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"There is never a need for someone to tell a hero that they are a hero; as it is certain that they already know this to be the case."
— Van speaking to his son Haruki

Van Satonaka
Name Van Satonaka
Kanji ヴァン里中
Romanji Satonaka Vu~an
General Information
Race Soul
Birthdate July 21st
Gender Male
Height 6'0"
Weight 247 lbs
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde (Formerly)
Professional Information
Affiliation Himself
Previous Affiliation The Rogues
Occupation N/A
Previous Occupation Shinigami (Onmyouji)
Rogue Captain
Hama Town Mayor
Team None
Previous Team The Rogues
Partner Luna
Talia Kurokiri
Sun Goku
Previous Partner Kanata Yamato
Atsuya Tatsumi
Anna Satonaka
Tabane Alcott
Rozeluxe Meitzen (Briefly)
Base of Operations Unknown
Personal Information
Marital Status Married
Family Satonaka Clan
Education Shino Academy
Status Alive
Shikai Sarutahiko Ōkami
Bankai Tensarutahiko Ōkami

Ignis van Shutara Arma de Satonaka (イグナチオバン修多羅 アーモリー里中, "Igunachio ban Shutara Amorī no Satonaka") although he prefers to simply be called Van Satonaka is the son of Rei'juro and Inai Satonaka, the grandson of Ralen Satonaka and Tiriel Arma, and the great-grandson of the former Royal Guard member, Senjumaru Shutara and infamous Onmyouji Ibuki Satonaka. Van has two older siblings as well, being Shiro Kujo and half-brother Toru Satonaka. After meeting a woman during his misadventures in the Human World Van married Anna Satonaka and with her fathered both Azami and Haruki Satonaka while living in Hama Town. After some time, Van later fathered Yukia, Shin and Lucina Satonaka as well.

Van has begun training Rozeluxe Meitzen, in hopes of making him strong enough to watch over his two kids and to allow himself to take an early retirement. After regaining his powers, Van trained the Hama Alliance who teamed up with the Rookie Six to invade Soul Society. It is during this time that he learned of his brother's death and the replacement Captain Ryouga Joukaihan. Upon meeting him several times and having sparring sessions, they ventured into Hell in order to rescue Shirosuke and bring him back from the depths. After rescuing Shiro, he joins The Rogues in order to assist his brother in bringing about changes to Soul Society.

Following the Collapse, Van told his family that he was going for a "trip" and has not been heard from for some time afterwards, with no one knowing exactly where he is or what he is doing, save for his assistant Luna, his friend from his Academy days Talia Kurokiri, and his traveling partner Sun Goku, whom he met on his journey. The last trace of Van's presence was when he left a note for The Rogues to track down Kei Yume, who has also vanished. 



Van When He Was Younger

Van is a fairly decent height standing at 6'0", he weighs 247 lbs, and has a muscular body. Due to his Spiritual transformation, Van's hair lengthened a bit and gained a white color. He also grew a set of dog ears upon his head which lead to his new nickname of "Doggy" granted by his wife Anna. After regaining his shinigami powers, he lost most of the physical changes that his transformation gave to him, though his eyes remained in cat-like state causing to him wear a dark blue pair of sunglasses when in public.

Van formerly had light sky blue eyes and a dirty blonde hair that he wears drooped over his face obscuring most of it from view. He commonly wears a white cloak that drapes over his body as well as a navy blue kimono that is tied around his waist by a blue obi. Van usually wears white tabi instead of the traditional black as he feels that it would "clash with his good guy image". Van can commonly be seen with his nails painted with metallic blue paint as a homage to his deceased friend Kanata Yamato and how he usually painted his nails before a mission. While in Hama Town, he tries to keep up a noble presence as he is a respected member of the town's leadership, though he acts more comfortably at home or around friends.


Van's Battle Attire

Upon joining The Rogues and attending the meetings, Van began donning a new attire consisting of a grey sweater with two bands each on both of his sleeves below his elbow and above his wrists. He also began wearing a forest green-colored vest and a blue bandanna with a metal band to protect his forehead, to match the bracelet that his wife Anna wears. Under this headband, Van began tucking away his now considerably lengthened hair so that it did not get in way while in conflict. After becoming a Captian in The Rogues, Van started to wear a short-sleeved long white coat over his new gear that bears a similar appearance to that of the Haori worn by the Captains of the Gotei 13. This new Haori is decorated by a flame-like design on the edges to symbolize the burning of his past connections to the corrupted system. Van has been told that he gives off a regal aura while in this outfit and can cause many warriors to find the will to stand strong when he appears on the battlefield. Minato Meitzen has stated that Van is a beacon of hope for many warriors in The Rogues and that if he were to fall, the entire revolution would fall as well.

Van's Current Casual Appearance

When he knows that he will be going into battle, Van will proceed to don a red long-sleeved jacket revealing his chest that is covered by a small metal frame to guard him. He also begins tying a lengthy red band around his forehead that hangs down relatively far, being capable of touching Van's back if he stops moving. Around his neck, Van wears a series of six symbols, much like the family symbol of the Sanada Clan.


When wearing his new casual clothing, Van's now silver hair is no longer held up by his headband and proceeds to flow freely and stretch down his back. He can now be seen wearing a white kimono with a dark blue haori draped over his back that is tied with a small chain that hangs in front of his chest. The kimono itself can be tied shut with a small black sash around his waist and used to hold both Sarutahiko Ōkami and Jishaku in their sheaths. Haruki Satonaka has stated that his father has gained a demonic aura about him and can cause a frightening feeling in those around him. Although Van claims to think that he is still the same carefree happy guy that his friends and family know him as, he could be seen smiling and silently nodding when he overheard his son talking about the feeling of fright that overcame him.

Van's current battle appearance consists of a skin-tight body armor made from incredibly small chains linked together, giving it a durability stronger than that of a steel. Van can also be seen wearing a long, white colored, hooded cloak that has sleeves which fit snugly over his arms. On his wrists, Van can be seen wearing layers of bandages to stabilize his Hakuda strikes. Over these bandages, he wears the sealed version of his Shikigami, consisting of onyx-black gauntlets with a light pink bat insignia etched onto the backside of each. 


Van was quite confident in the abilities of his companions and himself. He hardly showed any visual emotions, choosing to keep his true thoughts and feelings to himself most of the time. Van was a solitary man, who used his time alone to write “terrible poems that should never see the light of day” according to Atsuya Tatsumi. He was quite susceptible to electricity, much to his chagrin. Whenever he was exposed or saw the sight of it, Van regularly abandoned his calm stature in favor of a berserker’s rage. However, after much fighting and therapy with Kenji Hiroshi, Van eventually managed to quell his fear.

He was quite vocal and open with his ideals and beliefs. He did not care if anyone else objected to his viewpoints, as seen in his attempt to save a Shinigami despite meeting him moments before. Van had stated multiple times that even though he was a kind individual, he would not always risk his life to save anothers’. He claimed hose who constantly relied on being saved did not even deserve salvation and should be left to die.

Van possessed a calm and collected mentality, but if need be, can be very intense and serious for the occasion. While Van assumed a kind persona in combat, he was known to be quite ruthless and unmerciful in battles with worthy opponents. He was a polite and respectable individual who in turn expected the same treatment from others. Van typically had a smile on his face, even during combat situations. Even in the face of danger and death, Van always acted in a goofy and playful manner. However, when particularly annoyed or upset, Van became cold and ruthless, willing to kill those with ruthless efficiency. To those who knew him, Van was a Bird Lover and had a fervent dislike of Insects. Up until recently, Van had undertaken the habit of smoking a long pipe whenever he went around for a walk. The pipe did not use tobacco, nor any other illegal substances. Instead, it used various combustible materials. And according to Van, the simple motion of smoking, calmed him greatly.


Van's Anger

To those who brought about his unbridled fury, Van did not show any sense of morality, even willing to use his strength as a means to enforce his will. Unfortunately, this extended to his allies, as seen when he almost killed close friend Tabane Alcott for healing Inshu Senshi, a dangerous man who attacked his children before being defeated by Anna. As a result of his actions, Tabane and Van started to drift apart until he fought and defeated her in a “make-up” duel.

Kushina And Minato

Van and Anna

Van loves his wife and children more than anything, placing their importance above everything else. He was willing to face death head on if it was for the sake of family. And even fight those dearest to him if it meant finding them. This sense of protectiveness also extended to close family and friends, especially in the battlefield, where he first protected others before he attacked himself. Van’s most famous ally was Kenji Hiroshi, a man whom he teamed many times to combat the dastardly Averian, driving the evil presence back every time. Van regularly used Kenji as an inspiration for training, doing whatever he could to catch up with his friend’s strength and power.

Van's Lust For Battle

Van was a man who always had a particular enjoyment for a brawl, whether it be against an ally or a foe, it did not really matter. In instances such as this, Van regularly saw it as a test of ability and a possible challenge. In 1v1 Duels such as his brawl with Kei Yume, Van hardly made an effort to use his Zanpakuto, choosing to utilize other skills such as Crystal Manipulation. However, the more challenging a situation seemed to be, the more likely Van’s excitement will get the better of him. This largely resulted in Van abandoning all concepts of caution and strategy, choosing to do enjoy the moment instead. As detrimental as it was, it served to help Van grow with each subsequent battle. It was widely believed that this particular trait was passed down from the Satonaka Side of the family, starting with Ibuki Satonaka, a man who blindly charged into combat. Even though Van regularly became a battle-crazed beserker, he did not lose sight of strategy and often formulated appropriate tactics in a fight.

