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Unmei no Hito
Artist Fujita Maiko
Type Ending Song
Time Span 1:48

Unmei no Hito (運命の人, "My Fated Person") is a single released by Fujita Maiko, and the first ending of the Invasion of Hell arc.





It’s all right, I’m fine, always smiling a lot
But even if I’m with someone, something is missing

Even though there is no reason for you to come here
The full moon that can be seen through the open window
The cry of the crickets call out their loneliness
Suppressed feelings start to waver again

On a night when I want to see you and become anguished
I feel like I am going to burst.
So, to think of somebody is this kind of feeling
Please stay by my side.

There is no one that I like as much as you...
No matter what the future holds, you are my fated person.

Romanized Japanese[]

daijoubu itsumo chanto waratteru yo
demo dare to itemo nani ka tarinai

ima anata ga koko ni kuruwakenai no ni
aketa mado kara mieta mangetsu
suzumushi no koe ga sabishisa sasou kara
osaeta kimochi mata sawagi dasu

anata ni aitakute kurushiku naru yoru wa
harisaki sou dayo
dare ka wo omoutte konna kimochi nanda
soba ni ite hoshii

anata hodo suki ni nareta hito wa inai no
donna mirai da to shitemo anata wa watashi no unmei no hito


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