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Uykake Izimaki was the 4th seat of the 11th division, until becoming a vizard. He is a Shiginami/Vizard who is stronger with his fists than his Zanpakutō. He has a grudge against Mayuri Kurotsuchi, because he hurts his lieutenant/ daughter.


Age: 15

Height: 189in(6'1)

Weight:61 kg (134 lbs.)

Eyes: Jade


Relatives: Kisuke Urahara (adoptive father)


Uykake is nothing more than a gentleman with a Zanpakutō. He will never hurt a girl in any way possible, exept if they are evil. He has a tendancy to call Ichigo "Kurosaki".


He is a tall tennage boy with jade eyes and turquoise hair. His uniform is a green kimono with blue snowflakes and orange flames, and a shiginami robe.


Blade Winter Summer: His Zanpakutō has the ability to controll ice and fire. Its spirit is a boy to simbolize ice, and a girl to simbolize fire.

Shikai: It takes the form of a sword that has rombuses for blades. It can turn into a laser to attack people. It is released by Freeze and burn.

Bankai: It turns into a 36-ft long laser stick that is blue and red. It can burst into two 18-ft long katanas. Uykake gets a black coat and his hair turnes pink.