Hi there! Name's Stargazza (as you can see); just call me Star or Cloud or Gazza (I like to take pictures of clouds and stars lol). Welcome to my profile page! Pleased to meet you!

I recently re-watched Bleach due to all the hype about the anime returning in 2021 and it made me want to create my own characters. I found Bleach when I was 13 and it was the first anime I ever watched. Call me generic or dull, but my favorite character is our boy Ichigo Kurosaki! I don't really have a favorite in the Gotei 13, but Byakuya Kuchiki is probably my most liked. My favorite Espada is Tier Harribel, who is also my second favorite character. My most liked race in all of Bleach is the Arrancar! I dunno, I just like their overall concept and animal-based released states!

Here's a list of my characters so far. Most, if not all, are still under construction for a story I'm writing. By the way, please pardon my English because I'm not a native speaker, eheh - don't hesitate to tell me if there are any mistakes in my articles!

Character Name Race Signature Ability Affiliation
Tano Katsuro Soul Power Negation Himself
Nakano Katsuro Soul Restoration None
Takei Kaoru Soul Earth-based Reiatsu Manipulation Tano's Group
Anzai Kaede Soul Zanpakutō Spirit Manifestation Tano's Group
Verran Vega Arrancar Anger Inducement Himself
Gantorra Mirronik Arrancar Prehensile Tail & Venom Verran's Group
Yylana Chuluena Arrancar Prehensile Hair & Needles Verran's Group
  • Escila (エスキラ, Esukira)

Also, I tend to base my characters on certain themes/concepts. Most of these are about relationship dynamics and their effects on the people in those relationships. Here's a brief explanation:

  • Tano and Verran's characters revolve around the concept of twins and the different effects of losing someone as close - Tano is haunted by it and Verran seems unaffected, and both go against their very own being to escape or comfort these feelings. Their companions, on the other hand, explore different dynamics between siblings and what effects these dynamics may have on a relationship.
  • Tano's companions - Takei and Kaede - explore a more loving dynamic: the care and affection between an older sister and a little brother. It explores its effect on their relationship, reflected mostly on Kaede's personality and upbringing. Unrelated, but their signature abilities are related to a particular element which mirror their personalities.
  • Verran's companions - Gantorra and Yylana - explore a more competitive dynamic: the rivalry between a brother and a sister. It explores its effect on their relationship, reflected mostly on their strive for power. Unrelated, but their released forms are based on myths but do not actually revolve around the concepts/stories of these myths.
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