Hey everyone. This is going to be my first-ever blog post I'll be doing for this site. So for this blog post, I'm going to be talking about my plans for my own Bleach Universe. Now before we get to tbe characters and other groups, I will say that my universe will have completely new characters and plot aspects (Such as the Bounts not created by the Shinigami, but rather accidentally created by Quincy Priests centuries ago). All continuity errors will have to be accepted.

Now for my plans on the series as a whole. I'm currently planning out the Gotei 13's Captains and Lieutenants. The only things I've underlined in mind is that the Captain-Commander poses the most powerful Earth-Type Zanpakutō and his Lieutenant (Who happens to be his granddaughter) poses the most powerful Water-Type Zanpakutō. I also planned out the 11th Division (Since it's fairly basic to come up with since most of the division uses Physical-Type Zanpakutō) and the 4th division. The Captain for the 11th Division will be female and her Lieutenant will be an Anthropomorphic Shinigami, while both the Captain and Lieutenant of the 4th Division will be males.

Now if you guys wanna help with the planning of my series, you can give me some ideas to help me for both the names of the Shinigami and their Zanpakutō. That said, hope you guys enjoy this blog. Later.

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