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"I don't care how great Zero Division is! You guys were relaxing above whille we were under attack! And now you come down to rebuild us? Is this a joke!?"

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Gate way to Unity

Unity Universe is known by many as the realm of friendship, only those who have achieved true friends through their life can learn how to unlock the gate way to this place. In the known world only one person has ever been able to go into this world and achieve the power of Saidai Doraibu, and it was a man named Ray Martinez.


When someone enters this universe they must face a being that represents their own inner self. It will do whatever it takes to defeat them and make sure that they would never come back again. After the person defeats the being they are rewarded with their inner power unlocked in their own unique way.

When one loses their power, they can retrieve it but only when they defeat the being once again only using the power they obtained. Those who have entered this place can re-enter without having to do the ritual that firstimers must do.