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"My such things are nothing more than a formality, I rather just kill you on the spot. I have other things to do you know, I am a very busy person and I don't have all day with you. "
— Kurosu

Kurosu Kyoudai
Name Kurosu Kyoudai
Kanji 十字鏡台
Romaji Kyoudai Kurosu
Race Munashimeisei
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 5'1
Weight 140Lbs
Blood Type Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Munashimeisei

Ametsumi Works

Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Queen of Ametsumi Works
Previous Occupation None
Team Ametsumi Works
Previous Team None
Partner Ashura Jishou
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Ametsumi
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives None
Education Unknown
Status Active
Main Skill Matautsushi
"The want for everything and yet not feeling a single emotion for what is lost."

Kurosu Kyoudai-(十字鏡台, Kyoudai Kurosu Lit. Demon Queen) is an unknown class of Munashimeisei, born from the wants of material things of a person’s heart. Working under Ashura, he along with his other allies, doing as they please unknown to what their true intentions are. One of the most feared Munashimeisei, because of his abilities. Carrying the title of the "Munashimeisei Tyrant Queen", which many question why he would call himself a queen. A member of Ametsumi Works and holds the Queen rank or second in command of the faction and going by Queen Kurosu within the faction.


Signature dress

Kurosu's Signature and current Outfit

He is a short and lean build of a person almost looking like a per-teen, having black hair and sometimes seen wearing an eye patch over his left eye. Leaving his dark blue left eye seen, with a preppy look to him. Although a biological male, Kurosu has a great love to dress in feminine outfits and sometime going so far as cross dresser. These outfits in general are very flamboyant and expensive, mostly dressing in fur. Although sometime in battle he will wear a signature outfit, he wears a skimpy cowgirl outfit consisting of a purple chest-exposing top and matching miniskirt, both with white ornaments hanging from them, and a white fur-lined coat paired with a white cowboy hat and white high-heeled boots.

Most of his outfits are very feminine and outrageous in look and in price. Mostly consisting of a fur theme, he mostly had been seen wearing a fur cloak over his shoulders. Following after Ashura, he and the other allies of Ashura seem to wear some kind of fur coat or cloak. While he travels to the other worlds he is often seen in different outfits, but most of the times he theme of dress is give off a theme of a noble.

Kurosu cross dress

Kurosu's cross dress appearance

Another side of his appearance is when he cross dresses, he is often seen in very beautiful and colorful dresses. He will only be seen in a dress if there is an execution or special event that the Ryujin has set. Although he is always seen in his fur cloak These outfits have included a pink ball gown, with a pink top hat. With a floral arrangement at the base of the hat and wearing black gloves. Although there is a standard artier that he is always seen in, he will have his nails manicured with black or blue nail polish. He will always be seen wearing a set of black earrings and his signature fur cloak.Wearing a dark blue shirt, with lace covering the shirt and coming out of his sleeves. He is seen wearing a crown or a pink top hat with a flower design on the side of said hat. He has both of the items titled to the side of his head. He usually wears long jackets, button-down shirts, ties, shorts, knee-high garter socks and boots or high-heeled shoes. Occasionally, he carries other accessories such as a top hat, white or black gloves, and a cane. He also has his ears pierced (usually wearing only plain, round, blue ear studs).


Kurosu has often be described by his race as the Queen of the Munashimeisei, which he wears the title with pride. He can be as cruel as the Ryujin Nagaichi, although he has a great love for material possessions and money. But this love before anything else, he will often leave his subroutines behind because he wants to escape and let them fight for him.

Being one of the most feared of the Munashimeisei he along with Nagaichi and Ashura. Kurosu can often get jealous traits about him, seeing something that someone else has, he would then want it. Going so far as killing said person, many look on him and often ask why he would do such a thing. He replies back saying that he is above all other races, making him hated by most of the other races.

Initially cool and confident, Kurosu's sarcastic humor later becomes the most striking trait of his personality. He is confident in himself, in his abilities and enjoys toying with is opponents. Although he seems to get an annoyed face if an opponent insults him about his appearance, he can be a sadistic and demented individual. But the main traits of his personality are that he has a great love for material possessions, such as clothes, money and other items. Although it does not fill his lust for material possessions, he goes out into the worlds and doing as wants. He can act spoiled and arrogant, often bragging about his abilities to his opponents. He thinks of almost every other kind of creature as a weak thing, he has hate for Shinigami them most.

Showing his hate almost just as harsh as Nagaichi himself, Kurosu has been said that he can become the next Ryujin. Although he knows that wouldn’t happen, because he is not powerful enough. He has a great respect for the Ryujin and Ashura, following their orders without question, but adding his own ways of doing them. He has been shown to be cunning and even going so far as outsmarting Sentonara himself. He can even outsmart Nagaichi himself; often they play the game of chess or some other mental game. Always seeming to beat Nagaichi, although they rarely play because Nagaichi is off doing other things.