Van's Sadistic Side

When Van discovered Shirosuke’s death was caused by Captain Shori Keihatsu of the Gotei Thirteen, he hoped there would be action. But when no action occurred other than Ryouga Joukaihan bringing Shiro back from the depths of Hell. As a result, Van quickly became disillusioned with Soul Society, citing them as a corrupt and hypocritical institution ruled by idiots that should not exist lest be allowed to rule. Spurred on by the words of Minato Meitzen, Van willingly joined The Rogues as a means to overthrow the current Central 46. Even though his one of his closest friends, Kei Yume was a Captain in the Gotei Thirteen, it did not completely deter him. Van’s hatred grew to a point where he no longer cared about the possible death and destruction that could be wrought if a Rogue-Shinigami War were to occur. Ever since Van came to that conclusion, a different side of him started to manifest whenever angered, a murderous and cold personality who was willing to kill anything if it brought about the achievement of The Rogue’s ultimate goal.

Van was said to be quite perceptive when it came to determining an individuals’ mental/emotional state, being able to tell what someone was thinking depending on their level of interaction. This was largely evident with Kenji, a man who he shared both blood, tears, and sweat with over the course of many battles. Van was able to sense what Kenji was thinking with a simple glance or nod. This in turn, resulted in a heightened level of trust, since Van believed that no matter what he did, Kenji was always behind him to back him up.

Following the Collapse, Van began displaying darker tendencies. He began distancing himself from close friends and family members, speaking to them infrequently and sometimes even coldly. Over a period of time his wife, Anna, noticed a growing darkness in Van's heart. However, despite this darkness brewing, Van did not display any evil tendencies or give off any killing intent toward those that considered themselves close to him. Van more or less has given up on the defense of the spiritual realms, deciding that enact a vengeance against the "corrupted" souls that caused all the problems to begin with. One could argue that Van has developed a messiah complex in his goal to cleanse the impure, believing his way is the right way, and the way to accomplish his goals is through might alone. Leaving The Rogues a message to find Kei Yume in his absence, Van suddently dropped off the grid and has not been heard from since. 



Born to Rei'juro Satonaka and Inai Satonaka, Van was born as the younger brother to Shirosuke Satonaka, who left early on to become a Captain in the Gotei 13. Van grew up under a strict training regiment set forth by his parents in order to bring out his latent potential. As a child, Van was callous and cruel, thinking nothing of hurting others as he was forced to remain in solitude when he was not training. Reaching into his early teen years, after Van's spiritual energy was felt by his elder brother during one Shiro's periodic visits, Van was taken back with his brother in order to enroll into the academy.

Entrance to Shino Academy


Van entering the Academy

An unspecified time following the Hollowfication of a number of high-level Shinigami, Shiro Kujo becomes the new Captain of the 9th Division in the Gotei 13, with Kaname Tōsen as his Lieutenant. Shiro took it upon himself and decided to "recruit" his younger brother, Van Satonaka, into the ranks of the Shinigami, by enrolling the latter in the Shinō Academy; whether he liked it or not. Van confronted his brother regarding this decision and even though he pleaded otherwise, Van is not given much choice by Shiro and eventually gives in, thus beginning his academy career. Shortly after passing the entrance exam Kagura selects Van to be one of a number of experiments for his new racial project. Van was abducted by Jimi in the dead of night and had a parasitic creature placed within his body by Kagura. Van was then returned to his home and his memories of the event erased. Over the years Van applied himself diligently to his studies and began to flourish; he became famous for his unorthodox tactics in combat scenarios, and did particularly well in Zanjutsu, Hakuda and Kidō, whilst performing poorly in Hohō. Van continued to struggle in his Hohō classes until he befriended Atsuya Tatsumi, whose assistance enabled Van to advance.

Van would eventually form a rivalry with fellow-students Akira Cagali, Luka Kagamine and Atarashi Kaishi. The four disliked one another immediately and their shared animosity turned what was supposed to be a standard Zanjutsu class into a mass brawl on the academy grounds. All those responsible where punished by the draconian Head-Instructor of the academy, who had both groups lashed. Afterwards, impressed by the strength Van displayed in the fight, Kanata Yamato befriends Van and Atsuya. The two groups would continue to clash throughout their respective tenures, even on training missions, and where hated by their classmates as a result who often had to share in their punishments.

One particular training session coincided with an experiment carried out by Kagura and Jimi, which caused a number of Menos Grande to appear close to the class's field exercise in the Rukongai. Van's group once again clashed with Akira's and the resultant fight grew so out-of-hand that the Menos where attracted by the fighters spiritual pressure. Kagura and Jimi retreated to remove any evidence of their presence whilst Shiro, who was watching the situation with the students unfold from afar, decided not to intervene; he wished to see the skill-level of Van and his class and thus decided to leave them to their own devices. This decision had massive repercussions. A great many of the students where killed by the Menos and both Van and Akira realized what Shro had done, and grew disillusioned with the Soul Society as a direct result. The Menos where subdued by Ryōta Hachirō and Koichi Hiroshi, with the latter expressing his disgust at Shiro's actions.

Escape From Soul Society

A month later Van approaches Medaka Rosenkrantz with an idea to help the surviving students blow off some steam, proposing a "war game" between his own faction and that led by Akira. Shiro, knowing that the fights between the students had been escalating since the Menos attack, gave his okay for the plan. Little did he know however was the fact Van and Akira where acting in concert: the two rivals had come together to form a plan to break away from Soul Society and escape into the World of the Living, and even had a Senkaimon and Jigokuchō awaiting them -- courtesy of Ryōta and Koichi. Shiro's complete disregard for the safety of the students a month prior had galvanized the survivors resolve; they threw their lot in with Van and Akira, and agreed to help them. Shiro watched over the "war" personally and eventually noted that some students weren't fighting at all; he brushed them off as cowards to scared to fight, and eventually ordered a number of Shinigami from the 9th Division to enter as a third faction. As he returned his attention to the battles taking place below two bright flashes of light streaked into the heavens: the signal had been given, and both factions led by Van and Akira stopped battling each other and threw themselves at the 9th Division. Sheer numbers and surprise worked in the students favour and they cut down Shiro's faction as they bolted towards the Senkaimon.

They where intercepted by Medaka who had slain a number of students who arrived ahead of Van and Akira's group. Akira volunteers to remain behind and buy the others the time they need to escape, leading Van to acknowledge the latter's strength. Akira tackles Medake and the others proceed through the Senkaimon, though Van stops short. He turns in-time to see Medaka prepare the killing blow only for Luka and Atarashi to intercept the strike. Luka assures Van that they'll see each other on the other side, leading Van to leap through.


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Jishaku: One of Van's Zanapkuto spirit friends. Jishaku himself has stated that Van will only be able to unseal him in dire circumstances and even then, it will only be when Jishaku wishes to enter the fray.

Powers And Abilities


Van's Spiritual Energy

Monstrous Spiritual Energy: For a man of his caliber, Van possessed an enormous amount of spiritual energy, Once a wild and untamed spiritual pressure, it had been since tamed by Van in order to considerably augment his own abilities. When a sliver of his Spiritual Energy was released, it caused a noticeable crack on the Earth. But when it was completely unleashed, a wave of energy would be released from Van, crystallizing the landscape around him. The magnitude of Van's reiatsu was impressive to say the least, easily capable of producing tremors. Van's reiatsu was able to completely nullify low-tier attacks and weaken high-tier attacks, a feat that was often attributed to his power. Described as dense and overwhelming, Van was more than able to fight for extended periods of time without stop, rarely becoming fatigued over the course of battle. A simple exertion of Van's reiatsu could be felt from miles away as well as possessing the potential suffocate others not unaccustomed to it. Van regularly used his spiritual pressure as a makeshift armour, nullifying attacks similar to an Arrancars' Hierro.
  • Bankai Manifestation: Since Van managed to completely master his Bankai through extensive contact with the Zanpakuto Spirit, he was able to manifest a full-sized version of the weapon, effortlessly forming his Bankai Scythe without much of a word. Using Bankai in this manner drained little energy but Van was unable to utilize his full scope of abilities.
Van strength

Van's Strength

Enhanced Strength: In accordance to his tall and muscular stature, Van naturally possessed a massive amount of strength. This was largely indicated by his capability to injure opponents with just his bare hands and his ability to counteract an opponent's punches with his own. By a sheer force of will, Van was able to temporarily the lift the Seireitei Gates, a feat that happened to impress all Four Gatekeepers. Van was more than able to break through boulders with his bare fists, rupture internal organs with devastating strikes, break swords, and throw an assailant a considerable distance with a half-hearted throw. With the flat side of his hand, he can stop incoming sword swings moving at incredible speeds and flick opponents through several buildings. Van regularly used his strength to augment swordplay and reflexes by making almost every muscles in his body work at its peak. Van's strength was infamous in Hama Town, striking fear in its citizens.

Yuengiri Master: Van learned the techniques of the Yuengiri through lifelong friend ,Kenji Hiroshi, the last Master capable of teaching others the Yuengiri's beliefs and techniques. Van regularly made use of the Wan'nesu, swordsmanship skills that were once associated with the group. It involved calmness in the face of destruction, graceful movements and a clear mind. Upon the completion of his training, Van managed to developed his own techniques for the Yuengiri, in which he expanded on Rozeluxe Meitzen's Heiki.

