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As I was working on my character, of whose completion is very near. YAY! I began thinking of what part he would play in the FC. Then, I began thinking about the FC in and of itself. We all know that site wide collaborations are difficult. So, I figured that we could all use a little practice considering we just now decided to bring the Fanon Canon back. And what better way than to revamp the Opposition against the Shiroyasha! I know, I know. You guys must be thinking one of two things, maybe even both:

  • "Are you fucking serious? Aren't you just NOW recovering from the last time?" The answer is yes, I'm just now completing my character after several revamps I did, bent on destroying Seireitou. But, it's been years and I'd like to think that not only have I improved as a Roleplayer, but also matured as a person to take a loss less personally.
  • "Do you really think anyone has the time or energy to do that shit again?" Whether anyone feels like doing it is subjective. I know, it can/could be draining, but if we're serious about restarting the FC again we need to learn how to work together and pursue a single idea to it's end.

You may even be thinking that everything I just said is bullshit and I just want a rematch with Sei. But, you'd be wrong. I could easily just request one of him and he could answer me yes or no. So, with the elephant out of the room I want to get my point across. I care about this community and it's contributors. Even when sometimes I don't see if what we're really doing here is significant or not. The bonds we created (excuse the Fairy Tail-ness) are; I'm sure I'm not the only one who really want to see the Fc succeed. I'm probably just the only guy who thought the Opposition could be used as a catalyst for it.

So, what do you guys think?

--Son of the Dawn (talk) 06:27, November 6, 2015 (UTC)

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