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Saris Khan is a Divine General (神将, Shinshō) of Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki, serving as an official Administrator, as noted on the official page for this wiki's Royal Guard Administration.

This user, Saris Khan, has successfully completed the RPCQ Exam and therefore possesses the right to create powerful characters in accordance with the aforementioned policy.

Biographical Information
Birth January 15, 1991
Residence Warsaw, Poland
General Information
Morality Lawful Neutral
Gender Male
Height 184 cm (6'½")
Weight 80 kg (176 lb.)
Hair Dark ash blonde
Eyes Dark brown
Blood Type 0-
Other Information
Friends Njalm2
Contribution Bleach: Duality
Bleach: Equilibrium
Bleach Renascence


I'm a fan of Bleach and a long-time amateur writer. As such, I used to publish works set in my own Alternate Universe, Bleach: Duality, on this site. I've made plenty of characters whom you can see in the list below. For their classification by power, see here. You might also take a gander at my own take on the Zankensoki.

In case you want me to join your story in a collaboration, or just face off with one of my characters, I'm open to suggestions.

Gotta remember about those when RPing. And that.

My Characters

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Bleach Renascence