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"Hahaha, come on Kaishunosuke its a cruel cruel world. My dear friend you should have atleast some kind of friend hahaha. What a sight to see you having a friend, I guess I am the closest thing you have to a friend heh. Oh your cold and calm demeanor doesn't scare me haha, I rather like this, we are compelete opposites and they say opposites can attracted. Hahaha!"
— Dokugata

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"The dreams of a Jester"
Lord Kazekage

Dokugata (道化師, Doukegata Lit. Jester/Fool) is a mysterious member of the Kurohana Army, second in command of the army. The Dokugata is an alias that this mysterious man goes by; his real name has not been revealed yet. He joined the Kurohana army escaping hell; it is believed that he is either a fallen Deity or Diabolus. He often is seen following Kaishunosuke or off by himself, teamed up with him for his own twisted dreams.



Dokugata's Appearance

Dokugata is a tall and muscular being standing at 6 foot 9inchs and over 200 pounds. Although he is very muscular he can be very flexible having his body into amazing shapes and positions, which no other souls could even think of. Dokugata has been said that he is an extremely flamboyant in his appearance; many often mistake him for either a kabuki actor or a clown. He has a twisted smile on his lips, with strange stances he takes and poses. Compared to kaishunosuke who always takes noble poses and stances, Dokugata takes weird acrobatic poses. Such as bending himself all the way backwards being able to grab onto his ankles from behind. Dokugata’s presence has been said to be a creepy and uneasy feeling, he smells like wine and fine furs. Dokugata
's appearance is that of an outlandish jester, he wears an outfit composed of primarily red and yellow fabrics, a mismatched jumble of stripes and polka-dots. Around his neck, a red and white striped ruffle covers it and he wears an ornate red cloak that is known to have a detailed yellow and red inner lining. Dokugata has green robes with gold linings and red clothing underneath. He wears a pair of black and white pointed boots, that have purple outlines on them. He also is seen wearing many different colored obis around his waist, in an improper fashion just hanging from his waist to look as if he is wear a skirt. He wears a long yellow cloack, with red stripes on the end of it. Dokugata’s face is covered with white make-up with red makeup around the eyes, and has white make-up on his hands. He has blond hair tied back into a tight ponytail, accentuated by an extending feather. He also wears beads in his hair as well, in a mismatch of colors that go great with his clothing. Mostly of reds, yellows, greens and blues, along with beads holding his hair and feathers into a pony tail. Some of more disturbing attributes is his smile, his extremely pale skin and his eyes at the most. His eyes are a blond but often will change colors from a red to a pure white. His nail are pailed purple, to cover up his long fingers nails that are about the length of his fingers.



Dokugata's Jester Side

Dokugata is maniacal, short-tempered, flamboyant, destructive, and cruel. He is completely insane with no regard for human life, and he, in fact, finds amusement in the suffering and death of others. He tends to crack dark jokes at times, also sometimes breaking out into hysterical laughter upon causing death, destruction, and mayhem, and possesses a hatred of virtually everything in the world; Dokugata 's only joy in life comes from causing death and chaos wherever he can. What begins as simply a disregard and indifference to human life develops into a sinister nihilism. Dokugata declares the lives of mortals as meaningless and insignificant, and he finds no meaning in things like love and hope that others cherish. As a result, Dokugata’s goal at this point is to destroy the bonds of existence itself. He also has narcissistic qualities, often being fascinated with the mirror image, and often dressing up for mirrors. He has a great love for himself and his appearance, thinking of his outfits is the best in all of the worlds. He is often told to be a twisted rejected jester that scares most either form his appearance or his personality. He never shows seriousness in battle or in anything, compared to his partner Kaishunosuke who has a calm and cold demeanor. Dokugata is the complete opposite of him, always laughing at things thinking of life as joke; since he is immortal he has no care in the world. He enters battles with unabashed confidence, often thinking that every battle is one big and crazy party. His most gifted trait is his ability to live life as it comes, never worrying what others think of him and treasuring his own personal values. While others may see him as a simple jester, he has a dark side that always seems to be boiling underneath the surface of his joking ways. He feels that fights should be fought unfairly and just win. In comparison to Kaishunosuke, Dokugata is a fool who doesn’t care for anything. But what Kaishunosuke doesn’t know that this jester as he calls him is plotting. He is a very tricky and cunning man, not being affair to do anything to an opponent from a comic relief to a death sentence. Dokugata does have a liking to males the most, often yelling out strange common on their looks and their personality. He finds the company of gentlemen more than women. He does things to men, such as insulting them to get them to get angry which he likes to see. He calls it play time, he does enjoy fighting so much that he calls it play time or a party. Wanting more and more to join in with
Dokugata offering

