• Ash9876

    Gif Resizing by Ashy

    July 13, 2013 by Ash9876

    Hey guys! It's Ashy here! I know that a lot of you usually ask me for gif resizing, and I've had to say no the past few times. But I've finally found a solution to all your problems!

    Right there is your best, BEST friend. Just upload the gif file, change the file size option to "Custom" and then type in "190" and voila, see the magic happen! It takes a bit of time, but it's definitely worth it! And if you want great quality, just click on "best". Here's a couple of gifs I've gotten from resizing over there.

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  • Ash9876

    Temporary Hiatus

    June 28, 2013 by Ash9876

    Well, if you can't tell by the blog title, you should be ashamed! In any case, as you can probably guess, I have to take a temporary Hiatus from wiki. Despite it being the school holidays, real life issues are piling up and taking a toll on me. I've been distracted for too many days, and it isn't going to do well for me next term. So, apologies to anyone who is in an RP with me or the like. I won't be on facebook, chatango or wiki until...likely the Wednesday of next week, in my time anyway.

    So, until then, I bid you all farewell~

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  • Ash9876

    Saving Ideas

    March 24, 2012 by Ash9876

    Each of these five spirits manifest in the real world through the element they personify, and they play "games" with their opponent, which are basically attacks of sorts, and are combinations.&nbsp The spirits, if not playing the game in sync together, are unable to cast these attacks against an enemy, and as such, force Fumei to fight himself. Or, with his immense spiritual power, can take control of all of them and play these games, although they are severely weakened

    Okay so basically, Izanami's ability is primarily the use of an unnatural and alluring scent that is emanated from Yuuki once the zanpakuto is released. Although at first this alluring scent has no properties, it actually has the potent ability to taunt the opponents into at…

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