The strangest trait about him is that he loves to dress in feminine clothes, going so far as cross dressing. He has a belief that his beauty is the greatest of all the worlds, going very far to prove his point. He insults others about their appearance from women to even children. He loves to compare himself to others, although he goes by beauty only no personality or what the other persons says about him. Which in turn can make them angry at him, he then tells them that it is all part of his plan to make them mad.

In battle Kurosu can turn into a savage and heartless man, not thinking twice about killing someone. Like Ashura Kurosu doesn’t have a care about his subroutines, he will often kill them himself if he feels like it. Insulting them calling the useless and worthless, Kurosu is a man who feared because of his traits dealing with others. He has little respect, but has respect for Ashura, Hekomi and Nagaichi.


  • Ashura-Kurou and Ashura work hand in hand with eachother, they are very similar in personality traits. Although Ashura will often comment on Kurosu’s love of material possessions, just picking at Kurosu’s brain witch he can not fully understand. They both seem to work well together, they both having confidence in their abilities they can both enjoy a fight. Although while Ashura likes to take a battle nice and slow, Kurosu wants a battle to be over with or he will tell Ashura to handle it, while he goes off somewhere.
  • Nag'ā'ichi- Since he joined Ametsumi Works, he has grown to hate Nagaichi. He wants to be placed in charge of Ametsumi once Nagaichi has been taken down. Although he has shown many traits of Nagaichi, such as his personality having no care for others or other races. He only respects only a few and treats like nothing more but bugs.
  • Hekomi- since both like to see suffering and the love to kill, he and Hekomi get along greatly. Although Kurosu will show some disrespect for the man, calling him ugly or horrifying. Hekomi will return the comment saying that Kurosu is one of the ugliest women he has ever seen. Although they both seem to have a unique relationship, they both work well together.
  • Other Members of Ametsumi Works-He seems to not really care for what the other members of Ametsumi Works do, he will act as the leader if Ashura is off somewhere. Although he and Tsukin since they both are King rank they will get along very well, since Tsukin has a love for money and Kurosu a love of Material possession.


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Powers and Abilities

  • Immense Spiritual Power- Even by the Ryujin level, Kurosu has shown to have tremendous spiritual energy. Many opponents comment that Kurosu’s very presence is monstrously overwhelming, much like the Ryujin’s. His spiritual energy takes the form of flower petals. Giving the hint of what his main ability is, being able to form his own energy harden it into a dome shaped barrier to block attacks. Even going so far as creating a mirror like massive to hide his presence.
  • Immense Strength-much like the being’s Nāgaichi, he possess unique strength second to nothing compared to Nāgaichi’s. Being able to hold his own against most combatants, rivaling most an equal match for them. Being able to use his spiritual energy as a weapon as weapon, being able to focus it in his fists, making it more accurate.
  • Enhanced Speed-while not his best attribute, he is able to travel great distances and dodge attacks when needed. Most of the time because of his personality he will not, liking to take nice and slow. Thinking of having no use for speed, in a battle taking it nice and slow.
  • Master Swordsmanship-While the full extent of his prowess has yet to be known, he has demonstrated the ability to effortlessly fight back an opponent's Shikai and Bankai with his own blade. He has also demonstrated the ability to perform tremendously powerful and precise strikes, capable of cutting through very sturdy targets.
  • Hakuda Expert-being able to hold his own against most opponents. He uses a unique style all his own a mix of punches and kicks, with a combination of his energy.
  • Keen Intellect- Kurosu has shown himself to be a very insightful and perceptive man. Being able to match wits with Sentonara and the being Nāgaichi. Kurosu has been shown to be very observant of his opponents' abilities and powers, even going as far as to use it against them.
  • Kidō Expert-while not wanting to use Kidō, Kurosu is highly skilled in most forms of Kidō such as shinigami and some demonic Kidōs. Going so far as created a Kidō like spells for the Munashimeisei. Creating mostly offensive Kidōs is able to put many Kidōs to shame with his skills. Although he does have one disadvantage to this skill, he has never learned the incantations for some of the spells. So some will not be as powerful as his own spells.
  • Tekkotsuzou-(鉄骨造, Steel Skin) very similar to an arrancar’s hierro, although the Kurosu’s skin is thicker and stronger. To the point that it will not take any damage from a long or close ranged attacks. Although it will take affection if some spiritual energy is put into the zanpakuto blade or weapon. Although many don’t know this technique, so Kurosu is not worried about this.
  • Shutai-(正体, Sense) is a basic ability that every Munashimeisei has, able to enhance their senses. Being able to smell, hear, feel, taste and seeing objects and beings from miles away. Able to even see the person’s aura around their body, the higher classes can be able to see the change in aura such as anger changing to fear. Being able to see the colors of the aura, making it see the true emotions of a person at the sight of the Munashimeisei.
  • Kamen-(仮 面, Mask) is another basic ability of the Munashimeisei, being able to mask its presence and spiritual pressure. Making it hard for many to pick up on their presences, often surprising the opponent. The higher classes if they chose can even hide the presence of the Hiroki if they wish, although it will rarely happen.