Flash Steps Expert: Although Van was only an Expert on Flash Steps, he was frighteningly fast. This was largely evident in his Battle with an Army of Hollows, where he managed to decimate them with little effort. Van's skill was impressive to say the least. He can easily close large gaps between him and the opponent in mere seconds, as well as cut apart an opponent before they could react. His reflexes were reportedly at is peak, seeing that he could not entirely be caught by surprise unless they mastered stealth. Van can repeatedly slip through an opponent's reiatsu sense, surprising them with an attack before they realized he was besides them. Van regularly made use of quick, rapid assaults on an opponent, overwhelming them to such a point where counterattacks were nigh impossible.

  • Shadowless
    Mueishō (無影翔, Shadowless Flight): Guiding the reiatsu flow to the soles of their feet, an Onmyouji such as Van was able to reduce the friction between two physical elements. That is to say, between elements that can be touched, regardless of where they are. They can be solid surfaces, fluid layers, and other materials sliding against each other. In almost all cases, it was solely directed on the Onmyouji's feet. This allowed them to slide against any surface, increasing their movement speed. The trick is to shorten the ground distance from, for example three steps, to a single step or slide and use it to move forward as if they're slipping or sliding on ice. Although relatively easy to perform on paper, the technique required a good control of the flow. The speed was oftentimes compared to Shunpo, Hirenkyaku, or Sonido, though the effectiveness of the technique depended entirely on the user's proficiency Other factors, such as balance and sliding needed to be mastered as well. Poor balance worked against the user, causing major injuries and death if they happened to be engaged in a fight to the death.
  • Edayami (枝闇, Branched Darkness): A follow up technique, it started with the user sliding diagonally towards the opponent. Then suddenly, putting their foot down they stop their movement and using that momentum, continue to fall sideways. During the fall, they cross their legs to create an unbalanced stance, subsequently a sudden change of direction and simultaneously a sudden acceleration. At such a close distance to the enemy the switch from “forward” to “sideways” and the sudden change of direction in movement make it so it can’t be followed. The technique was best used in tandem with attacking, which can be lethal if the opponent wasn't careful. Edayami was incredibly hard to master, due to the precise timing and execution it required, lest it fatally backfire.

Van's eyes after Innovation

Enhanced Eyesight: Through an unknown phenomenon, Van's eyes had evolved to a point where his eyes color adopted a gold coloration whenever activated, becoming cat-like in the process. Upon activation, Van was granted incredible eyesight and a heightened awareness of the surroundings. Van perception of depth, stillness, and speed had been improved greatly, allowing him to view objects and phenomenon at a considerably slower pace in real time. Further use of his eyesight allowed Van to determine certain "loopholes" in an individual's body. These loopholes were dangerous in the sense that if one managed to strike the spot, an excruciating amount of pain would be felt. Each successive strike caused the loophole, up to a point where the target's entire body was viewed as a "loophole".

Immense Durability: Van was quite capable of absorbing a multitude of attacks with no signs of distress. As a consequence to his enormous amount of spiritual energy, Van was more than able to continue on in any situation with no apparent signs of fatigue. Even from heavy assaults, Van consistently managed to endure them all, standing again and again with no worry over his harmful injuries. He was more than able to bounce right back into the fray, even enduring High-tier Kidō and Zanpakuto attacks without much of a single flinch. Van fought on without worry, due to his skin being dense enough to deflect Shikai-level attacks with ease. Van was infamously known for causing destructive explosions and surviving them.

Enhanced Endurance: Van can fight for extended periods of time with no visible signs of exhaustion, even when he used a massive amount of his reiryoku beforehand. His Endurance was largely evident with his Immense Durability and Hierro-like Reiatsu.

Keen Intellect: Despite his appearance, Van possessed a fair amount of intelligence. This was largely due to his inherent love of knowledge of Soul Society's checkered and oftentimes vague History. His intellect was regularly seen at work in combat situations, where Van regularly came up of complex, organized tactics to defeat his enemies. He was qutie adept in exploiting an opponent's weakness, whether that be their techniques or fighting style. During his bouts of seriousness, Van analyzed an opponent's skills to create suitable countermeasures, going as far as purposefully getting injured in order to understand them more clearly. Van was able to adjust to new and unforeseeable developments with ease, changing his tactical decisions accordingly.

  • Highly Perceptive Combatant: Van considered himself to be a Highly Perceptive Combatant, as he was able to notice slight changes in reiatsu and accurately gauge an opponent's combat strength with a simple glance. Van was able to see through a majority of illusions, but he was unable to with those who possessed an incredible amount of talent such as Kei Yume. Possessing great intuition, he was able to guess an opponent's attack as well as become aware of danger and react accordingly. Van had an undeniable talent for thinking things through, making accurate decisions in the fields of battle.

Van's Evasiveness

Incredible Evasiveness: Van bodily sense and reaction time had surpassed that of a Shinigami. Like those individuals who practiced Kasen Ryūryō of the Tenretsu Seijaku-ryu School, Van was able to dodge an opponent's attacks with only a hair's breadth to spare. Van was able to narrowly avoid attacks and strike back with a counter of his own, with little indication if any at all. His evasiveness was incredibly useful when Zanjutsu and Technique Users, as they often left themselves open to a fatal blow. 

Kido Mastery

As a former student of Shino Academy, Van had been taught the basics of Kidō to supplement his other combat abilities. However, Van hardly made use of Kidō in battle due to his ability to manipulate Crystals. But that did not mean Van was inexperienced at all. In fact, Van proved himself to be master of his craft, using his extensive knowledge of the elemental and spiritual arts to create a variety of personal spells. Van primarily used his own brand of Kidō at full power, even when used without an incantation. When using standard Kidō, Van preferred it to appear in Animal Shapes like he usually did with his Crystal Constructs. As of late, Van had started to learn how to set Kidō Traps. He achieved this through the casting of a spell in the place where he stood and made contact with, activating it with a simple snap of his skills. However, due to his inexperience, Van regularly found it difficult to maintain the traps as it normally caused a rapid drain of energy.

Following Averian's demise at the hands of Kusaka Kori, Van teamed up with long time friend Kenji and Ino Hiroshi to create a particular Kido style called Nigendō. Nigendō allowed the user to utilize two Kido spells in order to create a far more dangerous and potent spell in return. With the creation of this style, Van had returned to art of crafting Kido spells for his own personal use once again, creating his own style called Mantodō (マント道, Way of Cloaking).

Hanki (反鬼, Reverse Demon): An ability with which Van nullifies an opponent's Kidō by hitting it with another one of perfectly opposite speed and energy. The ability can even neutralize an opponent's movements if performed correctly.

Hadō (破道, "Way of Destruction"):

Bakudō (縛道, "Way of Binding"):

Altered Spells: Through his gradual understanding and knowledge of Kidō, Van discovered he was able to change the composition of a spell at a moment's notice. Through a clever manipulation of his reiryoku, Van was able to change Kidō spells to fit the current situation at hand. For example, he used Hadō #1 Shō to take advantage of repelling force as an enhancement to his sword swings, causing an almost invisible slash to occur within a large range. The slash subsequently released the built up force, causing the opponent to feel being crushed as well as being slashed. 

Created Spells: Van used the Altering Concept to his own set of spells. These spells incorporated a variety of different elements to give it extreme flexibility when used in combat situations. Although Van did not regularly use them, he made sure to remain practice without getting rusty. When Van used his Created Spells, he normally covered himself in a red spiritual aura that continually absorbed reishi much like a Quincy does. This ultimately allowed Van to use the spiritual energy of those around him, without having the need to use any of his own. Unlike most Kidō, Van's Spells were not numbered nor do they have an incantation; Van did not his opponent to gauge its strength on incantation alone.

  • Tentai Hi (天体の火, Cele​stial Fire): Regarded as a Number 86 Kido spell, this is Van's first unique Kido creation. Van utilizes his spiritual energy to create a blue flame, similar to that of his brother's creation. With this flame, Van is able to manipulate it into a variety of shapes and forms of his choosing. When an opponent comes into contact with this flame they will be attacked on a spiritual level as the flames of this Kido produces no physical damage. Upon contact, the flames will enter into the opponent's body and begin burning away a spiritual beings binding to the physical plane. This causes most spiritual entities immense pain as their very existence is being burned away, although the Kido can be put out like a standard flame.
  • Soraea (空空気, Empty Air): Van gathers the local wind currents into a sphere made from spiritual energy that he will then implant into the ground. The sphere will act as land mine, waiting until someone comes across it. When a pressure come across the trap it activates, creating a large explosion of air capable of rendering many of those around it unconscious. The longer it remains in its locked state, the more the pressure inside builds up leading to the trapped air to be able to rip apart bodies and even slicing steel upon being released.
  • Thundergodammer

