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I am an Administrator here on the Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki, as well as one of its three co-founders, and the co-author of Bleach: Second Act. I've been an editor on Wikia for over four years now; being an admin on the Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki, as well as the current Head Admin over at Naruto Fanon Wiki. I also contribute to various other anime-related wikis, and am the founder of the Cystic Fibrosis Wiki. If you have any questions, or anything you need to talk about, simply leave me a message at my talk page, and I will get back to you whenever I can. I also write a blog once a week on Bleach Wiki, which will be titled, "Guide to Bleach", which will cover a range of topics based on that week's anime episode and manga chapter. I look forward to seeing you all around the wiki!

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My Favorite Characters

My Favorite Characters
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Vegeta Prince Vegeta, Vegeta Jr., or as most of us know him, simply Vegeta, is my all time favorite anime character. This is very ironic because I hate cocky and arrogant characters with a passion, but Vegeta is not only my exception, he is also my very favorite. As a young boy growing up, I, like most boys my age, watched Dragonball Z... a LOT. Unlike most, however, who were captivated by Goku and his almost child-like innocence, it was Vegeta that made the series come alive for me. His quotes, actions, and his general demeanor are, in essence, what I think of when I think of Dragonball Z, or any affiliated content. His constant struggle to become the strongest against all odds has inspired me to do my best to complete my life goals no matter what adversity I face. And it is for that reason that Vegeta is number one for me.

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Itachi Uchiha Itachi is very close, in fact, I'd even say completely even with Vegeta for my favorite anime characters. The reason I love Itachi second is more of a personal one. After the revelation that Itachi was actually a loving older brother who sacrificed his name and his peaceful life for a life of pain, misery, and deception, all for his little brother and his friends, I really connected with Itachi. I myself have a younger cousin whom I consider to be my "little brother" (only four months younger than me, but I still refer to him as "little bro"). He suffers from a lot of pain and misery due to an illness he's had since birth, and as an "older brother" to him, I care for him no matter what happens, and I'd do anything, even sacrifice myself, for his sake. Recently, when Itachi was able to put aside his brother's blind and misguided hatred for his village and former comrades and proudly declare, "You don't have to forgive me. No matter what you do from now on, I will love you forever", I must admit, made me shed a tear or two, because I know, were our situations the same, I would put my arm around my "brother" and declare the same thing. Itachi is a true hero, and will always have my respect. Infant Sasuke and Itachi
Hei A true genius of the marital arts if there ever was one. I like Hei for several reasons, but the top reason would have to be that he is quite simply...a badass. I mean seriously, this guy kicked the ass of every single person he faced in the first season of Darker than Black. No one defeated him. I mean that; no one. Most people refer to him as the Chinese Electric Batman. I don't know if any of you have seen The Dark Knight, but Batman alone is a badass in his own right. To be given a title that shares his name is clearly a compliment no one can refute. Furthermore, their comparison is accurate. His fighting style and method of transportation does resemble Batman in numerous ways. He's also a loving older brother, and as you may have noticed in my above section about Itachi, I really like those types of characters for personal reasons. Hei1
Naruto Uzumaki Coming in at number four is none other than Naruto Uzumaki. Like Itachi, I also have a very personal connection to Naruto. However, unlike Itachi, its not one that I myself have noticed. In this world, I have four people that I consider my very best friends. One of them is the cousin I mentioned in my Itachi section, and another is this wiki's very own Seireitou, whom I have known close to five years now. But I also have a female friend who is very close to me. One of the things we have in common is the love of the manga, Naruto. Only a few months after I met her, she drew a comparison between herself and Sasuke. Like him, she hadn't had the best childhood, and had a very bleak outlook on life. When she did so, I told her that if she ever went down that road, I'd "be her Naruto" and save her. During an incident that occurred only weeks before I wrote this, we feared our friendship would end for reasons I will not discuss here. Fearing this, for two straight days and nights, I talked to her, told her my feelings regarding our friendship. When I eventually broke down and pleaded with her not to leave because she meant a good deal to me, she smiled and called me "her Naruto". She even went further after the incident had ended, saying that she enjoyed reading Naruto because he reminded her of me. That, to me, was more than just a nerdy thing to call a friend. Naruto has always been a fun part of our friendship to discuss. He's a great friend who will chase down Sasuke no matter what, because that's what friends do. I feel the same. I'll go to the ends of the world and back for those I care for, so the fact that Naruto is the same puts him high up on my list of favorites. Naruto Uzumaki
Kisuke Urahara Kisuke. Gotta love him. I just cannot dislike this guy. Funny character, but knows how to be serious. He shows up at just the right time, always, and usually has some kick butt scheme devised to take down whoever it is he may come up against. Never fails to lighten the mood, even in a tense situation. Most of all, he's humble, and I like that about him. Recently, he's been even more of a key figure in Bleach, and I look forward to seeing what Tite Kubo will do with him. I have a feeling that he has a deeper connection to the story than has been revealed to us. Kisuke2
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