Dokugata offering his Faustian Bargain

the fight, he is a twisted man who wishes to do as he pleases in the world. Loathing the idea of peace and order, Dokugata is more than willing to tip the scales towards anarchy for his enjoyment. Confident in his view of life, he finds others to be amusing pawns in his twisted doctrine of chaos and is fascinated with death. Astute and cynical, Dokugata has deadpan humor while he derides other people's hopes and dreams. Though his ability for waging carnage may earn him respect, his methods are often considered to be inexplicable nonsense to all but him. Dokugata's various Faustian Bargain took place so as to serve two purposes, most prominent of which was his desire to create chaos in the world. He was often described as "twisted" by a large number of people, speculated that this was due to fact that he was hated and feared by other Diabolus. Once accomplishing this goal, Dokugata wanted to have fun in the world.By living throughout the ages, Dokugata would never need to worry about death and thus, all the knowledge he gained would never be lost. Above all else, Dokugata cared only for himself. He grew bored when there was no conflict or violence in the world, and immediately struck fear into others when they first met him. Though he had a number of Kurohana officers who would do anything for him, Dokugata treated them as mere pawns. He did not hesitate to send them to their deaths for his own personal benefit, and only found remorse in their loss if they were unable to properly complete a task. To win over these followers to their disposable status, Dokugata approached them with promises of making their dreams come true, thus Faustian Bargain. With his Faustian Bargains he shows the most seriousness, regarding his jester side away. Even Kaishunsouke has commented that he is surprised when Dokugata makes a Faustian Bargain with another he is mostly serious, but will find a way to twist words and then when the other must pay up. He constantly surprises them with his words; he is cunning in getting what he wants while tricking others in that he is giving what they want. Dokugata shows a great interest in show humans playing with them, mostly the ones who investigate the paranormal. Since he himself is a demonic spirit, he likes to play around with them as

Dokugata's curiosity as he watches others from afar

well, he finds messing with the male investigators the most. He has did trick these people that he is a different kind of being using his Mutator Formarum to turn himself into a women or such. Although Dokugata is genderless, the creatures makes it appearance to take a male. He does show a bit of curiosity in some attacks done by opponents, again mostly from the male opponents. Dokugata likes to ask questions to these opponents much like a simple child, he acts childish to this. His curiosity can get the best of him, he can get curiosity about their powers and he constantly gets them to release it full force.


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Powers & Abilities

Immense Spiritual Power: Unknown rank as a Diabolus, Dokugata boasts considerable spiritual power, simply overpowering most of his brothers and sisters, often compared to the likes of a raging all consuming inferno, devouring all that it touches, and appearing purple with a blue outline. He also seems to possess a strange feeling of illusions and other tricks, as his reiatsu appears as a purple aura surrounding him. The distinct scent of blood and wine fill the air when it’s released, and the smell can be so overpowering that many vomit. Yet he can finely manipulate his reiatsu, forming it into arrows to pierce the heart of his opponents stopping them cold in their tracks. He can control his aura for a variety of purposes, generally to greatly augment his physical abilities to astounding levels. As a Diabolus, his spiritual power also has the side effect of "corrupting" those within its reach, though Diabolus seem largely exempt, but other Spiritual creatures and humans often find themselves succumbing to their deepest and darkest desires over time.