    Kaminagaru in Use

    Kaminagaru (雷殴る, Thunder God Hammer): Pressurizing air molecules around the local area and then wrapping each cluster created with his spiritual energy, Van is able to create sparks of electricity, inspired by his close friend Kenji Hiroshi. Wrapping the created lightning around his body, Van can first enhance his own abilities before condensing and further heating the crafted lightning into the form of plasma spheres. The sphere of plasma then float about Van's body gathering energy from various sources of the environment, awaiting the command to attack the opponent. With a simple motioning of the hand, Van can direct Kaminagaru to soar through the air and impact the opponent and because of the heated energy located in the plasma; when this spell comes into contact with the opponent, it causes their blood boil much like the high frequency waves of a microwave oven. 
  • Kūhaku (空白, Blank Space): Creating a small sphere of spiritual energy that he releases out in front of his body, Van creates a pocket of air. The surrounding reishi and abundant spiritual energy in the air rushes to cover the gap while also creating waves that bounce off each other and then expand and widen. The difference is that these are not just waves, but the undulation of space itself. Using these waves, Van can create many grains of microscopic imperfect voids and amplify their undulation, destroying the consciousness of his opponent or creating spacial vibrations to defend against attacks, based on the intensity of the waves
  • Tobi Chains

    Shi Kusari in use

    Shi Kusari (死鎖が, Chains Of The Dead): Trading in his previous Mekura technique upon gaining his new zanpakuto, Van gained the ability to further manipulate his spiritual energy in order to produce a pair of cuffs connected by an elongated chain. By making physical contact with the target, Van is able to place the cuffs on the opponent by manifesting them and releasing his spiritual energy in what seems like a matter of moments. Once cuffed by the chains, Van nor his target are able to make contact with each other as this is a technique used to end the fighting. This technique will slowly begin to drain the opponent's spiritual energy reserves causing the opponent's body to feel as though it is becoming heavier as each moment passes, until they are down on all fours and unable to move. If one tries to sever the chains through brute force, the impact will flow through the chains and disperse their strength back into their bodies, damaging them accordingly.

Nigendō (二元道, "Way of Duality"): is a sub-branch of Kidō usage developed jointly by Kenji Hiroshi and Van Satonaka, with help from Kenji's wife, Ino, during the sixteen years of peace following Averian's death. Nigendō is a style of advanced Kidō combat that incorporated no less than thirty personally created spells that serve some form of dual purpose. Utilizing this style, Van is able to perform complicated feats using his spells and can even simply link to spells together via a thin membrane of reishi. This link does not physically combine the two spells, but causes the two spells to hit at the same time causing both effects to take effect one after the other. With Nigendō, Van is able to combine standard spells with those of his own creation allowing for devastating effects.

  • Sōtōzashū (勦ザ周囲, "Annihilate the Surroundings"): A potent spell that is usually fired at targets on the back of a separate Hadō, though this is not universally true. Once it has made contact with the enemy the user recites the incantation, resulting in the creation of a cylindrical barrier around the target, trapping them in a small prison. Flames well up fiercely within the confines of the barrier and the target is seared to the bone trying to escape. By enclosing their fist the user can gradually reduce the size of the barrier whilst the intensity and quantity of the flames remain unchanged, resulting in the barrier rupturing from within in a fiery explosion.
  • Joshinchō (女神帳, "Goddess Curtain"): One of the few healing spells Kenji and Van have personally developed, though much of it was conceived by Ino. Van channels lightning Kidō into a solid structure comprising four core pillars spread out over a large area. A solid cord extends into the heavens, drawing lightning to fuel the spells vast energy requirement. Pinned to the top of each pillar is a curtain of self-sustaining lightning which continually releases pulses of energy mixed with healing Kidō. The lightning pulse phases through a persons body, leaving the healing energy behind to heal the affliction. Ino also notes that the four pillars also generate a protective barrier between their four points, preventing anyone entering within those confines unless Kenji or Van allows it.
  • Ōurukūki (蔽うる空気, "Enfolding Air"): The unification of Bakudō and its sealing sub-class with the ancient Kidō-related techniques of the Kodairei . With it Meian states Van and Kenji need not fear energy-based attacks like Cero or Kidō. The moment these techniques are about to make contact with their body they are capable of halting the energy with an invisible barrier and then proceed to seal the technique away in a separate dimensional space, leaving them completely unharmed. The energy consumption of this spell is incredibly low, allowing Van to void energy attacks without fear of exhaustion.
  • Dōdōjōshō (堂々上昇, "Majestic Rise"): A full body Kidō and, in Meian's words, Kenji and Van's greatest Kidō technique in terms of difficulty as well as their personalized version of Shunkō. Dōdōjōshō is a seamless union of Hadō and Bakudō -- expressing both destruction and protection simultaneously, and the one spell more closely in line with what Kenji originally intended when he envisioned Nigendō as a style. With its use the user takes his or her right elbow close to their body and bends it so that the palm of the right hand is parallel with the eyes. With the left hand they rubs the right once, which is then followed with the incantation. This results in the formation of an armed maiden which forms around the user, with them at its heart. Van explains that there are no openings to exploit, and that eventually its multiple blades will catch you and shred you to pieces. The energy is in perfect sync with Kenji and Van's own movements and should they be somehow removed from it they can continue the spell simply by directing it through their reiatsu. Its defensive properties are based on elasticity, while expressing durability akin to Van's crystal constructs. Any impact is absorbed and then bounced back at the source, while its offense is based on the high-frequency cutting power of lightning Hadō.

Mantodō (マント道, "Way of Cloaking"): Is the name used to describe the fighting style created by Van in order to bolster his arsenal. It is a combination of both Hakuda and Kido and often gives the impression of Shunko when first activated. Van uses this by first surrounding himself with a thin array of reishi that he can later augment to form a specific Kido spell of his choosing. This augments the strength of his physical attacks, making them even deadlier. His speed and reflexes are also increased. When striking the opponent, he is able to release the Kido spell surrounding his body at the same time as his physical impact, causing twice the damage and can even catch opponents unaware of his skill by surprise. It takes little to no time at all to replace the Kido spell around his body, allowing Van to perform an almost rapid fire of strikes. These named spells, especially the four named after the Cardinal Beasts, are among the strongest in Van's arsenal.

  • Kaizerfist


    Yariken (槍拳, "Lance Fist"):  Yariken, also known as "The Fist of Kings", was a technique that Van concentrate an enormous amount of reiryoku into one of his fists. With a simple forward thrust, Van unleashed a highly concentrated blast of energy that could completely decimate entire portions of Cities in an instant. Yariken had the devastating ability to destroy organic material it came into contact with such as blood, skin, and the like. When used in close quarters, Yariken had the propensity to obliterate the target from existence, leaving nothing behind. The technique was used sparingly, due to the heavy toll it wrought about Van's body. When Van was unable to use Reiryoku, he can offer up his own Life Force in exchange for a significant increase to power. However, the exchange caused Van to bleed internally and be weak-kneed for a moderate period of time.
  • Genbu
    Genbu Sattō (玄武殺到, "Genbu's Stampede"): This technique is a continuous assault of a mimimum of five punches, and a maximum of twenty. This is mostly used as a sealing technique, with Binding Spells being used more frequently then Destructive Spells when Van utilizes this technique. However, it should be noted that despite this fact, this technique is still incredibly destructive to the opponent's body. As each strike connects with the target, Van releases the Binding Spell onto the foe and restoring it back to himself as well. These strikes are very powerful as they are capable of rending bone and destroying flesh, with each of the various strikes connecting faster than the previous in order to throw off the opponent's rhythm in trying to figure out the attack pattern. As Van speeds up during this technique's usage, he is able to create a vacuum of air which further devastates the opponent as they are being battered around by Van's various attacks and then torn in different directions by the vacuum itself.
  • Tigershock

    Byakko no Gōon in use

    Byakko no Gōon (白虎の轟音, "Byakko's Roar"): Byakko no Gōon, otherwise known as the "Roar of the White Tiger Fist", was a technique where Van clasped both his hands into cupped-like appearance. Readying himself, Van gave a tremendous roar and thrust forward at the opponent, unleashing a tremendous amount of spiritual pressure in the process. Since Van was quite skilled in Reiryoku Manipulation, he often molded the exhibited energy into the appearance of a White Tiger, hence it's namesake. When Van used the mentioned technique in Hakuda combat, the effect of the attack was significantly enhanced, due to the need of not having to travel a distance. Byakko no Gōon was said to possess an impressive amount of concussive force, able to destroy a large portion of the ground and send a target a large distance away.
  • Suzakugale

    Suzaku Hayate

    Suzaku Hayate (朱雀疾風, "Suzaku's Gale"): Suzaku Hayate, alterntively referred to as Bird Maelstrom, was considered to be one of Van's strongest techniques used by him. Derived from Hakuda and Kidō styles, Van first enveloped himself in an aura of any Hadō Spell such as Shakkahō and Kongōbaku. In that state, Van was augmented tremendously to a point where a simple punch lit his fists on fire. Due to Van's enhanced speed and strength, he was able to inflict a continuous stream of damage in the blink of an eye. Given enough time, the opponent would eventually be enveloped by the swirling torrent of fire created by Van's fists of fury. The power of the technique was said to be entirely derivative on the level of the Hadō Spell used. As such, the power difference of a Shakkahō-derived Suzaku Hayate paled in comparison to a Kurohitsugi-derived Suzaku Hayate.
  • Seiryutalon
    Seiryū Tanka (清流点火, "Seiryu's Ignition"): This technique is powered by Van augmenting his body with up to three different Hado Spells at a single time. The sudden increase in strength results in Van's Spiritual Energy bursting forth from his body and forming a spectre of a large, multi-colored dragon that holds properties of each of the Kido Spells that have been used. It is as this point, Van has two different attacking methods. One, by thrusting his clenched fist toward his target, he is able to utilize the dragon itself to attack the opponent causing it to strike down on the target's location with the full force of all the spells striking simultaneously. This form of the technique is not easily dodged as Van is able to further direct the trajectory of the dragon by moving his fist toward his intended target. Alternatively, Van can absorb the dragon back into his own body, resulting in his skin darkening to a bright red hue and veins bulging from his body while his body emits a high volume of steam; given that his sweat is being evaporated almost instantly. With the power of the technique directly inside of him, Van uses it to dash at such an extreme speed that he creates a large enough vacuum in space that it breaks the guard of most, if not every opponent, as they are drawn toward him. As the opponent is drawn into the vacuum, or attempt to resist, Van is able to use his incredibly enhanced speed to break through the target's guard and deliver a powerful kick to the opponent's body. The blow carries not only Van's impressive strength, but the added force of the three Kido Spells being released at the very same point of contact, resulting in even the sturdiest of foes to be rendered unable to continue fighting, if not completely obliterated in the process. The force of the kick is so strong that it creates a shock wave that passes through the target's form and emits outward, damaging those in a linear direction. 


