Somnium Fluxus

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  • I live in Arizona
  • I was born on November 29
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

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Hello, unidentified stalker of mine, and thank you for visiting the user page of this shadowy entity. Feel free to drop a message on my wall if you seek the wisdom of a psuedo-intellectual or simply wish to have a fun little discussion of matters that will likely pertain to this wiki in some way. Of course, if you'd also fancy an online duel of wits, I shall happily oblige you with open arms and a cheeky grin. (Turns Caps Lock on)

About Me

What can I say? I'm just your average introverted computer addict with a list of random hobbies and pipe dreams of becoming a renowned artist and writer. Beyond that I am an avid gamer who himself happens to be an indie game developer, as well as an aspiring flutist. I am largely self-educated.

If you happen to enjoy my artwork, stop by my Deviantart page sometime, won't you?

As a writer, I am particularly fond of poetry and abstract writing in general, though that more comes into play with my original works. I am a Wattpadder who has put all of his heart and soul into an ongoing novel he intends to one day publish (and will likely die before that opportunity presents itself). If you enjoy my work here then I strongly suggest you pay a visit to my wattpad profile.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen and have a wonderful day!

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