  • Reiastu Illusions: by pushing his spiritual power into fine streams that are neerly invisible to the eye, he connects the stream into the opponet’s brain. The sending pulses from his power into the brain, he can affect the nervures system making illusions. He is famed in creating the worse fears of people, laughing at what kind of fear they have. He can also send these pulses to nerves that control muscles, making them do as he pleases. Using this on members of the Kurohana army to fight for him.
  • Reiastu Arrows: Dokugata absorbs spiritual energy from the atmosphere, and combines it with his own spiritual energy to form weapons. He has an easier time collecting this energy in environments with higher concentrations of spiritual particles, such as Soul Society or Hueco Mundo. To a sufficiently his powerful hunger, there is no difference between spiritual particles and spiritual energy as a source of power. He can manipulate spiritual energy for offensive purposes. Dokugata most commonly reshapes spiritual particles into various types of arrows and barriers, but can also concentrate spiritual energy into the form of swords.
  • Reishi Absorption: Dokugata has the unique ability to absorb reishi from enemy attacks into his body. Once absorbed, Dokugatra can release the reishi into a concentrated attack in the form of a purple energy blast, which leaves an impact on the ground. Dokugata can also use this ability to absorb an enemy's weapon, as was the case with zanpakuto. He is able to absorb zanpakuto that give off massive amounts of reishi.
  • Levitation: A personal favorite of Dokugata’s, which he is able to float in the air with the use of any tricks or wires. With his jester personality, it finds it way as a favorite of Dokugata. Being able to lay vertically in the air, he uses his levitation abilities to do a number of things. Not just levitating him, but others, objects and even some attacks. He often will lift up opponents and throw them into a wall or such, he can levitate himself to dodge attacks and going so far that he is able to fly without the use of wings. Which it seems that he is the only Diabolus who can do this, leaving people in ah at the sight of him being able to fly. Although Dokugata can only go up to 800 feet into the air, any fair he will start to go into space.

Enhanced Strength:Dokugata has shown to have great strength when it comes to battling others, he can easily out class most shinigami with his strength. For his size and appearance, he would appear to be a weak fool with this attribute. But he has countless shocked others by his strength, being able to grab onto energy and throw it right back opponents. Being able to pick up hollows as well, crushing them within his grip. Dokugata has shown that he ca increase his muscle size if he wishes, being able to do amazing things with his powers. This just being one of them.

Enhanced Speed:One of his greatest attributes is his speed, able to beat even his brothers and sister in his speed. These even rivals Kaishunosukes without his Mokomoko on his right shoulder, Dokugata’s speed is legendary among many of the shinigami and the Kurohana army. Again he is able to increase the muscle growth in his legs to let him go much more faster than any normal shinigami could fail.

Immense Durability: Dokugata's skin is known to be extremely durable, able to block Zanpakutou attacks bare-handed with relative ease, and weather through powerful destructive magic without injury, and should such injury occur she is able to outright ignore such damages without impeding his abilities in the slightest. Given his masochistic tendencies, hia seems to derive some measure of pleasure from the pain he feels, which in turn augments his own power, reinforcing and augmenting his already incredible physical abilities.

Regeneration: Dokugata possesses the ability to regenerate from wounds dealt to him, allowing him to regrow lost limbs, internal organs, and even his head. In battle he can recover from non-fatal injuries though the extent of such damages can require substantial amounts of energy, requiring several seconds to minutes to fully recover. Furthermore successive damage becomes harder to regenerate quickly from. However as long as a limb is intact she can hold it up to the stump and instantly regenerate the damaged limb. The same can be said for any injury, though it should be noted that such regeneration begins to take a toll on his spiritual power over the course of battle.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: While Dokugata has yet to show the true extent of hisfighting abilities, she proves to be a highly skilled combatant with any weapon she wields. When unarmed his preferred method of combat involves grappling, joint-manipulation, submissions and throws. Augmented by his immense physical strength, his blows can cause considerable damage, but to any opponent with a modicrum of knowlege in combat, it is quite evident that he should be far better skilled than his current level, often making mistakes largely due to his own seemingly uncontrollable power.

Master Strategist & Tactician: As a Commander of the Kurohana army, Dokugata has shown himself to be a capable leader. Repeatedly through battles, he has shown to be insightful and crafty, quickly capable of understanding any situation that presents itself and adjust to it effectively. Dokugata has shown an innate skill to determine what actions should be taken in battle. The tactics he employs are based on fun and insane plans. He has shown to be adept in putting his opponents into a false sense of security and allowing them to underestimate his abilities. A common tactic of his is to gauge the opponent's strengths and weaknesses in the middle of combat.

Mutator Formarum: (変身 (ムタトルフォルマルム), Japanese for "Metamorphosis", Latin for "He Who Changes"): This power allows a Diabolus to change their form. However this transformation isnt perfect, any being with spiritual power, can almost immediately sense the presence of a Diabolus within the vicinity, unless said Diabolus has some form of specialized magic designed to keep itself hidden. While the forms a Diabolus can assume are varied, there are restrictions dependent on individual skill and level. Generally all Diabolus are capable of assuming a humanoid form, as it offers the greatest flexibility and allows them to integrate themselves into human society. More skilled practitioners can assume various animal forms while others can assume more monstrous and equally dangerous forms. However changing their shape doesnt confer proficiency in any one form. For this reason most Diabolus prefer to keep a small list of favored forms, since even if they do transform, they are not automatically proficient in its use.