Onmyoujutsu (陰陽術 Art of Duality) is a form of Onmyouji combat based on advanced spells. These spells are produced with strong Reiryoku and fall into two categories. Yōton for direct combat and Inton for battle support. Each spell is performed using various handseals that derive from the 12 Chinese Zodiacs. Experienced users can perform them with lesser handseals or not use any, although their effectiveness and power can be diminished.

  • Sealimgswords
    Sealing Sword (封止剣, "Fujiken"): The Sealing Sword is Van's specialized form of Onmyoujutsu and is mostly Yōton related. With this, he uses his reiryoku to produce a large quantity of swords that possess the quality of sealing away the spiritual aspects of anything that is struck by the blade for a period of time. The swords that are conjured are covered in a flame-like spiritual energy that can cause burns and sear the flesh of an opponent. He can mentally control the blades that he creates, creating numerous in order to swiftly overwhelm his target. As mentioned before, these swords are capable of sealing the spiritual abilities of any opponents that they strike, regardless of their level of strength. In doing so, Van essentially renders an opponent who relies heavily on spiritual-based powers, useless in combat. Unfortunately, these blades can not be wielded by anyone else, meaning that he can not lend it to another to aid them in battle. Should one try to grab one for their use, they find the heat of the sword scorches their grasps and heavily drains on the physical strength, sapping away at their life force. 

Hakuda Mastery


Van's Hakuda

Van is a highly experienced hand-to-hand fighter, utilizing swift reflexes and speed in order to overwhelm his opponent. He is also able to catch very forceful punches with open hands without trouble and has been shown utterly obliterating his foes with a single concussive punch to the forehead. His hand-to-hand skills make him a dangerous and troublesome foe but a very powerful ally. His main fighting style mixes Savate with Taekwondo, creating powerful kicks and strikes meant to disable an opponent. He has been able to take down several hollow with his bare hands, wipe out an entire force of Arrancar by simply doing an open palm strike, and punch through Espada-level Hierro, which is a very difficult feat to accomplish. He effectively uses his intellect during battle, using his knowledge of the human body to strike weak points, breaking bones and joints with light taps and has shown the ability to kill a completely healthy person by tapping the back of his head, causing a vibration through the spine and the other bones that caused them to shatter, displaying his strength once more.

Iaiken (居合拳, Japanese for "The Way of Mental Presence Fist"): This is Van's preferred method of combat when not taking an opponent seriously or when he is training someone he considers to be much weaker than him. Iaiken is a bare fist version of iaido, or the iai drawing of the sword, that allows Van to use his pockets in place of using an actual scabbard. When using this method, Van is able to perform high-speed punches that are so fast the average combatant cannot see them. The punches of Iaiken allow Van to use the sheer force of the wind pressure created by the blows in order to launch distant attacks in order to barrage an opponent with attacks. However, when utilizing this style of fighting, Van cannot use ordinary punches in close combat. Although, when he gets serious or realizes he can't simply play around, he usually forgoes this fighting method and uses something else instead.  

Tenmyaku Kitetsu (殺す心神脈, "Killing The Spirit Of The Divine Pulse"): A fighting technique that Van utilizes with the special abilities caused by his eyes. Because living beings sense their muscles and all associated sensations through their nerves, Van is able to swiftly jab the nerves to completely block them off. He is able to strike sequences of pressure points, immobilizing his enemies to various degrees. In doing so, not only do the afflicted body part become immobile but the opponent loses the ability to even sense its existence. This technique allows Van to block certain Spiritual Energy flow paths in his opponents to compromise their abilities. When struck, the opponent loses control of their muscles and can even lose control of their abilities, causing backfire and even death. It takes quite some time and an extraordinary amount of effort for a person to recover from their spiritual pathways being blocked, as it is their spiritual essence. Those with larger amounts of reiatsu take shorter time to heal then a person with low-level reiatsu. This makes him especially dangerous to warriors who rely mainly on their Spiritually enhanced abilities and possess no secondary fighting skills. Oddly enough, Van usually utilizes only his pointer and middle fingers when using this style. 

  • Killua-claws

    Shōtendesu in use

    Shōtendesu (焦点デス, "Focused Death"): By harnessing his strength into his right hand, Van can focus all of his body weight into said hand causing it to take on a needle-like appearance. By then utilizing his great speed, Van is able to strike several areas around the opponent's heart in what seems like a only moment causing the unfortunate victim's body to no longer recognize that the heart is beating and shut itself down. This claw has a sharpness like that of a knife and can easily tear a limb from a target's body or cleave through wood, much like a knife through butter. 

Van's Kenpo

Chinese Kenpo: Having trained in Chinese Kenpo since his childhood, Van is a highly talented martial artist. He specializes and has become highly proficient in this martial art, and it's various different styles. Chinese Kenpo requires extensive physical and mental training, as well as knowledge of body mechanics. Due to his training by his family, Van's form of combat is more inclined to the strong fist which rely more on destructive force. He is known to use a combination of both Hikaken and Hakkyokuken, with various kicks and throws laced in as well. With Hikaken, Van focuses more on palm techniques. The power in these techniques come from the force generated from fast arm rotation. As the arm rotates the speed creates force. This force is focused into the striking open palm and is then capable of producing massive damage against an opponent. However, when utilizing Hakkyokuken, Van focuses more on hip rotation to build up force. This style uses hammering punches and elbow swings which rely almost completely on rotation of the hips. These two martial arts can actually be used together and formed into one discipline making it an extremely lethal art in the hands of a martial arts prodigy such as Van.
  • Seimon Hakkyokuken (聖門八極拳, "Sacred Gate Eight Extremities Fist"): A variation of the standard Hakkyokuken where Van focuses spiritual energy throughout his entire body causing a stigma-like pattern to appear on his forearms and legs. By striking at the air, Van is able to send a shockwave of air toward the opponent in order to attack, allowing for attack at all ranges. Once this fighting style is in use, if Van's attack connects with the opponent's body, the shockwave can be pulsated through the skin and is capable of rupturing the target's innards. The Seimon Hakkyokuken focuses on striking at high, mid, and low levels of the body and is most useful in close combat as it is an aggressive style that is meant to deal heavy damage. Seimon Hakkyokuken does not have many defensive techniques and stances, since it was primarily designed to allow Onmyouji, such as Van to fight using it in combination with special barrier type Onmyoujutsu as well as reiatsu to augment themselves.
    • Ichi (一, "One"): The first and most basic offensive technique of the Hakkyokuken. Basing itself upon the principle of flow, this technique teaches Onmyouji students how to first utilize their reiatsu for close quarter combat. To do this, the practitinioner uses any part of their body as a relay, transferring their own reiatsu into the opponent's body or any other opposing element causing damage. It can cause both internal and external damage, depending on how it's used. Since Van possesses more reiryoku than the average individual he has been noted to have a harder time controlling it, thus mainly uses larger amounts in a way as to smash it against the enemy, causing external damage such as blunt force trauma or breaking bones.
    • Divingsparrow

      Sensui Suzume

      Sensui Suzume (潜水雀, Diving Sparrow): A technique where Van will begin to somersault into the air. He then comes spinning down, preforming a vertical elbow strike on his opponent from above, seemingly using the momentum gained in the previous fall to increase the force behind his strike. This technique inflicts tremendous blunt damage, often breaking several of the opponent's bones in the process and even shattering the ground below from the immense level of strength used in this attack.
    • Ukojizai (雨虎自在, "Rain Tiger at Will"): Is an aerial spin kick. It starts with Van jumping in the air or bouncing off of any solid surface, then he swoops down towards the opponent foot-first. Van then spins mid-air in a series of powerful rapid fire kicks to the opponent's body. Combined with reiatsu, the technique can deal a fair amount of damage, though that is not its main purpose. It should be used to pressure and/or disorient the opponent while preparing for a follow up.
    • Hakyoleg