The basic ability that all of the Munashimeisei have, being able to bend and twist whatever they please. Kurosu chooses to use his Majikku in traps, seals, cruses and mind control. Playing with others emotions, then getting inside their heads and continue to destroy their emotions to create a Munashimeisei of that opponent. Although most of these abilities have not been revealed yet.

  • Fumatsu (ふめつ, Immortal) is an ability that he and the seiuno classes have the ability not to age, although he can still take damage if an opponent knows his weakness. He does not require food or drink, although he may still eat or drink if he wants eating to his fill.
  • Gesuidou-(下水道, Drain) is an ability that he and the seiuno class have, being able to drain the energy from anything living thing. Taking the energy and life out of said creature and adding to theirs.
  • Kousei-(更生, Regenerate) if an enemy finds out his weakness, Kurosu can be able to regenerate his damaged body. But it comes at a cost by regenerating his limbs he will use up some of his spiritual energy draining him quicker.
  • Hariguchi-(入口, Gateway) very similar to the Garganta, Kurosu is able to travel through the different spiritual worlds whenever he wishes.
  • Goji-(護持, Defense) is a technique that Kurosu will use to defend against on coming attacks. Using a Varity of barriers and shields, being able to amplify the amount of energy and structure that goes into the barriers. Kurosu is skilled enough to form barriers around his body and vital organs in a think barrier to protect from blades.
  • Hakaru-(むかえる, Summon) is a technique that Kurosu can summon lower classes to battle to aid him. Mostly summoning the Hiroki classes to aid him in battle. Although most of the time Kurosu can also summon other things whatever they can think of such as weapons to even a whole build for them to stay. Very useful as well, being able to summon medicine for him.

    Kurosu using Matautsushi


(又写し, Superior Copy) is the Majikku that Kurosu uses in which he is able to copy and remember any of the Munashimeisei Majikku and some other abilities use it to his own will. By touching said person, he will be able to see all of his memories and know everything about said person. Although this can have its limits he can perfectly copy and the powers of other Munashimeisei Majikkus and some other creature’s abilities. The main way he can copy these powers is by touching the person, is the ability to sprout multiple body parts on any surface including the user's own body. With this ability the user can take on many attackers by using many sprouted limbs.

Since the user is practically the only one who knows where their limbs will sprout out, they have the element of surprise on their side. Then making these limbs touch the opponent, Kurosu is able to know everything about said opponent. He is able to use these limbs to help him attack as well, such as firing several ceros at once. Although he has found other uses for his Matautsushi as well, he can be able to use the limbs in many different ways.

Another part of his Matautsushi is very similar to Byakuya’s Senbonzakura in which he can use flower petals like blades. Which are really the flower petals taking the form of arms. But unknown to the opponent, they will be confused and think that they are real arms. He is skilled enough to harden them in a form and making them off to be real limbs. Kurosu mostly uses his powers to replicate his arms in order to do a variety of things. He has been seen to create these limbs to come out of an opponent and choke them to death.

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    Hanzufuri-(ハンズフリー, Hands) Kurosu sprouts two hands to cover the opponent's mouth, and then bends them backward with bone-breaking results. He can use this move on at least two opponents simultaneously, using eight arms that Kurosu has sprouted. By sprouting six arms to hold the opponent still, and two from out of her opponent's lower back to hold the ground. Kurosu can flip the opponent over so that they fall on their head.
  • Hotokesama-(仏様, Buddha Palm) is a defensive technique in which Kurosu sprouts several arms and form them into one big arm. With the hand of the arm going vertically up holding a strong and firm pose, the giant hand will act like a shield pushing all attacks away and back at the opponent. By really the flower petals forming into a giant hand, it will harden and form a hand.
  • Sesshoku-(接触, Touch) is when either Kurosu or one of Kurosu’s limbs makes contact with an opponent. Once he has touched said opponent he will know about them and depending on what kind of creature it is. He will be able to use some of the techniques, such as if he touched another Munashimeisei he will be able to use every technique that the Munashimeisei had. Although this can only go so far, such as if said Munashimeisei is an element user. Kurosu will still be able to use the element attacks but he can not turn himself into said element. He has stated that he has used a number of Ashura’s sand techniques but he can turn his body into sand, this is the major weakness of his power.
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    The Kuroi taking an opponent into the darkness.