  • Favored Forms: Dokugata is always seen as the form he is in now, although he does take on other forms. Such as when he is messing with other humans, mainly the ones interested in the paranormal. He enjoys putting on a “show” for them, thinking of it as a big theater production. Changing his appearance, voice and personality to put these humans in a sense that he is something else. Even though he is a demonic spirit he can make himself seem like an angel or another earthbound soul. He does take the form of a young maiden some times, fooling young men into following him and then having “play time” with them. He has often materialized to those who were spiritual aware and if he wishes he could make his appearance to those humans who aren’t spiritual aware although they will see him in his favored form which is his jester form. This scares them to death, often senting them screaming and running away from him. But he couldn’t do this all of the time, because it takes so much power to show him to not spiritual aware humans.

Daemon Possessio (魔族獲得 (ダエモンポセシオ), Japanese for "Demonic Possession", Latin for "Spiritual Possession"): All Diabolus are able to possess a living being, with or without a soul. The process is very painful for the recipient, and long-term possession can leave a host physically and mentally scarred. Doing so however is generally frowned upon, especially to a human with a soul, as the process also damages the soul in such a way consumption barely gives any additional power to the Diabolus.

Somnium Fugo (夢大食漢 (ソムニウンフゴ), Japanese for "Dream Eater", Latin for "Dream Chaser"): Diabolus are able to enter the dreams of living beings, and interact with them. Most Diabolus use this ability to contact a mortal for the purposes of a Faustian Bargain, although some caste's of Diabolus have various powers or abilities relating to manipulating dreams.

Spatium Mótus (瞬間移動 (スパチウンモウツス), Japanese for "Teleportation", Latin for "Spatial Movement"): All Diabolus possess the ability of teleportation. However it is a rather slow and unwieldy technique, especially during the midst of battle, not to mention its various limitations. First and foremost a Diabolus cannot teleport to a location it cannot see, or has not already been to. Secondly to those familiar with the teleportation of a Diabolus they can instantly tell when a Diabolus is preparing to teleport. Furthermore, their teleport leaves whats called a "teleportation trace" meaning, any creature close enough could potentially follow the Diabolus even after its already left the location, assuming it hasn't closed. Teleportation takes roughly 10-20 seconds from its beginning to completion, depending on the strength of any given Diabolus.

Sortiarius Powers

Sortiarius (魔法(ソルチアリウス), Latin for "One Who Influences Fate", Japanense for "Magic"): Dokugata is widely regarded as one of the most powerful masters of Sortiarius throughout the world and Kurohana army, themselves. His twisted mind, and years with his jester personality and understanding into the very depths of Diabolus magic in what would take millenia in mere centuries! Such knowledge and masterful proficiency is nothing short of frightening, even to his brothers and sisters, as he is able to weave complex ritualistic spells, that would normally require a conclave of over a dozen participants, yet cast them with but a single wave of hishand. Incantations are meaningless to him, as he simply summons a magical sigil representing the written form of the "langauge of magic", that his are not only at full power, but are augmented at the same time.

  • Body/Muscle Manipulation: Dokugata has an ability that increases the proportions of his body to a gargantuan size. This ability also appears to increase his muscle mass, to the point where he was able to exceed a body size. This ability also grants him enough brute strength to damage. He is able to increase the amount of muscle size in his arms and in his legs to make his stronger or faster. Depending on what he has a need for, from fighting or escaping.
  • Transformations: Dokugata has shown with his basic sortiarius powers that he can transform himself into other beings or transform other objects into something. Dokugata’s twisted mind often would think of ways to turn objects in strange creatures or into weapons. By the use of his powers he can turn a simple stone into a sword and a simple sword into a stone. This is very useful when trying to surprise his opponents. But turning objects into other things he can throw his opponents senses off.
  • Physic Forces: Dokugata has shown to have physic abilities that allow him to read minds, use his psychokinetic to lift objects. He can often lift others up and play with them, Dokugata has also shown to enjoy a mind game as well.
  • Soul-Separation: Dokugata has a unique ability to separate souls due to his immense spiritual energy. His spiritual energy also splits which then turns itself into another being which apparently reacts to his spiritual signature, he can create clones of himself and have them battle in his place. Since his jester personality is most dangerous about him, he is willing to even seprate souls of humans and other creatures. To use them as he sees fit, which has dramatic effects.
  • Master Acrobatic: Dokugata has shown to be one of the most masterful acrobatics in the worlds, being able to do amazing shapes. Almost as if he has no bones in his body, he can be able to pop his bones in and out of place. He can often use this when an opponent has him in a lock, he can dislocate his bones and escape their grip. He is able to turn his whole body into a wheel, by grabbing onto his ankles and roll as if he was a wheel.

