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"Ave. True to Caesar."

-an undead Roman Centurian

Undead Romans are a race of undead beings who used to be one of the mightiest armies in the old Roman Empire. Lead by Caesar who used to be in the Soul Society, the Undead Romans reside in an unknown world full of undead soldiers from human wars. Like all the undead except the post-war Germans, the Undead Romans kept distance from the Soul Reapers and does not attack unless provoked. They are also allies of the Shingami but they can only help the Soul Reapers if Hollows and the Arrancars are getting too powerful.


After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Shinigami began to notice a change among the souls who died in the empire. Most of the souls are Roman soldiers who are involved in Roman wars. These souls became the undead instead of being Hollows or original souls. When the Roman Empire has fallen, there are reports that an unknown force are killing a large number of Hollows. Fearing that the balance might be damaged, the leaders of the Soul Society sent Soul Reapers to investigate this event.

As the Soul Reapers came, they were frightened and disgusted when a group of Undead Romans killed an army of Hollows and ate them in a disrepectful manner like all the zombies from media. Due to the Undead Romans' rotten appearance and their behavior, one of the Soul Reapers deliberetley attacked them. The provoked Romans responded by killing the Soul Reaper and attacking the rest.

Relationship with the Soul Reapers[]

"I respect your Shinto, Soul Reaper. But I refuse to become like you. Degenerates like you deserve to be beheaded."

-Caesar, talking to a Soul Reaper Captain

Relationship between the Undead Romans and Shinigami are strain. Although the Romans have a great respect of Shinto, Thor, Mother Nature, and God, they are distant and hostile to Soul Reapers. Their grudge on the Soul Reapers increase because of the extinction of the Quincy. The Undead Romans knew that the Soul Reapers are killing men, women, and children. So they came to the Human world to rescue the Quincy. They also thought that the Quincy have the right to kill Hollows to make the world safe, without knowing that killing Hollows and sending them to Hell from Quincy powers actually damages the balance. Despite their grudges against the Soul Reapers, the Undead Romans defended the Soul Society and the Shinigami. They made sure that the Hollows in Heaco Mundo won't come into a large powerful army and invading the Soul Society and unleashing Hell on Earth.

Relationship with Quincy and the Soul Knights[]

"Where is God when barbarians killed Roman Christian families. Where is God when the Mighty Roman Empire has fallen. Is it because we killed His Divine Son?"

-Caesar, who refused to accept Christianity from Quincy

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