aka Douglas Mitchell Keyes

  • I live in Varanasi, India
  • I was born on July 19
  • I am Male

Hello, and welcome to my Wiki page! On here, I'm AchronesXII. But on most other instances, my nickname is ColdfireXII. Don't forget it, okay?

I've been around for quite a while; several years, actually. The most recent of my hiatuses was due to personal problems, procrastination and the constant demands of real life. Hopefully now I'm here to stay. Not to worry; I know a good deal about writing stories and the like. If you happen to wanna RP with me, I try to be as fair, entertaining and literate as I can. Don't hesitate to call me out for any mistakes/problems I make.

Glad to be here, and hope you're happy having me.

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