      Mouretsu Hana Arashi

      Mouretsu Hana Arashi (乱暴花嵐, "Violent Flower Tempest"): Is a high level technique of the Hakkyokuken. Unlike most 360 spin kicks, it is not an aerial move, rather Van never leaves the ground while performing it. It involves using one leg as a pivot and turning the body 360 degrees. Then shifting the weight from one leg to the other while twisting the whole body. The attacking leg lifts from the side of the body in a spinning motion hitting the enemy usually in the middle of the body. However, experienced practitioners can perform it differently and entirely dependent on the situation. For Onmyouji, this technique is most useful in combination with reiatsu charged at the soles of the feet which increases the force of the kick.
    • Hasangeki (破山撃, "Mountain Crusher"): Is one of the most powerful techniques that resides within Van's arsenal. It is a vertical kick aimed at the target's defense even when the opponent is attacking and/or defending. Once Van can identify the weakness in the opponent's defense, they must focuses all of their physical power and reiryoku in one single kick. All of this must be done while maintaining their center of balance, which can be a fatal weakness. Should the enemy manage to somehow shift that center of balance, the power of the technique will be reduced severely. However, according to the Onmyouji masters, should it be used correctly, then no one will be able to withstand it. It has been documented that the creator of the technique managed to destroy a mountain with a single kick, thus he named it the Mountain Crusher. Whether or not that's true however, is up to speculation.
    • Ni (丹, "Red Earth"): The first and most basic defensive technique of the Hakkyokuken. Basing itself upon the principle of flow, this technique teaches Onmyouji students how to first utilize their reiatsu to defend themselves against physical attacks. The technique requires Van to enter a stance. He begins by placing his right hand vertically in front of his face, and then places his left hand horizontally against the right. Van makes sure to place his feet firmly on the ground to keep his balance against the enemy's force of impact. Then, by channeling and extending his reiatsu outwards, he is able to form a shield that is meant to nullify incoming attacks. Having more experience than many other Onmyouji, Van is able to enter this stance, seemingly at a moment's notice.

Kakumei Nukite

Kakumei Nukite (革命貫手, "Revolution Crossbeam Hand"): Kakumei Nukite was fighting style that allowed Van to combat numerous opponents with the just the fingertips of his hand. To activate Kakumei Nukite, Van merely focused the majority of his reiryoku into his hand, causing it to be enveloped in a bright outline. As this happened, Van was able to direct the flow of reiryoku into his fingertips. While Van's Four Finger Technique was considered strong by many, each subsequent reduction only served to drastically increase its power even further, up to a point where a single thrust can even split an opponent in two, just due to the sheer amount of potential force involved. Van's Kakumei Nukite possessed an immense amount of stopping power, being able to break through Kidō Barriers with relative ease. Kakumei Nukite also proved to be effective against people such as Mikoto Sahashi, an individual who primarily relied on drawn out battles to weaken and defeat their opponents. In this case, Van used Kakumei Nukite as a means to end combat efficiently and effectively with little to no conflict whatsoever. Van was also known to fuse the concepts of Piguaquan Hikaken with Kakumei Nukite. Although many did not notice his movements, one could see Van subtly rotating his arm, thereby increased the strength and damage of his blows with each strike. This apparent lack of attention often caught Van's Opponents by surprise.
  • Yonshi (四指, "Four Fingers"): The first of Van's Kakumei Nukite techniques that utilizes a single hand in order to assault his opponents. The weakest of all the one-handed techniques, Yonshi still possesses an incredible amount of power due to Van's own strength and the foundation of this fighting style. With this technique, Van is able to break through an opponent's defense with ease by focusing the strength and pressure onto a single location. Using this tactic allows Van to find, if not create, a shattering point on an opponent's body or their technique, making it easy for him to break his target.
    • Sanbon'yubi (三本指, "Three Fingers"):
    • Nihonyubi (二本指, "Two Fingers"):
    • Onenukite


      Ippon (一本, "One Finger"): The strongest technique that Van possesses that utilizes only a single hand in order to attack his opponents. Using the rotating skills that are found in Hikaken and the lessons of Sojutsu, Ippon is considered to be Van's "Greatest Spear". Since Van's strength is focused into a single finger instead of his entire hand, the force of this technique is increased by a significant amount, allowing Van to topple foes and impale them on a single finger. Unlike the other one-handed techniques, Van assaults his opponent with continuous thrusts, resulting in incredible damage being done to the target. With this technique it is said that Van can break through even the strongest of Kidō barriers, regardless of the number of spells layered upon one another. 
  • Kōsatsuki (交差突き, "Cross Stab"): An upward strike that comes in the form multiple knife hands, striking the opponent in multiple areas. When sparring with Tabane, it was shown that this technique has enough strength to allow Van to pierce through solid steel. Despite being it being a basic technique, the danger resides in being struck multiple times as it is enough to crack even the most dense of walls, outright destroying bones of living targets.
    • Kōsatsuki: Taimichi (交差突き: 対の道, "Cross Stab: Twin Roads"): A variant of Kōsatsuki, Kōsatsuki: Taimichi was a technique where Van struck an opponent with both of his hands instead of attack alternations. However, there was a catch. One strike had very little force while the other was the exact opposite. Since Van used both hands to attack, the opponent was forced to determine which hand was the decoy in seconds lest they face the full, unrelenting assault. Also, Van's enhanced speed and strength only served to increase the severity of the blows, causing much more anxiety when anticipated. Van only used Kōsatsuki: Taimichi when in extreme close quarters, since the chance of success was excessively high. But the technique suffered from a small hit range when compared to others. Generally speaking, technique relied on simple misdirection and trickery. Close observation of his hands and eyes were a futile effort, mainly because Van indicated it through the movement of his opposite foot, a feat he performed before he was well within range.

Swordsmanship Mastery


Van's Swordsmanship

Van is an extremely accomplished swordsman, being able to fight on fair ground with released zanpakutō and take out multiple vice captain-level opponents with his own zanpakutō still sealed. He is a dual-handed swordsman, capable of using each hand to fight throwing his opponents off guard. When using a sword he has shown a master usage of standard martial arts and has even gone as far being capable of moving his blade fast enough to create illusions. Van has also demonstrated the ability to perform tremendously powerful and precise strikes, capable of striking through very sturdy targets. He has even shown the ability to launch several consecutive strikes in a matter of mere moments, often mincing his opponent to pieces. Due to his several years of practice, Van become extremely proficient in using the crystal spears that he creates for battle. His level of skill with his weaponry has increased to the point that he is capable rendering many of his opponents unable to fight by striking and paralyzing the joints needed to wield a weapon.
  • Gyakuten (逆転, "Reversal"): A special, counterattack technique that Van is able to utilize regardless of his form of swordplay. This technique almost always follows another attack, specifically a downward slash, although it can be used on its own, but not without some difficulty. After using a downward slash, Van starts this technique by turning his arm so that the sword now faces upward, and twistshis neck and shoulder. This simple gesture increases his sword arm's range, but at the cost of a dislocated shoulder. The slash that follows is very fast and due to the increased range can easily slash unprotected opponents who have lowered their guard.

Sojutsu Master: Van has shown himself to be proficiently skilled in wielding his crystal spears as well as real ones. He able to keep up with Kenji's skill with a trident and staff during their fight, as well as being able to weild Ryoiki's released state with relative easy despite it not being his actual zanpakuto. Most of Van's fighting techniques rely on his spear as he becomes quite deadly when wielding one. When in battle, Van is at his peak when wielding a spear, often taking down several opponents before he is even touched once. Van can be seen utilizing fluid motions when he is wielding a spear giving his attacks the appearance of flowing water as it seems as though his attacks are endless. By slowing his breathing down to match his opponent's, Van is capable of entering a stance perfect for countering his opponent's moves by using the shaft of his spear in order to deflect attacks away from his person. When Van enter's his more offensive stance, he lowers his spear toward the ground and begins to exude spiritual energy from his body. It is this stance that Van becomes far more deadly as he is capable of blocking attacks from any direction as well as being able to attack an opponent from a far distance by removing the burden of weight on his arms and legs allowing him to jet toward an opponent at high speeds and maneuver his spear with far more precision.
  • Jasen (ツイスト, Snake Twist): Van causes the shaft to warp by thrusting it with his right arm and moving it in a spiral motion, thus producing an ever changing thrust and trajectory. This technique simultaneously creates an ultra high speed thrust and a large change in the initial trajectory, making the technique extremely difficult to dodge or predict and even allowing it to bypass an opponent's attempt to block the attack.
  • Tokei Tān (時計ターン, Clock Turn): Van will start off with a low stance with his spear pointed at the enemy. The first turn is a quick clockwise rotation of the spear that quickly closes the gap between the Van and his opponent. The second turn of the spear, is a counter-clockwise rotation that is a symmetrical copy of the first turn. The third and final move, to complete this dance-like attack is a quick direct thrust forward that is often difficult to avoid given then elusive nature of this attack.
  • Kakushi Kumo (隠しクモ, "Hidden Spider"): With this technique, Van starts by stabbing the blade of his spear into the ground in order to get a grounded position. Following this, he begins to bends the shaft in order to create tension in the weapon that he can store before releasing the spear's tension upwards toward the opponent. In doing so, he is able to create an incredibly fast and almost inescapable upthrust, heavily damaging the opponent.
  • Shinryū (神龍, "God Dragon"): The culmination of all of Van's training in the art of Sojutsu. Van stats the technique by first rotating the blade of his spear in a circlular motion in a rapid fashion, causing the air to distort and appear as though that the blade of the spear has increased to eight. Following this, Van proceeds to then thrust the spear forward, in the same circular motion. Due to the blade of the spear being incredibly difficult, if not impossible to track, Van is able to produce an attack that is capable of striking from all sides with seemingly no openings.


