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"I have nothing but contempt for the deceitful thing men call 'happiness' and find myself with no choice but to push my characters, whom I pour my heart and soul out to create, into the abyss of tragedy."
— Gen Urobuchi

"I am the Reaper. All things with heedful hook Silent I gather. Pale roses touched with the spring, Tall corn in summer, Fruits rich with autumn, and frail winter blossoms— Reaping, still reaping All things with heedful hook Timely I gather. I am the Sower. All the unbodied life Runs through my seed-sheet. Atom with atom wed, Each quickening the other, Fall through my hands, ever changing, still changeless. Ceaselessly sowing, Life, incorruptible life, Flows from my seed-sheet. Maker and breaker, I am the ebb and the flood, Here and Hereafter, Sped through the tangle and coil Of infinite nature, Viewless and soundles I fashion all being. Taker and giver, I am the womb and the grave, The Now and the Ever"
— William Earnest Henley

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"Fear is necessary for evolution. The fear that one could be destroyed at any moment. Thank you, Gin. Thanks to your efforts, I have finally risen to an existence that surpasses both Shinigami and Hollow."

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Les Wilson

"There are only seven stories in the world.  I use dto think there were a lot more than that, based on visits to Blockbuster and my school reading list, but my high school Creative Writing teacher, Mr. Post, which is an awesome name for an English teacher, corrected my ignorance.  She said that all plots are a variation of one of seven basic themes.  She used a list made by Sir. Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch.  Here they are:  

  1. man against man
  2. man against nature
  3. man against himself
  4. man against God
  5. man against society
  6. man caught in the middle
  7. man and woman

(You'll have to forgvive his misogynistic, pre-PC, British empire sensibilities)

Some of these never made much sense to me, but fortunately someone else made a more recent list, which I like better.  So here are the new and improved seven basic plots:  

  1. Overcoming the Monster:  The hero learns of a great evil and goes on a journey to destroy it.  Star Wars qualifies.  Braveheart.  Jaws.  Any movies with Nazis in it.  Some of the Rocky movies.  (Is it obvious I am a guy?)
  2. Rags to Riches:  Rags to Riches:  A sad-sack beginning that leads to a happily ever after.  A lot of Dickens' stuff fits here.  Disney princess movies.  Harry Potter.  Most every rom-com.  
  3. The Quest:  Everybody loves a quest where a hero goes on a journey to find something, which can be a Lost Ark, (literal of figurative), a body, (Stand By Me), or even something unknwon and unseen, which is known in Hollywood as a McGuffin.  Sometimes the hero brings his entourage, too.  A lot of epics are Quest stories.  Like The goonies.  Some of my favorite bib lic stories are quests, like Abram and The Wise Men.  
  4. Voyage and Return:  Like The Wizard of Oz, where dorothy goes to a weird place with weird rules but ultimately returns home better off.  I suppose I like Oz alright, but I'd rather give props to Back to the Future, because I'm of that like.  
  5. Comedies:  Comedies get their own category, too.  For some reason, two people can't be together, which creates all sorts of antics.  They eventually figure it out, though.  Again, most every rom-com ever, like When Harry Met Sally or The Money Pit.  (Note:  you can make anything into a comedy.  For example, Monty Python is a funny Quest movie, but the category here refers to a specific kind of plot, not just anything with humor).  
  6. Tragedies:  Tragedies are like riches to rags, where the villian gets it in the end.  MacBeth and King Lear are classic examples.  Or most slasher pictures if you go for that sort of thing.  
  7. Rebirth:  Rebirth is like a tragedy but where the hero realizes his error before it's too late, like in It's a Wonderful Life.  Which makes me wonder, are there any slasher movies where the bad guy cleans up and catches a ray of sun at the end?  

You can also mx and match types, for example a lot of Quest movies throw in a monster to overcome.  The original Rocky is a Rags to Riches Quest movie.  Star Wars is a Rags to Riches Quest where the hero overcomes the monster on a voyage and returns while the Villain experiences rebirth at the end.  Oh, and throw in some Jar Jar for the comedy.  

Quoted by Les Wilson.  Great, truthful, factual quote which I say to anyone that tells me originality still exists.  

About Me

Howdy, I'm a user of this wiki, (obviously), as well as an admin over at the YouTube Wiki, and the creator of the Fate Universe Fanon Wiki and the creator of the Bloody Cross Wiki   Other than that, I come and go on many other wikis frequently, including, but not limited to, the FanTheories Wiki  but these are the ones I'm on the most.  If you wanna roleplay, my answer will probably be no, just because I want more experience with writing Bleach stories before I try to roleplay with just anyone.  However, if you want to use something I've created, I might say yes if you ask.  

Bleach History

I've been a fan of Bleach for a long time.  I started watching the English Dub of the anime back when the dub was in the Soul Society Arc, and have been hooked ever since.  Now,'s a very rocky relationship.  I still like it, but think it's gone down hill over the years.  My primary purpose for writing Bleach fanfiction, other than  my love for writing, is to fix what I feel are the "problems" with it and create better characters...cause let's face it, most of Kubo's characters are 1 or 2 dimensional.  

My Favorite Female Anime Characters

  1. Saber(Fate/Zero)
  2. Winrey Rockbell(Full Metal Alchemist 2003/Full Metal Alchemist:  Brotherhood)
  3. Rin Tohsaka(Fate/stay night:  Unlimited Blade Works)
  4. Kawai(The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior)
  5. C.C.(Code Geass)
  6. Akane Tsunemori(Psycho Pass)
  7. Eureka(Eureka 7)
  8. Holo(Spice and Wolf)
  9. Belldandy(Ah! My Goddess)
  10. Saya Otanashi(Blood+)
  11. Rukia Kuchiki(Bleach)
  12. Temari(Naruto/Naruto Shippuden)
  13. Erza Scarlet(Fairy Tail)

My Current Top 20 Favorite Anime Series

  1. Fate/Zero
  2. Code Geass
  3. Psycho Pass
  4. The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior
  5. Full Metal Alchemist 2003
  6. Eureka 7
  7. Blood+
  8. Ah! My Goddess
  9. Spice and Wolf
  10. Death Note
  11. Shinsekai Yori
  12. Fate/stay night 2006
  13. Noein:  To Your Other Self
  14. Noragami
  15. Assassination Classroom
  16. Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  17. Sword Art Online
  18. The Familiar of Zero
  19. Shakugan no Shana
  20. Attack on Titan

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