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ShonenChicoBoy is a Divine General (神将, Shinshō) of Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki, serving as an official Administrator, as noted on the official page for this wiki's Royal Guard Administration.

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Series Details
Characters Takashi Sakuma
Tetsuo Momohara
Hein Ueda
Major Battles Takashi Sakuma vs. Kazuo Hanazawa
Hein Ueda vs. Rikuri Ukitake
Takashi Sakuma & Kazuo Hanazawa vs. Jurō Henkō
General Information
Story Debut Breaking the Iron Wings
Roleplay Debut Fanon Canon: Phantom Ascent
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"Freeze! It's the mob!"

Yeah, okay... Whatever.

Ciaossu! I'm ShonenChicoBoy, and welcome to my profile page. This is the part where I try and say something interesting about myself, and where you find me non-interesting and go to do something better with your time. But it's all good. Leave me a message or check out some of my articles. If you happen to be searching for a certain pair of droids, these are not the ones you are looking for.

About Me

A random user sums up my personality.

I started watching Bleach when I was 13. I came across this site while trying to keep tabs on consistency for my own fanfiction project, and I obviously got distracted (in a good way). Now my goals are to finish my personal fanfiction projects/articles and to collaborate with others in RPs. But I'm really just a guy who's here because he loves Bleach.


  • My hobbies include soccer, language-learning, writing, drawing, and cooking.
  • Bleach was the very first anime I ever saw, and my introduction to the world of manga and anime.
  • Languages I know/have studied include English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and French. Next on the list is likely Korean.



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  • Sei's Guide to Power Levels: These rules are no longer enforced, as they have been absorbed by new regulation, but they provide an excellent guide in defining what everyone means by “power levels.”
  • The Nanami Principle: If you have trouble putting together a cohesive, detailed, and logical skill-set for your character, this blog is for you.
  • Guide to Combat: This is mostly for when you run into trouble or get frustrated when trying to write battles in an RP, but is also good advice for writing fight scenes in general.
  • Zanjutsu (LordGalvatron): Possibly the most solidly conceptualized and in-depth glossary of Zanjutsu and Zanpakutō on the wiki.
  • Reiatsu Colors: A helpful guide that helps you pick a Reiatsu color that better fits your character's personality, as opposed to just randomly pulling one out of the hat. Includes examples from Bleach canon.
  • Beauty of Kidō: It's so bee-autiful! Yet another Njalm blog. For people who suck at using kidō, like me. Or for anyone who uses kidō, actually.
  • Character Infoboxes: You can create your own character infobox or use whichever one you find here that best suits your own needs.
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