Sh​idairyū (死大鎌流, "Death Scythe Style"): With Shidairyū, Van is able to use his large scythe in order to attack his opponents from an assortment of angles by moving and positioning his weapon anyway he likes it with no difficulties at all. This is done by holding the top portion of the scythe's shaft in the left hand and the central part of the shaft in his right, with the arms straight, and the blade parallel to the ground. Van often holds the scythe very close to the ground and keeps his body twisted in a position facing toward the right. By moving his body, with scythe in hand, toward the left, Van brings the scythe in a wide arc ending in front of his body in order to cleave down anything in his path. Attacking with a scythe is a mark of skill as it is difficult art to master but, it is performed with relative ease by Van due to his experience with Sojutsu, leading to his attacks bearing some similarities to those done when he uses a spear. Van claims that he is able to make the scythe bend and flow as he chooses, allowing him to move as he pleases around the battlefield.  Van utilizes a scythe in such a way that it may appear to be completly random and unpredictable, however, he can use this same uncanniness to end an opponent's life. His slashes are near continuous and backed by his strength, rivaled only by a select number of individuals. When using a scythe in combat, Van combat ability is even greater than when he uses his trademark spear. His defenses are only second to his offense might, with very few being able to break through his guard. One might think that there is a blind spot, however the length of the scythe allows Van to cover his entire proximity in order to block an attack. 
  • Tsukisenko (月の穿孔, "Moon Piercer"): The only skill that Van has displayed with this style and truthfully has been the only one that he has needed up until this point. With Tsukisenko, Van skillfully swings and positions his scythe in such a way that his movements allows him to effectively slice and attack his opponent while simultaneously allowing him to maintain his guard at all times. Since the scythe of his Bankai posseses both flexiblity and an extreme sharpness, Van has shown that he is able to do varying levels of damage with this technique depending on what direction he slashes with his scythe

Satonaka Style

Satonaka Style: Van has created and utilizes a form of swordsmanship that he has honed through the ages of his life as a combatant on the battlefield. This style is famed as "The Blade That Becomes Invisible" or the "The Stance That Lacks a Form". In its use, Van no longer shows any strain when using his swordplay, making him appear as though he is completely relaxed. In doing so, he removes the inhibitors on his muscles that would not release as much strength as needed due to being tense. As his body relaxes, Van gains further control over the muscles in his body, allowing him to maneuver with ease, and perfectly time the moment to tense his muscles in order to give his blade God-like speed. When in use, the blade seems to vanish as two cuts are made with seemingly a single swing of the blade, illustrating just how much speed goes into utilizing this style properly. Van's skill has demonstrated to be incredibly destructive as when it is coupled with his already gifted strength, he is able to break through defenses with relative ease. The Satonaka style is not just about speed, but also precision. It has been seen that users of this style are capable of slicing a passing dragonfly so finely, that it continues to fly briefly before it finally falls to its wounds seconds later. 
  • Kirisame (霧雨, "Drizzle"): A strange technique that uses a cutting motion instead of the common thrust seen with Van's swordplay. By using his abundant speed, Van seemingly vanishes to the rear of his opponent and proceeds to cut them several times in an instant. The speed of this technique is enough to cause large wind gusts that proceeds to slice the enemy before the same winds develop such a chill, the blood from the wounds begin to freeze over.
  • Swordpressureslash


    Ōame (大雨, "Heavy Rain"): With this technique, Van begins his attack with a seemingly normal slash from above, only to quickly switch the position of his hands on the sword, with one hand sliding down while the other grabs upward. This simple motion allows him to change the direction of the slash at the last moment, surpassing the enemy guard. A second attack immediately follows the first, in case the opponent manages to block the initial blow or Van wishes to quickly end the fight itself. With the second stage of this attack, Van simply removes his right hand entirely and uses the left to apply pressure to bottom of the handle while twisting his body in order to extend the reach, turning the slash into a thrust which leaves no escape for the enemy. With this technique Van is able to apply his sword pressure to the edge of his blade, giving the consecutive attacks a seemingly even further extended range, often catching opponents off guard completly.
  • Samidare (五月雨, "Early Summer Rain"): The user holds their sword in one hand and slashes at their opponent, but instead of actually attacking, pulls off a feint. Meanwhile, the actual katana is falling to the user's other hand to create a genuine slash after the intended target is caught off guard attempting to dodge the first feint attack.
  • Shigure (霧雨, "Autumn Rain"): At the moment of Van's slash, he quickly switch the positions of his left and right hands, and suddenly alters, the trajectory of his sword that is soon followed by a quick two-stage transition technique of a slash-thrust-slash movement, made by the alignments of either the left or right hands. If the opponent is caught in this technique's range, it is near impossible to block as the close proximity leaves little room for the opponent to maneuver their blade.

Grandmaster Crystal Manipulation

Van Sato

Van with his crystals

Due to his previous transformation Van lost his zanpakuto but, due to his energy and memories coming together as a blank his new spiritual power merged with the abilities of his sword. This allows him access to some of his previous abilities such as crystallizing objects with a mass, creating crystal clones, or creating various objects out of crystal; only being limited by Van's own imagination. The crystallizing aspect slows down the molecules and atoms of Van's target before solidifying it completely. This prevents any of the target from attempting to break free as once they are captured, the crystal prison will remain its home until Van chooses to free it. Van has grown over the years becoming capable of being able to create his own techniqes revolving around his zanpakuto's former crystal manipulation abilities. His strength in this area has grown to the point where he is able to convert any opponent's ability revolving around crystal control into his own personal weapons and utilizing any crystal doesn't cause him to use any of his own energy, showing a mark of his genius. Van is able to instantly break his own body down into small particles of crystal and escape elsewhere. By cycling some of his own crystals into the Earth around him, Van can also use it all to form complex traps for opponents catching them completely unaware. As shown in his fight with Miyata, Van's skill in this area has even grown to the point where he can crystallize various Kido spells as they require to be shaped in order to be used, causing the spell to gain a mass. The crystal of Van's creation have shown themselves to be resistant if not almost completely immune to corrosion, having an almost anti-body effect toward spells and techniques that poison or break down organic objects. Van has been labled "The Hollow's Bane" as his crystallizing abilities rise in strength when use against an hollow or any of their subspecies as seen when he fought Reneros during his attack on Hama Town. The crystallizing aspects against a hollow works differently than normal, as the crystal "infects" the target in question, and even when removed, since it has sampled the reiatsu from the opponent, it continues to seek them out the same energy signature until it completly crystallizes the target.
Dynamic Creations: This style of crystal constructs focuses on creating animated creations, usually in the form of animals. These are commonly use to aid Van in combat or as a means of transportation to escape from an opponent. When utilizing this style Van generally takes less time to create them than when he is creating his static creations due to his imagination being able to run more free when making these. The animated creations of crystal are free to act on their own accord, being capable of attacking on defending based on the situation at hand, making them akin to a sentient being.

Crystal Clones

Clones: Van can create clones out of crystal that seemingly have all of his same abilities and skills. There is almost no indication that one of these clones have been created due to Van's speed and profiency in using this technique. Van is able to see and speak through each of these clones that he produces. Usually, before he even makes contact with an opponent, Van will break his own body down into crystal and then quickly use some crystal to form a clone to make it seem as though he is puring crystal grains into the Earth around him. Upon creation, these clones adapt an agressive fighting style and will pursue Van's opponent until one side has been defeated. They are more than capable of taking on an attack as the bodies of the clones are reinforced with spiritual energy, preventing their immediate destruction. 
Guardian:  An extremely powerful defensive technique which Van performs by joining his palms together. Such gesture prompts a large crystal formation to emerge from the ground behind him, this taking the shape of a human clad in an Eastern-looking armor, complete with an helmet and with stone protrusions jutting out, with a frowning look and bright lights visible in the holes acting as its eyes As Van has grown in strength, so to has the form in which the massive crystal guardian presents itself. It now has a pair of downward facing horns protruding from the back of its large skull and possesses seven large eyes, with three running down both sides of its face and one laying dormant in its brow. Van is able to utilize the giant crystal warrior to attack an opponent by using its large frame as well. When in use for attack, the giant pulls the rest of his body from the ground and stands well over two-hundred feet tall. Looming on the battlefield, the Crystal Guardian is a sight to behold as its imposing figure is enough to intimidate most foes into submission as it possesses enough strength to contend with an opponent's Bankai. When damaged, the Guardian is able to continue to heal himself as long as Van has enough to Spiritual Energy in order to assist in rejuvenating it.
Four Cardinal Beasts: Demonstrated in his fight with Kei Yume, Van is able to utilize a vast quantity of crystal around him to create large copies of the four great cardinal beasts in order to aid him in battle. These beasts are highly durable and are capable of withstanding great damage to their bodies before shattering.
Seiryu: This creates a large crystalline dragon that charges toward and allows Van to ride on. Once Van boards it, the dragon begins charging toward the opponent crystallizing everything in its path. The full extent of its abilities weren't seen as it was quickly destroyed by Kei's skill with the sword
Suzaku: By flapping its wings repeatedly, Suzaku's feathers are launched into the ground below. The planted feathers are then able to grow into various clones of Van in order to confuse his foes as he gains control over each of these clones created. Suzaku is also able to launch its talons as bladed projectiles at opponents causing anywhere that has been struck by a talon to crystallize quickly.
Byakko: Not Yet Revealed
Genbu: Van is able to hide in Genbu's shell in order to conceal himself. The shell of Genbu is highly durable, bearing a consistency stronger than that of diamonds, being capable of withstanding an onslaught of high powered attacks. This is the only beast created that is primarily used for defense, although Van can cause Genbu to hurl itself into the air in order to utilize its large size in order to crush an opponent under its weight.
Static Creations: Van's preferred method of crystal combat, it is usually characterized by the creation of inanimate objects, such as the various weapons he can create during battles or by affecting the environment around himself and his opponents. To utilize this style, Van turns the ground around him hard by mixing it with pre-existing crystal that he has formed and manipulates it as he wishes. It has been said that Van is capable of "making even a swamp as tough as diamonds." The crystal formed from this style takes on crude forms such as boulders or avalanches, but Van has also been seen to be capable of constructing his crystal into more intricate forms, mirroring even elaborate architectural structures. These creations are commonly utilized to allow ease in breaking in order to trap the opponent later on. When utilzing these creations, Van is capable of trapping an opponent's own technique in order to empower his own crystals and use the opponent's own abilities against them.
Shurikens: First demonstrated in his fight with Miyata, Van creates a series of shuriken that he launches at his opponents at high speeds. These shuriken then begin expanding upon coming into contact with the air itself and continue to expand upon coming into contact with various other elements.
Snare: A technique based off of his former Zanpakuto's abilities and first used against Gai Nagareboshi, Van uses various pieces around him and his opponent(s) to surround his target and crush them with multiple sized shards. The first step of this technique binds the opponent in place while the second step of this technique condenses the crystal shards into a hardened prison that then sinks into the ground. This ability has enough power to defeat many of Van's foes, however, he typically releases the technique before its true power can be seen as a means to intimidate his foes.


