensei in use

Tensei (転生, Transmigration): Van demonstrated the ability to rapidly disintegrate the entirety of his target, by simply having the target engage in prolonged direct physical contact with the blade of Kamishiyaku Chūshin, with the only remnants being the empty-husk of a body and the skeletal structure. This technique is a further extension of his Soul Manipulation capabilities, however, it begins by focusing on the process of mutilating the soul of his opponent, first causing it to be destroyed and then removed, leaving nothing behind in its wake. The technique in itself is incredibly deadly as even a portion of the opponent's soul can be destroyed by a well aimed attack. The downside to this powerful technique is that while, it is capable of killing nearly any opponent, a powerful foe will be able to force back the wavelength of Van's zanpakuto resulting in Van's own soul becoming distorted and causing the technqiue to fail.

Shiryō in use

Shiryō (死の慈善, Hell's Decree): Once activated, Van is able to conjure a ominous spirit that hovers behind him and wraps its left arm with prayer beads, which causes a seal to appear on it. The spirit then extends its arm grabs onto the soul of the target, immobilising them at which time the victim is then able to see the spirit as well. Once the opponent's soul has been latched onto, Van is then able to order the spirit to begin pulling on the soul in order to then serrate it with the blade found in its mouth. After a portion of the target's soul has been cut, it is inserted into Van, allowing him temporary access to their zanpakuto's ability as well as granting a change to his appearance to match that of his target. While, this technique isn't able to kill on its own, the pain from having their soul pulled on and cut, is enough to render many opponents unconscious.
Mukichieki (地役, Inorganic Servitude): By stabbing the blade of Kam​ishiyaku Chūshin in to the ground, Van is able to use the frequency of his zanpakuto to manipulate the soul of the surrounding environment. This technique allows Van to control the various aspects of nature that lack the quality of life by giving the soul of the inanimate object a bit of energy, allowing Van to freely manipulate the substance according to his will. The extent of the Van's control goes beyond normal manipulation, allowing him to be able to perform large scale alterations to the immediate environment. By doing this, he can shift the terrain in order to trap or even attack his opponents from a multitude of directions.



Van's Mask

Van's hollow came to him by his negative feelings of Shade's betrayal manifesting into a darker presence. Van has proven to be adept at using his new hollow abilities. It has been commented on by Kenji Hiroshi that his strength increases greatly when he dons his mask. Van's mask is long with two long black stripes going down the sides. The mask has two rows of teeth that emphasize the canines.


Van's inner hollow

Power Augmentation: After putting on his mask Van has increased control over his crystalizing abilities. He is shown to be able to form large spears out of the oxygen by crystalizing the mass. He is also able to send the crystals from anywhere on his body as projectiles.

High-Speed Regeneration: Like some Gillian-level Menos Hollows, this form shows the ability to instantly regenerate any wound and even a missing limb

Enhanced Vision: He is able to see far distances away and is capable of aiming at a moving target from across the battlefield with no problem.

Enhanced Spiritual Energy: Even when only partially transformed, the Hollow's spiritual energy is greatly increased enough to be felt in area far away from the battlefield.

Cero: His cero is a light teal color capable of being fired from either hand or his mouth. He is also able to use variations of this move.

Cero Doble: Van is able to swallow his opponent's Cero and returning it back to the user along with his own Cero, making it twice as powerful as the original.
Gran Rey Cero :
Enhanced Strength: Van is able to break through trees and restrain opponents with his bare-hands.
Enhanced Speed: While in this state, his speed also increases greatly.



Van in his Rin'ne transformation

During his fight with Inshu Senshi he was trapped in the Valley of Screams by the memory rosary. His body was broken down into memory and energy reforming him into a blank but, his energy sought out his memories and with the help of Jitsuzai Rosenkrantz he is able to come back as a Shinkūmyō.

Powers And Abilities:[]

  • Mekura (盲, ignorance): Van's version of his Mekura stem from his hands (un-transformed) or his seven tails. He fires a massive beam of silver colored energy from each tip capable of terrifying destruction each the size of Cero Oscuras.
  • Shōsho (証書, deed): Van's skin is so dense it is capable of deflecting off shikai level attacks with ease. He also able to cause great destructive force in an area by grabbing objects in the area causing them to explode in order to harm opponents with ferocious blasts of concussive energy.
  • Jikan (サイレント, The Silent One): This technique allows him to become invisible by melding the spirit particles that make up his body into the air allowing him to seemingly vanish. Van usually uses this technique to hide his tails from his enemy in order to ensnare his enemies with them or in conjunction with his Mekura technique.
  • Kakumyo (覚醒をクリア, Clear Awakening): This is Van's preferred method of travel. He has shown great skill in this area being able to use the rifts mid combat in order to redirect attacks. His speed is so great with this it is as if he is instantly teleporting around a specified area.
  • Unarikyo (金切り声を叫び, Screech Cry): Van uses this to counterattack more than travel. His speed increases ten-fold when using this. Van has been known to travel miles in less than a few minutes due to his incredible speed. When used in combat e can easily overwhelm many opponents.


Van's Rin'ne is called Nana Warukyūre (七ヴァルキリー, Seven Valkyries). In its sealed form it takes the shape of an elaborate spear. Its release command is Ride. When released his spear vanishes and the sound of chariots approaching can be heard before a bright light envelops the area. When the light dissipates Van is standing there completely transformed.

