Shimenawa (注連縄,Enclosing Rope) is a unique ability awakened by Kaname during his youth. Shimenawa allows Kaname to form contracts with individuals, which requires a set amount of his energy depending on the individual in question. These contracts are broken into two different variation; a forced contract and an agreed contract. A forced contact is often used on enemies that are weaker then him or on those that he has defeated. An individual under a forced contract will follow his and cannot go against his commands. When forming an agreed contract the individual in question is able to move on their own without his approval and can go against his command. However, he is still able to forcefully command then individual. At anytime he is able to undo the contract, doing so often causes the individual to lose their memories of him and the time they were contracted. In addition to this, he has stated the it is easier for him to forcefully subjugate hollow due to his nature when other entities.

Regardless of the contract formed, a marking appears around the individuals neck, which is normally invisible to others unless invoked by him. Through the contract he is able to call his contracted entities to his side needed. Along with this, he is able to turn those who have a forced contract into objects that he can wear. This allows him to channel and use their abilities to some degree. While contacts are often used on spiritual entities, he is able to form one with a human weather they have a decent Reiryoku or not. When doing see, the individual becomes able to see and sense spiritual entities without given off any Reiryoku. In addition to this, should the individual posses a certain level of Reiryoku, they have a chance to awaken unique abilities of their own.

Following the experiments performed and the success of project ascension, the ability gained new functions. These new functions allow him to channel his power through his contracted subjects to empower them. As well as see and sense what they do and speak to them telepathically regardless of the distance between the two. He has also shown the ability to instantly teleport to them at anytime.

A Cinematic View: is a the fullbring of 「 」.

What Lies Beneath: is a the fullbring of 「 」.

Tenchi Kyōmei (天地共鳴, Heaven and Earth Resonance): is unique ability he is able to use and is often compared to that of a fullbring or a Quincy's Schrift}. The ability of the Tenchi Kyōmei is broken down into two aspects absorption and manipulation. Kaname's body is known to passively absorb and store pure Reishi, which he is able to use for various action. He is able to channel the stored stored energy with his left arm, manipulating the energy he is able to create blasts or create shields. Upon his time in the human world and obtaining his unique gigai, he has discovered another aspect of the Tenchi Kyōmei. Much like his ability to absorb Reishi, half of the food he consumes is broken down into pure unaltered Kishi energy; which stored within his body. Much like him channeling the Reishi with his left hand, he is able to channel the Kishi energy through his right arm. Manipulating this energy grants him the ability to heal small wounds of living creatures.

While both aspects of this ability has it uses after retuning to Hueco Mundo and his fight with「 」he has discovered a new function of his ability. This new function allows him to interweave his stored Kishi or Reishi into the environment around him. Due to this opposing nature of the two doing so is known to produce disastrous effects on the surrounding areas. Upon training with「 」he has became able to finely weave the respective energy into the environment to produce carious different effects and the scale depending on the amount energy used. Due to each one of his arms channeling a separate energy, when not uses his gigai he is has stated that should his two hands touch; it would cause a feedback and greatly damage his body.

  • Genei Shōki (幻影瘴気, Phantasmal Miasma)
  • Bakufū (爆風,Blast)
  • (,)
  • (,)
  • (,)
  • Oinaru Yakusai (大いなる厄災,Great Calamity ):


Lucero delalba (ルセロ·デル·アルバ (明けの明星) Rusero· Deru· aruba, Spanish for "Morning Star," Japanese for "Lucifer"): Yōhime's Zanpakutō takes the form of a normal katana with red and black symbols running down the length of the blade. She stated that the symbols spell out a name.

  • Resurrección: Lucero delalba's release command is Fall (フォール, Fōru). To release Lucero delalba, she throws her zanpakutō into the air and says "Fall". This causes Lucero delalba to rapidly fall to the ground toward her. Upon reaching her, she grabs it, this causes it to emit a red light which consumes her. When released, her hair and eyes turn pure black. She's wearing a white armored suit , her skin is black with red a symbol like design on her arms and legs. She sports two white feathered wings that are upside down, she possess two horns that wraps around her head. Around the horns are several chains that extend down her are back and wraps around her waist.
Resurrección Special Ability: While in her Resurrección form Yōhime is known to be just as fast a Sano and stong. Using her wings she is able to fly as well as use them to shield against an attack.
Senkai Kurokami (殲景黒神, Slaughterscape of the Black God): Yōhime flaps her wings, this causes several black feathers to fall off. She then removes another feather from her wing she then throws the feather, she able to control the feather by just moving her hand. Upon contact with something the other feathers instantly travels to the location of the object. The feathers have been shown to be able to rip through stone with ease.
Kuro Ansokubi (黒安息日, Black Sabbath): To use she claps her hands together then says "Sleep is the night of the black sabbath". Upon hearing this, she and the oppoent are covered in darkness . Now much is known about what happnens afterwards due to her never telling anyone. Only stating that is someone knew they would die.
Hikari no Ochi ta Hoshi (光壱落ちたほし, Light of the Fallen Star): Unknown
Jigokuken (地獄剣, Hells Blade): By manipulating the reishi around her body and infusing own energy into it. She is able to from dagger like blades around her and by swinging her zanpakutō, she is able to release the blades in a direction of her choice.


Daitenshi (大天使, Archangel) is the name of Yōhime's Mu ability it takes the form of a small female angel like being that is sits on the top of Yōhime's head. Daitenshi has shown the ability to speak as well as eat. Which Sano states is something he never though would be possible.