Genshi Hyoji (原始表示, "Primordial View") is a Familiar-Type and rests in the sealed form of a pair of onyx-black gauntlets that Van wears. They bear a sun crest on right and a crescent moon crest on the left.  



Van with his Zanpakuto

Shinokuni (シノクニ, "Land of Death") is the new Zanpakuto Spirit of Van Satonaka. The first thing that many notice about Shinokuni is the fact that the zanpakuto is sealed into two separate blades.  One blade of Shinokuni is in the form of a Katana, while the other is in the form of Kodachi, almost mirroring his Son's Zanpakuto. Each of these swords are kept sheath on Van's left hip right on top of each other in identical dark gold scabbards.

Shikai: Released with the command "Nourish", Shinokuni's two blades fuse into a single nagamaki. At a first glance looks like an ordinary nagamaki, with a series of dark-colored wrapping. The blade, however, is shorter compared to others, and is much less curved. It compensates by being extremely thick and heavy. According to Van's description, the whole weapon is so heavy that it would break the floor if dropped. The blade of this weapon has a light green tint to its edge, while the rest of its steel has a darker, forest green appearance. Shinokuni has several leaf-like appendages hanging from its wooden hilt, in a pattern resembling that of a net, resulting in Shinokuni's Shikai appearing as though it were crafted from an ancient tree.

Shikai Special Ability: Shinokuni represents the culmination of Van's abilities and his previous Zanpakuto spirits have simply been building upon one another in order to gain strength. Shinokuni is the God of both Nature and Power and as such grants Van similar abilities to that of his own in order to suit Van's needs. With Shinokuni, Van is connected directly and can communicate, influence, manipulate and control all of nature. This includes all living beings, plants, geology of the Earth, and the matter and energy of which all these things are composed. Manipulating power is works both offensively and defensively for Van as he is able to control the force of an attack that he launches or that is directed towards him. Using the power manipulation aspects of Shinokuni allows Van to cause massive damage to an opponent with even a shallow wound or cause damage from an opponent's strike to do little or no damage at all, as long as Van is able to perceive the attack before it connects. Combining the two powers into one is a simple and often used feat; as Van can extend the reach of his attacks, not by extending his range, but by utilizing the very nature around him as a medium in order to transfer the force of his blows. This simple trick often catches opponents off-guard since as long as they stay connected to the Earth, they are subject to one of Van's attack from almost any direction, making defense an incredibly hard, if not impossible task. Since Van can use Shinokuni to communicate with nature itself, he is able to become instantly familiar with his surroundings, receiving an instant mapping of the area around him and anyone in contact with the Earth. The connection is so deep that the Earth will respond to Van's desires, allowing him to change the terrain in order to suit his needs. With this aspect, of Shinokuni Van is able to change a vast mountain range into a raging sea and even a barren desert can be transformed into a flourishing jungle, depending on Van's will. 
  • Tsuchisensu (土センス, "Earthen Sense"): A passive ability of Shinokuni while the Shikai is activated. It allows Van to sense vibrations through the ground; seeing by sensing his surroundings and making a mental image of it. It allows for a 360 degree field of vision, outside of his normal line-of-sight. However, in order to do this Van must maintain contact with the ground. This ability is not applicable on all surfaces, as it rendered useless on areas that do not transfer vibrations well, such as sand.
  • Shikome Chiri (醜女塵, "Gorgon Dust"): The second passive ability of Shinokuni that activates upon release. Once Van releases his zanpakuto, the Earth beneath the ground he walks on is subjugated and falls under his control, as it starts to dissolve in a similar fashion to that of dust from Muhengen. As Van continues to move about the battlefield, more of this ground up soil is created, giving more of this weapon to use. Once created, Van is able to manipulate this new dust-like substance in order to assault his opponent from various sides. This technique works in a similar manner to that of Gin Ichimaru'Korose, Kamishini no Yari as once the opponent breathes in this dust, or allows it to get into their pores through extended contact, Van is able to activate the hidden properties of this technique. Once Van decides, he is able to cause the dust to start spreading throughout the target's body and in doing so causes the opponent's body to become paralyzed as it is slowly petrified down to the cellular level. 
  • VanVines


    Shokuseisu (植生の巣, "Nest of Vegitation"): With Shinokuni, Van is able to stab the Nodachi into the ground, creating a spiritual pulse that flows into any nearby flora, or creates suitable targets for him to manipulate if he has already changed the terrain to manipulate plants. The pulse simulates evolution, forcing the affected plants to grow rapidly and fall under Van's complete control. This control can even extend to the Shikai of other Plant-Type Zanpakuto. With this technique, Van typically gathers several vines in order to whip away opponents and ensnare multiple opponents. Carrying over traits from Chushin, the plants affected by this technique are able to both steal away the vitality from those caught in their grasps, while also feeding Van the vitality stored within the Earth itself. The plants affected by this technique seem to gain enough durability to withstand breaking through concrete and even steel structures.
  • Hanran (反乱, "Revolt"): Van utilized Shinokuni's Control Aspect to create a miniature Inversion Field around himself. When anyone came within his vicinity, Van could immediately activate Hanran again to reveal its true purpose. Using Shinokuni's Control Aspect as a base, and the Inversion Field as the catalyst, Van was able to control and reverse a certain flow of time. In this case, Van used the ability to cause previously inflicted wounds to revert to its former state. Not only did Hanran affect physical wounds, but it also effected emotional wounds as well such as mental trauma and mental breakdowns. This effect happened simultaneously in seconds, and when coupled together, could render the target(s) catatonic and unconscious. For those who suffered an immeasurable amount of wounds, it proved to be fatal. This technique was considered highly dangerous by many individuals who fought in numerous battles such as Kenji Hiroshi and Kei Yume, whom if used on, would most likely result in their deaths.
  • Tsuchiatsu (土圧, Japanese for "Earthen Pressure"): When using this technique, Van creates a large array with various symbols above a wide area, which indicates his area of attack. Once the array has finished forming, the area underneath and anything on the targeted area is locked in place by powerful force, akin to an immense gravitational pull. Van then comes smashing down with the blade of his Zanpakuto, which causes power manipulation aspect of its ability to activate and pulverizes everything within the vicinity of the array and crush everything into a deep crater.
  • Seisenren

    Seisenren in use

    Seisenren (性を洗練, "Refining Nature"): With a simple swing of his Zanpakuto, Van is capable of unleashing its might upon the battlefield. Seisenren is capable of allowing Van to shift the terrain to suit his needs in battle. This change happens almost immediately and can be devastating to those who are unprepared for sudden change. The change in terrain itself could be viewed as an attack of sorts as those in its path could be caught in a unfavorable location such as landing in a lava pit or falling deep into a crevasse. This technique has the ability of allowing Van to store the power of the previous terrain into Sarutahiko Ōkami's blade. For instance, after changing from a lava ridden battlefield to a snow covered wasteland, by storing and condensing the heat of magma into his blade, Van is able to completely incinerate anything coming into contact with it.






Van Training Haruki

Haruki Satonaka: Van's eldest son and such is the one who receives the most pressure from his father. Van expects much out of Haruki and as such, has gone to great lengths to make sure that his son has received the necessary training in order to protect those around around him, should Van himself ever fall in battle. While the relationship is often strained by the rigorous training schedule, the two have a close bond that goes beyond simple father and son as they are frequently seen together when not assigned to missions, often enjoying the time together that they do have on their down time. The two compliment each others battle style and should an opponent ever be unfortunate enough to face these two in battle at the same time, may their souls find peace as luck as certainly abandoned them.



Behind The Scenes

  • Van's crystal image was drawn by Z-leader all credit goes to him for his awesomeness.

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