Rin'ne Special Abilities: Van's Rin'ne gives him the ability to manipulate spiritual particles in the air bending them to forms he chooses. Van can also freely manipulate his tails as if they were his arms using them as stabbing weapons. His body is also constantly taking in spirit particles to replenish his spiritual energy. This new transformation also gives Van access to other new techniques
Hrist(一震え, Quaking One): Van starts to vanish, as if his body is being absorbed or burned by an invisible flame. He can then appear behind opponents for an easy attack or for a quick escape.
Hrund (とげ, Pricker): If Van loses a limb he can make the tissues transform with the help of the spiritual particles in the air. He can make them grow rapidly and they lengthen at high speed and fork into many branches used to ensnare the opponent.


Gunnr (戦争, War): Used to create a wave of energy that can burn the opponent when contact is made. It can also fire off shards of condensed spiritual energy in crystalline form. The crystal shards break into tiny pieces that are able to be inhaled by the enemy used to disrupt the flow of the opponent's reiatsu causing them to be unable to use their techniques for a time.
Skuld (将来の債務, Future Debt): If Van has a serious wound he can use this technique to create a new body for himself healing him of all injuries. This technique drains much of Van's spiritual energy.
Tiedoll using Rose Garden


Sigrund (勝利のルーン, Victory Rune): Van creates a thick forest area used to capture the enemy and restrain their movements. Once captured Van can cause these trees to implode in order to crush the opponent. This technique can also be used as a secondary defense measure used to protect and heal allies in an area of Van's choosing.
180px-Bui x attack


Geirdriful (投げる人槍, Spear-Flinger): Van motions his hand forward as a large cross shaped energy blast shoots forward. This technique is mostly a barrier braking technique. It grows stronger with the more resistance there is against it. The energy takes the resistance of any opponent's defense and converts it into energy used to bolster the strength behind the technique..
Brynhildr (明るいの戦い, Bright Battle): This technique creates a mist-like substance that is meant to rot away any energy-based substance Van chooses. This cannot be used to harm any organic structures however. This technique is always in effect as when Van is cut or when he breathes he can release this substance from his body.
180px-W Ea

Reginleif's appearance

Reginleif (電力トレース, Power Trace): Van's most powerful technique in his Rin'ne transformation. He manifests a cylindrical, drill-shaped sword engraved with crimson runes lettering on three independently rotating segments that spin in different directions. This sword has enough cutting power to break through a captain's bankai with spinning force alone.
  • 180px-Kazenokizu

    Urunai Kizu

    Urunai Kizu (占いの傷, Divination Scar): This technique bends the spirit particles in the air creating two whips of energy used to deflect opponents attacks. This can also be used to attack by ensnaring the opponent draining them of their spiritual energy before exploding with enough force to destroy the sun.
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    Kami Masune

    Kami Masune (神の娘, Daughter Of The Gods): This technique opens an abyss capable of crushing all of creation and returning it to nothingness. The wind pressure creates a vacuum that takes all things with form including the land and the sky into the whirling void leaving everything in a state of emptiness. This technique can be controlled by Van so that only those that he chooses are affected by the vacuum.



Van's Inner Angel

After purifying his inner hollow through an unknown process Van was able to 'tame' it and cause the hollow to merge with his positive presence causing it to become an inner angel resulting in Van becoming a Yakubyougami and granting him access to new abilities.

Hakuai: Van produces a silver colored energy from his hands. This blast is capable of being hardened and used as a sword capable of cutting through unseen forces.

Jikaku: Van skin has progressed to the point where simple kido spells and abilities no longer have any effect on him

Senken: Van doesn't like to use this ability due to the strain it puts on his body. He prefers to fight in the moment instead of relying on what is to come. However, against a more powerful opponent Van has no qualms about using this in order to gain an advantage against his foes.

Jikyuu: Van skill in this is so great that he can seemingly appear near his opponent without any visible sign of movement. He is capable of dodging techniques that would take most opponents off guard.

Ryouchi: He is capable of analyzing an opponent's technique and severing the very bonds that hold it together. Van does this by weakening the source of the technique then sending in a surge of his own spiritual energy causing it to overwhelm the initial energy. The resulting overflow of energy breaks apart the technique from the inside out.

Teni Muhō no Kiwami[]


Van's Teni Muho no Kiwami

The name of this power is Ten Sensai (天 洗剤, Heavenly Cleanser) Van seals this power in a chain of blades that wraps around his body that he keeps in an unknown location. He is capable of summoning this chain to his location with just a wave of his hand. To release the full extent of this power he utters the command "Birth". When released Van's hair lengthens a bit and he gains two sets of wings. His clothing transforms into a red armor with gold trim.

Teni Muhō no Kiwami Special Ability: Van's ability in this transformation is what his angel describes as the embodiment of light. It is "One's will to become what they once were whether they want to or not." This causes Van to be able to 'purify' one's being back to the start. In other words Van can revert anything of his choosing back to the point of 'zero'. To accomplish this Van must connect his spiritual energy to that of his target. If a spiritual being has extended contact by being within a close proximity of Van, his ability will cause their spiritual energy to revert back to their starting levels.


His zanpakuto's abilities was inspired by Guren from the Naruto series

Extra Appendages: While wearing his mask he grows two extra arms for combat
Hakuakura: A combination of his Hakuai and his Mekura techniques. Van creates a sphere of silver colored energy with balck outlining. This sphere is capable of eating through the forces of the unknown allowing Van to seemingly away at the very dimensions themselves.