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Hoy! I'm Njalm, otherwise known simply as N or more recently as Nanja, I'm 23 years old and I'm a hardcore roleplayer who has done so for approximately eight years now. I'm thus well-informed and knowledgeable about most of the basics of roleplaying and can answer more or less any RP-related questions thrown at me. While I do like to view myself as being an accomplished roleplayer, I'm always open to others opinions, criticism and of course roleplay in general! My main field of interest in Bleach lies in Kidō. A running theme with my characters are and will always be their use of Kidō, I'm therefore considered addicted to it given how I use it so incredibly frequently in roleplays. I consider myself to be, and many support me in this mind you, the best user of Kido on any of the fanons, as it was infact I who originally introduced it fully to this community a few years back, and later I've provided much of the foundation for other Kido Master characters. These includes Seireitou Kawahiru, Kamui, Raian Getsueikirite and many more, so if you need assistance with Kido, I'm definitely the person to ask.

I'm a very honest person, for the good and the worse and this means that I will not hold my tongue if there's something I don't like or approve of! This makes me rather good at issuing good Reviews I feel as I'm not afraid of stepping on anyones toes if I deem it nessecary, I've also been told that I have a good eye for details and impressive abilities of deduction. I think I'm a nice guy though and I personally believe that I am quite dependable when it comes to those who are on my good side and I'm usually polite and welcoming, or at least, I try to be. Furthermore; and while this is of much less importance, I also happen to be openly Gay! If you haven't fled in absolute horror at this point, allow me to extend my warm welcome and the offer that you may always ask me for help on this Wikia!

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Alright; when it comes to roleplaying there are a few guidelines I want my roleplaying partner to follow, this includes no auto-hitting of any sort whatsoever unless it is very minor and of course, if we've roleplayed before and you know that I trust you; if you feel that such an action is necessary, please discuss it with me beforehand, I don't bite ---at least not if you follow these guidelines. Furthermore, remember that I, just like yourself is entering a roleplay on the premise of having fun and using my characters; this means that my patience may grow dangerously thin quite quickly if I find that my partner doesn't take my actions and characters properly into account, I'll quote my friend Chrono and say that "A bad roleplay is worse than no roleplay at all, as it is a waste of time" and indeed this is what I believe as well: These things aside though, I'm not particularly picky about grammar as long as you do your utmost to make your posts detailed and understandable. Thank you!

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{{I happen to love blogging, and I primarily do so to share my ideas, because I consider my ideas to be pretty good most of the time and I also enjoy exploring subjects which others haven't. I'm fascinated by the virtually endless wonders of the Bleachverse which is why I find myself returning to the bleach fanfiction over and over again. }}

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