aka Ω kaiser Σ, Death, Deathaiser

  • I live in all of Creation
  • My occupation is The Quantum Intelligence
  • I am Neither, Gender is a Human Concept

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Pages in Works

  • Isshindōtai (一心同体,One in Mind and Body)
  • Genkai Kikyō (限界気共, Bound Spiritual Resonance )
  • Tenchi Kyōmei (天地共鳴, Heaven and Earth Resonance)
  • Kyōmei Onmyō (共鳴陰陽, Resonance of Yin and Yang)
  • Rinnekyōkai (輪回境界,Transmigration of Boundaries)
  • Seishirinne (生死流転, The Circle of Transmigration)
  • Shizenryūdō (自然流道,Way of the Natural Flow)
  • Shikisokuzekū (色即是空,All is Vanity)
  • Beast of the Primordial Void (元始虚の王, Ganshikyo no Yajū)
  • Incarnation (具現,Gugen)
  • Armament (武装,Busō)
  • Tenchikessoku (天地結束,Unity of Heaven and Earth)
  • Tenjōmukyū (天壌無窮,As Eternal As Heaven And Earth)
  • God of the Godless Realm (無神界の神, Mujinkai no Kami)


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