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Ahatake Noriko Kurosaki was frowning, his younger sister standing close to him. Being in a stadium full of cheering spectators did not suit him at all. And here he was accompanied by people, most of which he'd be ignoring if he could.

The first woman, a blonde by the name of Seikai Joshin, was standing next to the stadium wall. She appeared to be sleeping, but it was clear by the killing intent she was radiating that she was very much awake.

Then, a younger looking woman with long, dark blue hair, was looking around the stadium at the mix of spectators, Shinigami and Demon-alike.

And Ryuka Injiki seemed to be sharpening his sword, preparing for his bout in the ring.

Ahatake's frown deepened. "When will the other team get here?"

Hikari chuckled. "Ahatake-san, be patient, they'll get here when they do. If you recall, we were late as well."

Ahatake said nothing, though the young woman was right.

Cero! A pitch black energy beam headed towards Ahatake. A pretty familiar reiatsu can be felt, along with several unknown ones. "Long time no see, hollow-scum." greeted Margin.

With him, Zen, Yuki, Ciel, and Yuzuru are watching from the back.

"I'm quite sure that suddenly attacking the other team outside the stadium is against the rules Margin..." stated Yuzuru looking at the other team.

Ahatake chuckled. "'Bout damn time you lot got here!" He called out, completely brushing off the attack Margin had fired at him. "Can we get this show on the road?"

"Then, shall we?" Margin grabbed Yuzuru and threw him in the middle. "You first." he said as he laughed.

"The hell was that for?" asked Yuzuru as he gently landed on the stadium.

Akiko's eyes lit the moment she saw Yuzuru. "I wanna fight her!" She said, stepping away from Ahatake. "Onii-chan, lemme go first!"

Ahatake chuckled. "Alright you go first. My target in this bout is Margin anyway."

Akiko vs Yuzuru[]

Akiko to her step into the ring, becking Yuzuru her way.

"I guess I got lucky...since I get to fight someone so beautiful" mused Yuzuru as he swung his sword, allowing the sheath to fly out and gently land against the wall next to his teammates.

As Yuzuru walked into the ring, Koyuki's voice rang out! "Is everyone in the audience ready?!" She called out over the crowd. "In this corner we have Yuzuru Akiraka from Team Heart! And in this corner we have Akiko Ichimaru from Team Kurosaki! LET THE MATCH BEGIN!"

Akiko smiled, drawing her Zanpakuto. "It's not everyday I get to fight a cute girl." She said smiling in Yuzuru's direction.

"Oh come on not this again...I am a guy..." he said in a depressed voice, he was hit on by alot of people who made the same mistake (mostly guys) before the tournament started. "But anyway, ladies first." he said in a more confident voice as he settled in a defensive stance.

"You're a boy?" Akiko's eyes widened. "Well isn't that a pleasant surprise." She extended a hand and wordlessly fired a massive Sōkatsui spell in the boy's direction.

"How in the world is that a pleasant surprise?" he questioned as he kicked into shunpo and reappeared above her with the stadium lights glowing behind him and he slashed downwards.

"Never met a boy as cute as you before." She said simply, shooting a Shakkahō fireball at Yuzuru.

He sighed as he cut the fireball in half and said "Like I haven't heard that before.". He then fired his own Shakkahō towards Akiko and used shunpo again to get to the side of her to fire off a Sōkatsui while she was distracted by the first attack.

"Reverse order?" She asked, laughing. "Danku." She said, and both spells were blocked by the barrier that was summoned.

"Tenran." She uttered the spell's name and sent a tornado blast of wind Yuzuru's way.

"Oh come on, a Kidō user that thinks I look like a girl...all you need is to spontaneously hug me out of nowhere and you would be a copy of my sister..." he said as he got out of the way of the attack. He then raised his left arm and pointed towards her and muttered "Byakurai".

Akiko dodged cheerfully, breaking into a Shunpo and appearing in front of Yuzuru. Then she did something very surprising. She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him so his face was buried in her breasts.

"OK, scratch that, you are exactly like my sister." said Yuzuru as he pushed her back, his face was completely red from the unnecessary contact. "If you live through this tournament, I'll introduce her to you...I bet you two would get along." he muttered as he dashed towards her with his sword and slashed downwards.

