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  • I was born on June 21
  • I am Male

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Biographical Information
Birth June 21, 1996
Residence North West of England
General Information
Gender Male
Height 181 cm (5'11")
Hair Brown
Eyes Grey
Blood Type N/A
Other Information
Affiliation None
Occupation Writer
Friends SarisKhan
Contribution Bleach: Dark and Light
Bleach: Call of the Fullbringer
Bleach: Equilibrium
Bleach: Enduring Path

Hey, my name is Stylx, a normally very lazy git and a user of this here Wikia, of which I typically contribute to on a daily (Hahaha, more like yearly) basis as a hobby of sorts, y'know, making characters, putting them in stories, and then naturally beating the ever loving crap out of them to resolve problems, that kind of stuff.

Bleach was one of the first anime shows I have ever watched and despite my less than positive view on the main series nowadays, I still enjoy the earlier parts of the show as well as it's overall universe.

I usually collaborate with User:Saris Khan and User:Zf6hellion on stories and sometimes with character designing, usually contributing to other stories with characters I make, however I do work on solo stories at times and I sometimes make collaborative fics of my own...sometimes.

If anyone needs to ask me anything, just ask and I'll help you as much as I can, translations, Wikia problems, anythin' you have trouble with.

My own Fanon Gotei 13 can be found right here, my custom Kidō spells are here and my custom Zanjutsu techniques are right over here.

My Characters

My Fanfiction

Pseudo-Canon Continuity

Created by Stylx & LordGalvatron

Bleach: Call of the Fullbringer

Created by Stylx (With collaboration from Zf6hellion)

Rescue of the Fullbringer Arc

Mystery of the Fullbringer Arc

Bleach: Enduring Path

Created by Stylx

The Dawn of Hardship Arc

Bleach: Dark and Light

Created by LordGalvatron (With collaboration from Stylx and Zf6hellion)

The Dark War Arc

The Chiaroscuro Arc

Bleach: Equilibrium

Created by Stylx, LordGalvatron & Zf6hellion

The Balance of Souls Arc

Bleach: Deicide

Created by LordGalvatron (With collaboration from Stylx and Zf6hellion)

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