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Hey, there! Thanks for stopping by my user-page.

As you can probably tell, my username is DazzlingEmerald (光る翠玉, Hikaru no Suigyoku); most refer to me simply as Dazz (ダズ), however, feel free to call me whatever you would like. If you're a member of an anime fan-fiction orientated wikia, then there's a good chance you've probably already heard of me, as I tend to operate around those most.

I'd like to believe I'm a pretty laid back guy, so if we do happen to cross ways, then don't hesitate to message me, whether it be for help or to simply say "hello". I have an interest in creating fictionalized anime characters, and roleplaying through them. I am also an artist, though I do not accept public requests.

I usually hop around from several different wikias at a time, depending on what projects I'm working on. If you'd like to collaborate in any which way, then do contact me; though, just realize that I'll account you towards a high standard if you choose to do so, and will expect nothing but your very best in return.

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