This is a list of all maintenance projects that should be done on this wiki (btw any admin can help with this, but we probably need to discuss/approve the changes first):

  • Category Tree: this includes adding/fixing categories. The goal is that every article should have a category and that duplicate categories (such as "human" and "humans") be consolidated. Also, a hierarchy of categories should be established so that they're not just arbitrarily added to articles, but follow a pattern/system.
  • Duplicate file deletion: See: BFF:Duplicate images
  • Image policy enforcement (we need an update. Consider placing limited on number of images allowed per article, or at least number of gifs. Also a hard-ban on copyrighted, low quality (such as sprites), and non-"anime" ("disingenuous") images)
  • Disambiguation pages: Vital for canon articles with multiple fanon versions
  • Stub article deletion: This involves the tagging of stub articles/empty articles
  • MoS Violation enforcement: This involves hunting down the pages that don't adhere to the MoS and actually deleting the ones that have gone past the 48 hour time limit for revision
Also we need to change the MoS template in order to have a place to specify the reason for the MoS' placement on the page
  • Red links: Includes broken templates and wanted photos
    • Broken templates: going through and weeding out errors essentially
  • Wiki template clean up: Categorization and deletion of duplicate/redundant templates


  • Appearance update: Main page, navigation and side bars, and default template update
  • Main/default template revision and improvement of accessibility.

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