  • Kanki: To awaken Daitenshi's power, Daitenshi flies in front of Yōhime. Daitenshi then begins to glow as Yōhime places her hands around her. Yōhime then says "Transcend and grow", this causes Daitenshi to grow into a full sized humanoid form. Daitenshi is then able to fight along side Yōhime.
Kanki Special Ability: Shinespada (真十刃, Divine Ten Blades) is Daitenshi most notable attack. It takes the form of ten different swords. Each one possessing a different symbol on the blade. Daitenshi is able to wield each sword when in battle or use them by just calling their names. As of now only three swords abilities have been shown.
  • Tennō Kuroken (天皇黒剣, Heavenly Sovereign's Black Sword): It takes the form of a small black and gold Tantō. Several black halo's runs down the length of the blade. By wielding it or calling its name, it releases several black and red halos which Daitenshi is able to control. She has shown the ability to increase or decrease the size of the halos at will.
    • Tennō Shinra Tensei (天皇神羅天征,Heavenly Sovereign Heavenly Subjugation of the Omnipresent God ): By placing a red halos around her or an object. She is able to repel an attack that hits the halo. By increasing the size of a halo, the by allowing an attack to pass though she is able to decrease the power of the attack.
    • Tennō Banshō Ten'in (天皇万象天引,Heavenly Sovereign Heavenly Attraction of All of Creation ): By placing a black halo on or near an object, any attack that is used by her, will be attracted in the direction of the black halo. If two or more black halos are near, the attack will split in two.
  • Nintei Shiroken (人帝白剣, Human Sovereign's White Sword): It takes the form of a long white katana. Along the length of the blade, is the name of the "person" it was last used to kill. By wielding it or calling its name, which each swing it emits a powerful wave or blast of light. The light is usually released in a cross shape, though Daitenshi is able to change the shape of the light at will. Upon contact with an object, the light will consume the object and begin releasing blades of light at the object.
    • Nintei Kamui (人帝神威,Human Sovereign's Authority of the Gods ): By manipulating the light into the form of chains. She is able to bind an opponent to a surface, this includes non-physical such as an attack or to another begin. In addation, she is able to use the chains to bind attacks as well. If used this way, she will shoot a chain into the incoming attack. Upon contact with the attack, the chain enters the attack the rapidly multiply and covers the attack, until the energy disipates. She has stated that the more powerful the attack, the quicker ans stronger the chains become.
    • Nintei Onmyōdō (人帝,Human Sovereign's Way of Yin and Yang): She manipulates the light into that of a giant Yin Tomoe and a Yang Tomoe, which appears in front of her. Using the symbol Yin Tomoe, she is able to absorb an attack which is stored into the symbol. After which, by using the Yang Tomoe, she is able to release the attack in a direction of her choosing. She stated that she is only able to absorb one attack at a time.
  • Dotei Mizuiroken (土帝水色剣, Earthly Sovereign's Sky-Blue Sword): It takes the form of a Sky-blue Nagamaki. It appears as a normal Nagamaki, not bearing any symbol or designs. By wielding it or calling its name, she is able to manipluate various elements of the earth. She has been shown only to be able to manipulate wind and water.
    • Dotei Tenbatsu (土帝天罰, Earthly Sovereign's Heavenly Punishment): She spins the Nagamaki above her head, as she does the blade begins to leave light blue streaks. The then points it toward an opponent and thrusts foward. Upon doing so, a small ball of air forms and begins compressing before it disappears. Moments later a powerful shockwave of great destructive capability is released in the direction of the thrust. Daitenshi stated that the shockwave is produced with the Nagamaki splits the air sphere.
    • Dotei Ōwatatsumi (土帝大綿津見神, Earthly Sovereign's Great Deity of Water God): She raises the Nagamaki in the air, and swings down toward an opponent. Upon doing so, water is released into the form of multiple water dragons. The water in the dragons are compressed to the point they appear after actual dragons. She is able to control the dragons my pointing at an object with the Nagamaki . The dragons are strong enough to destroy rocks upon contact.

Kansei Kanki: Tenshinanayo (天使世七, Seven Generations of Angels) is the name given to her Shin Hanatsu. It is achivied by combining her Hanatsu with that of her Resurrección. While in her Resurrección form, she embraces Daitenshi. The two then kiss, which causes the two to begin glowing. Moments later the two merge into a single form, resembling a small child with black hair. Floating aroung the child are fourteen different crown like objects. Sano has stated that the child acts as an avatar for her real body, and that if she showed her true form it would destroy whoever looked at it.

Kansei Kanki Special Ability: Juuyon Tenshi (十四天使, Fourteen Angels): It takes the form of fourteen crowns that float around the child. Each crown has a different design, though each of them has a name as well as a number on it. However half of the crowns has a normal number and the half has a negative in front of the number. So far only two if the fourteen abilites have been shown.

  • Number 07, Sariel The Healer: It takes the form of a silver crown with white trimmings. It is engraved with unique symbols. To activate its effect, the child places the crown above an object. She then calls its name, upon doing so, the crown begins releasing a bright blue light. Anything that somes in contact with the light is healed. Due to its effect it is only used if others are harmed in battle.
  • Number -07, Satan The Opposer: It takes the form of a black crown lined with five black diamonds. To activate its effect, the child places it on her arm. The crown then shrinks down to the sixe of an armband. Using it she is able to negate any damage done to her as well as reflect damage back to the attacker. However after a use one of the diamonds shatters. Once all of diamonds are gone, the crown itself shatters which in turn releases powerful shock wave.



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