    Kuroi-(黒い,Black Arms) is an advanced technique of Hanzufuri, but it will be a mixture of the Buraku Majikku as used by Hekomi. In which he can use darkness to form it into hands and other limbs. Although these limbs are able to grab onto an opponent and sink them into the darkness. Much like the Buraku Majikku, it acting like a massive and unlimited void. Which when one is trapped in the void they can never get out, he can extend this to use to defend against acts. He can open a small portal of the black smoke and it will fade away forever.
  • Kuroji-(黒字, Black Hands) is advaced techniques were Kurosu’s limbs will become black and they can destroy anything it touches. Such as blades, materials and even people to the point were said item will rot away. This can also be used like poison into a person’s body as well; the fingers of the hands will turn into claws. Then acting like needles it can inject this poison into the opponent and be able to destroy them from the inside out.
  • Hana (花, Flower) is an element that Kurosu uses for his own powers; he only has a few techniques using the Hana majikku. The main ability is very similar to Byakuya’s Zanpkauto in which Kurosu is able to use flower petals as a weapon. But he will have control over it much like Ashura has over sand, he is able to covert his whole body into flower petals. It has been said that his Hana Majikku is the sister majikku of Ashura’s.
  • Rakka-( 落花, Petals) is where Kurosu is able to use his flower petals in various ways, the petals themselves are razor sharp. These petals are able to fit into the tiniest cracks and even into a wound. Once going into the body it can create major damage within the opponent.
  • Senten-(旋転, Whirl) Kurosu focuses his petals into a whirlwind and sent it at opponents either horizontality or verticality. It can also take the form of a drill like mass in order to clash with a physical blade. Since he is able to turn his body into petals he can be able to travel in a whirlwind like current to go to a different location.
  • Chokkou-(直行,Through) very similar to when Ashura is able to have attacks go right through him and he then will reform from sand. Since he can turn his whole body into petals, he is able to take blows where he was hit it would just turn into sand and then he will reform. Making it hard for an opponent to deal damage to him, along with that he is able to almost walk through walls. By turning his body into sand to slip through the tiniest cracks and openings making it easy to infiltrate an enemy base and such.
  • Kuroun-(クローン, Clone) Kurosu is able to create a double of him out of petal to act as a decoy or other usages for his plans and battles. Being able to create up to 10 doubles depending on the amount of petals he has at his use.
  • Sakimori-(防人, Protect) his defensive technique in which that his petals will come to protect him from different blasts and strikes. He will rarely use this technique because of the Chokkou technique already allowing his body to reform from any blow taken.

Other Abilities

Shakyou (写経, Superior Copies) throughout all of Kurosu’s battles, travels and many other adventurers he has been able to copy abilities of many different Races. Once he has touched a person he will learn most of their abilities, he can not copy a few techniques. He has been seen to have copied Shinigami, Arrancar and many others of the Munashimeisei abilities. Thought the main weakness of this ability is that Kurosu can't turn himself into said element only into Flower Petals, but he is still able to produce the element for his use. He can not use a Zanpakuto or an Arrancar's Resurrection. He can only use techinques to a certian degree then he cannot go any farther. The main powers he has copied are from Ashura, Hekomi and some other members of Ametsumi Works.

  • Bala- Bala is an Arrancar alternative to Cero. The technique hardens the user's Spiritual Pressure and fires it like a bullet. Although it is weaker than a normal Cero, it moves about twenty times faster and can be fired at a much higher rate, but the damage is much the same. Stronger Arrancar can also fire a more powerful Bala, while retaining its twenty-fold speed. Kurosu has been seen to use a wide use of different colored Balas, from reds to a sick color that he calls all of the beauty coming together. He is able to fire the balas much faster than normal ones, because he puts more speed behind them.
  • Cero- Kurosu has been seen able to have copied all forms of Ceros and the uses for them. He is able to use Gran-Ray cero with ease and all the way up to Cero Metralleta. Again his ceros can take form of different colors because of the amount of abilities that he has copied.
  • Hollow Summoning- Kurosu has been seen able to summon hollows with the snaps of his fingers or by clapping his hands. Being able to summon the most highest of the class of hollows and it seems that he can even summon lowed rank arrancars as well to make up his own forces.
  • Kidō Grandmaster- By touching Surūmyō he has been able to use various high-level Kidō at full power with complete control, including a level 80 Bakudō and level 85 Hadō spell, both without incantation, the latter of which caused tremendous destruction to a large part of the forest it was fired in, as well as balancing a defense Kidō that was holding back a massive spiritual attack. He has also shown very extensive knowledge of forbidden techniques such as time and space manipulation, as well as soul seperation. He has been shown to have used some of Her techinques against her and being very deadly.

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  • "I always want more and yet I can never fill the missing piece, oh well I don't care I will just have my fun. Maybe when we rule I can find what I want heh."

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