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Howdy, folks. Kenji here! I'm an experienced wikian who happens to be a fan of Bleach; enough so that I've written my own fanon series, aptly called Bleach (Kenji Hiroshi); my main characters include Kenji Hiroshi, his son Kentaro Hiroshi, and Kenji's protege Garrett Sheppard. My current focus is Bleach: Cataclysm, stylised as Part IV in-story, and Bleach: Resurgent Phantom, which is set in an alternate world from my main series that could be considered a sequel to Bleach: The 3rd Phantom. The two stories eventually intermingle.

I'm also undergoing an extensive retcon to Parts I and II of my series, which is highlighted throughout the First Spiritual War master-post. My writing partners and main collaborators are APS, Razo and Ashy.

I also plan to contribute to the site-wide Fanon Canon, which is set in a different world to my own stories, with Ken "Kenji" Hiroshi as my main protagonist with Shūhei Hisagi as support. As is the case with Rōnin Shiba, Ken is an alternate version of my original main character. Two characters from my original works have had their deaths rewritten and appear in the Fanon Canon; one as a protagonist and the second as an antagonist. These two are the twin sons of my main iteration of Kenji, and are called Hotaru Hiroshi and Akira Hiroshi respectively.

For the Fanon Canon I also roleplay the character of Van Satonaka, who was the main character of Razo, whom the author worked with extensively.

Main characters

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Note: This is merely a timeline of known events in the current iteration of the FC. This is mostly for my own benefit.
  • The Quincy Blood War ended on 19 June 2003.
  • First Steps Into the Unknown occurs in July 2003, roughly a month after the Blood War's conclusion.
  • Bleach: Can't Fear Your Own World takes place six months after the war. Late December 2003/early January 2004.
  • Exposition Into the Unknown occurs in the time between First Steps into the Unknown and the Assault on the 9th Division.
  • The Assault on the 9th Division was 2004, roughly a year after the Blood War.
  • Towards the Future began with a chapter in the immediate aftermath of the Assault, and featured Kazuya's funeral in the background. Subsequent chapters imposed a time-skip of a few weeks.
  • The opening chapter of the Blank period imposes a two-year tine-skip, making the year 2006, roughly around October time. The Investigation arc follows on almost immediately.
  • Bleach: WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU is 2007, roughly three years after Can't Fear Your Own World.
  • The Cultist arc took place in 2009, which imposed a two-year and a couple of months time-skip, placing it at the beginning of the year.
  • The epilogue was set in 2013, 4 years later.
  • Sajin Komamura becomes Captain of the 9th Division. He spends the next few years preparing Shūhei Hisagi to succeed him.
  • The now defunct New Chapter was set in 2013.
  • The current incarnation of FC takes place in 2019, 6 years after the epilogue. Hisagi is Captain of the 9th Division and names Kenji and Kei as his co-Lieutenants.
  • Bleach Renascence begins in 2019.
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