Trucos Tontos

Trucos Tontos (愚か者のトリック, Spanish for “Fools Tricks”. Japanese for “Tricky Magic”)This magic that Dopkugata uses as his main weapon, which is many jester/clown tricks. Such as magic that can trick others, he mostly will summon objects and use energy blasts. He has shown to even trick others by doing “Kido” spells, using ceros, Bala and many other spiritual powers used by others. Most of this is illusions done by Dokugata’s affection of the environment. Although his powers aren’t joke they are a twisted and disturbing sights to see.

  • Bolas de Energía:(エネルギーボール', Spanish for ‘Energy Ball”. Japanese for “Energy Balls”.) is a magic that Dokugata uses for his main offense magic, he can manipulate the energy in his body and in his surrounding area. These balls take the form of a bubble like shape, which can most freely. Dokugata releasing these in almost a dance, spinning and using his skills in acrobatics to fire these energy balls. These balls can explode on contact with others, but what makes these energy balls interesting is that inside these bubbles. Dokugata can summon different items within these bubbles, ranging from a bust to a deadly poisonous gas.
  • Elemento: Dokugata is skilled in using elements including the basic to combination of these elements. He can these attacks in a number of different ways, from firing right at an opponents. He can even use these elements in helping him, such as being able to restart his own heart with lighting. By adding elements to his hands or feet, he can add fatal blows to his attacks.
  • Element Punch: The ability that Dokugata can summon an element to his fist and fire it like a bala or directly attack an opponent with his punches. Then adding more damage he can attack his opponents with a point blank attacks on his opponents. Such as adding lighting to his fist and once this connects with the body he can shock them to death. Dokugata often calling this move the joy buzzer.
  • Element Kick: This ability is unique to him, in which he can add elements to his kicks. Often forming this into a ball like form and literally kicking it like a soccer ball at his opponents.
  • Extremidades' 'de Goma (ゴム製の手足, Spanish for “Rubber Limbs” Japanese for “Rubber Body”) This ability allows Dokugata to stretch his arms, legs and torso into a rubber like mass. Being able to absorb blows and even some element attacks much like Lighting, because of the principle that rubber could not conduct electricity. This a favor power by Dokugata, because of the way that he is able to apply his power into his body. Being able to dislocate and relocate his bones. Going so far as being able to stretch around opponents and crush them much like a snake for its prey. He has been seen to stretch out his head, with his neck connected to his body and do this same technique with his tongue as well.
  • Arms-Dokugata uses his arms the most for this ability being able to deal quick and direct blows to his opponents. Dokugata is able to use his arms to grab onto objects and the area to give him the advantage. By grabbing onto an object or opponent he can throw them a great distance.
  • Torso-Dokugata is able to turn his torso into a rubber like form to absorb blows given to him by opponents. This is one of the rarely used techniques, because most of the times Dokugata is to far away for any one opponent to attack or kill him.
  • Legs- Dokugata uses his legs for powerful kicks and to grab onto opponents. He is able to dislocate the bones in his legs to be able to still walk. Making it hard to break his bones, being able to have the advantage in battle.

El que está en

El que está en (コントロールしている上に、電子. Spanish for ‘The one who is in control” Japanese for” God”)

"Not Yet Revealed"

Epithet Form


  • "Hehe these humans are so funny to watch, thinking they can get me on tape. Oh what a riot, it so funny its hurts I want to see the big strong guys who say they ain't scared. They end up running out like little girls, oh well I have other things to do. Oh well hehehe, what can I do being a commander is much more harder than it looks haha. Oh yeah Kaishunosuke you little buddy of mine, hope you are having as much fun as I am. Hahaha!"

Behind the Scenes


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