Akiko smiled as she made little effort to dodge, the blade cutting into her. "Alright. I'd love to meet your sister." She said, pushing his blade out of her cut shoulder and jumping back. She smiled again as she waved a hand over her shoulder and drew out some of the blood. It began to float above her hand.

Ahatake sighed. "Looks like we get to see her creepy power."

"What the hell? Is that blood manipulation?...she hasn't released her zanpakuto what is this?" Yuzuru thought as he looked at what she was doing. He then fired off another Byakurai to try to throw her off her concentration as he dashed towards her again.

Moving swiftly, Akiko dodged the Byakurai bolt and shot the blood at Yuzuru like a whip, aiming for his feet.

"Wow, that's an interesting ability you have there." he said as he jumped to the side to avoid her attack. Afterwards, he said "Dance with beauty and grace...Aohime." as he twirled his sword in a series of elegant movements. The katana then glowed and elongated into a longsword with a sapphire jewel embedded into the center of the guard.

"Shikai already?" Akiko asked. "Alright then, if you wanna power up!" She placed a hand over her face and donned her Hollow mask.

"I'll play with you a little while." She said in the dual voice of herself and her Hollow. She began forming strange hand seals, and her hands began to glow green. She slammed her hands together and a green rectangles shot at Yuzuru from the above, left, and right. If it hit, it would not be a complete cage due to missing the bottom link, but it couldn't be helped since they weren't floating.

"Oh great, she's a Vizard too..." he mumbled as his eyes hollowfied. With the slight hollowfication he used the increased speed to dodge the odd spell she tried to use on him. "Seinaru Hane no Nagare" he said as he used shunpo to get behind her and slashed downwards with a long black glowing feather engulfing his blade.

She turned, swinging her hand to catch the feather, and frowned under her mask. "You dodged my cage? You're not much fun." She opened her mouth and fired a pink Cero at the boy.

He quickly shifted his position to the right to dodge the incoming cero and said "Sorry but I don't really feel like being caged right now.". Then suddenly a golden sword shot at her from behind and another fell from the sky flying straight towards her.

Again, Akiko did not make an effort to dodge being pierced, merely ripping the blades out and jumping back.

"You aren't making it easy to play. So I guess I should release too." She began to twirl her sword in a circular fashion. "Die in vain, Hitokage." Her sword did not change form as she uttered the command. In fact, it gave no indication that the command had even worked.

"She deliberately took another hit... I wonder if it has something to do with her blood control or is it to use her shikai." thought Yuzuru as he watched. He then sent the two swords after her again to see what she will do.

Akiko used the blood whip she had used earlier to deflect the swords that came her way, and then poured some of her blood onto her blade and it began to soak over it. Raising her blade into the air, energy poured upward from it and took the shape of her Hollow Mask.

"Okay...the correct answer is both..." he thought as he watched his attack fail. "Well that's nice, you can manipulate your blood normally and that zanpakuto of yours takes your blood as payment to do I right?" he asked as he sent the two swords after her once more, though a third fell out of the sky towards her.

The energy that was around her sword spiked and deflected the swords. "You're pretty smart. That's exactly what it does." She swung her blade down. "Aka Chiwan." The giant mass of energy that looked like her mask shot forward at Yuzuru, it's "mouth" opened as if to bite.

"Sankenshu" he muttered as he materialized three swords in front of him to form the triangular barrier to block the attack.

The mask shaped energy blast collided with the barrier, and it's jaws closed down on it. Akiko grunted as she applied more energy to the barrier trying to break through.

While Akiko was focused on the attack to trying to break through his barrier, Yuzuru kicked into shunpo and reappeared behind her to slash downwards with another Seinaru Hane no Nagare.

The blade cut into her shoulder, and she winced, instinctively swinging her arm around to retaliate, her hand aimed a Yuzuru's face.

Surprised by the sudden hit swing of her arm, the back of her hand connected with his face and knocked him back quite a distance. When he got up, there was a large red mark on his cheek. All of the golden swords returned to him for a grand total of six floating around him defensively. He then sent three of the swords to attack Akiko, one flying straight towards her head on, another from above with the lights shining behind it making it difficult to see, and one from behind.

Akiko formed hand seals again and crossed her hands, forming barriers around each of the swords. Snapping her fingers, the swords broke in half. She then fired a Byakurai bolt at Yuzuru.

