Hello everyone, so while I'm working on my next guide, I've got this small little thing just for fun. As some of you know, my character Otoya Kurogane has the ability to judge someones Price Level through his Fullbring, Crazy Accountant.

Price Level is something that is vaguely similar to things like Doriki, Power Level and other similar Shonen concepts. It is however not random, and I assign it based upon a set of rules I've invented myself.

It involves looking at your characters article and determining their base power by looking at their skills, techniques or general abilities. With the exception of Release-type abilities, which it does not take into account.

There's essentially two primary categories which I use for this process, Captain-class and non-captain class. Captain class is used for characters that are captain class and above and it starts out with a base of around 1000 with each point adding a set number to that amount. This soon reaches into the tens of thousands, and your average Captain-level opponent has a PL of around 16,000.

Non-captain class is used for characters below that number and they start out with a base of 200 which constitutes a spiritually aware human with no other powers, such as Keigo. Points are then added based upon their skills to achieve a final sum which is typically MUCH lower than that of a Captain-class, with most of the Fullbringers involved in the fanon canon having a PL at around 1500 each.

Now, most of the Yonko-level characters on this site have one thing in common, and that is that they're all above what I've chosen to fittingly name the Yonko-line, and that line is at the 100,000 PL treshold. I've only seen a couple of characters who are at this level, and to be fair, some of them might actually surprise you. As an example I'll provide those characters below.

Example Price Level
The Masked Man200000+
Hiroya Ginkarei186300
Hiromasa Ishikawa160120
Satō Shingen158600
Seireitou Kawahiru156200
Izari Kenshiko120800
Girado Riendo Mariposa116300
Raian Getsueikirite110600
Yagami no Kenshin106000
Kurama Shihōin103000

At any rate, if you want to know the PL of some of your characters, just give a link in the comment section. Make sure they're at least half complete though, otherwise it won't be accurate. The PL is used to measure a characters base power, the higher the PL the higher their base power is, determined by their article.

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