Hero Villian 86

aka Nate M.

  • I live in CA
  • I was born on April 5
  • My occupation is Writer
  • I am Male

Kenage revealing himself to Ichigo

Yo! Im Nathanael Montoya but im known as Nate :D Im 18 years old, im Christian, but not judgemental im very friendly in fact (if you piss me off its gonna go down lol) im a History buff, i love Bleach, InFAMOUS, Star Wars, and so much more. I have my own series called EXPERIMENT. I have a wiiiiiiiiiiiide imagination, ive been raised to believe that anyhting is possible as long as your willing to work for it then nothing is impossible, Never stop believeing that you can make a huuuuge difference in any aspect :D 

Upcoming Projects

  • Darksiders: Karahime Chronicles Prelude [CANCELED]
  • Darksiders: Karahime Chronicles Characters [CANCELED]

Expect these stories to be posted in three to six weeks :D

  • Predicted Release Date: August 4th
  • Predicted Next Release Date: August 8th

My favorite pages

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