Hey guys, I have to break some news that's been on my mind for a very long time.

Remember that last blog I made? The one where I said I was going to buckle down and make do on all my previous edits? Well... ever since then, I have been trying my best to live up to all of those promises I made but... I'm sorry, I can't write for Bleach anymore. I rarely think about the series or the characters I've made for it anymore these days, and any time I try to write for a character or for an RP, my brain and hands fall flat.

I truly have no more interest for this series, nor any of my works for this wiki or the sister wiki. I hate for this to be so short, as I know my contributions are yet to be finished here, but I'm sorry folks: I can't muster the inspiration to write for them. I truly feel as if my efforts here have been pretty much detrimental to the growth of many stories on this wiki, and that it'd be best if I find a new outlet to write one.

@Brave: Dude, I'm so sorry to do this in the middle of our RP, especially given that I was the one that proposed it to begin with. Maybe one day I can actually muster up the writing strength to continue it in the near future.

Sorry guys, but I think for now this will be farewell. Those of you who know me on Facebook or Skype can message me any time, and those who don't can just send me a message on the message wall and I will probably see it (I'm on Yugioh Wiki quite often).

Good luck guys, cheers.

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