He made a quick step to his left to avoid the lightning bolt. Then, he materialized three new swords to replace the ones that were destroyed. Afterwards he sent four swords towards Akiko, this time three in a triangular shape around her and one above her. He then said "Shikensu" and a triangular pyramid shaped barrier began to form around her.

Similar to how the boy had evaded her cage earlier, she vanished with a Shunpo, escaping from the barrier before it could fully form.

She removed her mask, she figured she'd need it later. "We seem to be almost even." She said, twirling her Katana. "You're pretty good Yuzuru-kun."

"Yeah...'even'...though I am not wearing a hollow mask like you..." he commented as his eyes reverted back to it's normal gray and the swords shifted to it's beautiful blue once more. This time he materialized another sword sent all seven of the swords towards her from multiple directions. Yuzuru himself disappeared with the use of shunpo.

Akiko formed her seals again, once again formed barriers around each sword. Snapping her fingers, they broke. She vanished with Shunpo and appeared next to Yuzuru, grabbing him by the arm and throwing him outta the ring.

"HE'S OUT!" Koyuki cried. "We begin the count! 1.."

"Ah crap the ten count!" he thought as he got up and rushed back in. He formed the seven swords once more and muttered "Sankenshu" as not one but two blue triangular barriers flew towards her.

Koyuki had only gotten to three by the time he got back into the ring, and stopped her count as the fight resumed.

Akiko frowned. She had been hoping that would have done it. She jumped into the air, avoiding the barriers and began to form seals. As she did, glowing lines formed in a square fashion around Yuzuru. She kept forming until energy spead from them, beginning to cover up the exists.

Yuzuru used shunpo to get out of it before it completely closed by using the blue sword that was with him to hold the gap open. He then instructed the two barriers to fly towards Akiko once more but this time, once they were close enough, the two barriers shattered and shot at her from six directions.

Lifting as much blood from the ground and from her wounds as was possible, Akiko turned it into a liquid flail and swung it around, knocking away the oncoming barriers fragments. Then she spoke.


"What is it Akiko?" responded Yuzuru with a curious look on his face.

"Have you ever wondered if there are other dimensions besides the basic four that we know about?" She asked slyly.

"No, not really...though I'd love to discuss this after our fight." he replied. "Sekienton" he shouted as smoke covered the arena and suddenly thousands of blue blades rained down on where Akiko is and the general area surrounding her.

"Oh crap!" Akiko thought as she saw the swords. Her thoughts however, were focused more on the smoke. She erected barriers around her skull and others vitals, guaranteeing the swords would not kill her, and then used Tenran to blow the smokescreen away as many of the thousand swords pierced her body.

Before the Tenran can fully blow away the smoke, Yuzuru said "Ken no Sekai" and the entire arena was covered by multiple blue triangular shields forming one gigantic dome that the people outside cannot see inside. Inside the dome, Yuzuru's reiatsu permeated the entire interior, effectively hiding his position. Scattered on the ground was hundreds of triangular pyramid shaped barriers and in the air were thousands of swords. Yuzuru himself was nowhere to be seen. The swords began to fall towards Akiko once more.

Akiko put both her hands in front of her and formed a compressed ball of energy. She smiled and spoke to Yuzuru even though she could not see him. "Yuzuru-kun, you really shouldn't have interrupted me during my discussion about dimensions. Now you're going to pay for it." The barrier;s that were protecting her vitals spread all around in an attempt to block the blades the rained down on her. She launched the ball into the air and it broke through the barrier's roof, breaking through the tournament ceiling.

Ahatake recognized it immediately. This would not be pretty.

The ball floated above the stadium, circling and spinning, making a whirring noise.

"'What the hell is that?" asked Yuzuru, whose dual voice echoed throughout the entire dome. The blue domed barrier shifted to a golden yellow, filling it with more hollowlike reiatsu even more than what he previously released. More golden swords rained down on Akiko.

Akiko grinned as the orb expanded to huge proportions and began to suck in everything under it...spectators included.

"You can surrender." Akiko said as the barrier began to disintegrate as the gigantic orb portal started to suck it in. "If you do I will close the portal. If'll be trapped in another dimension."

"You're bluffing, an attack of this scale will consume even the one who cast it." He said trying to bide for time to find some way get out of this inescapable situation.

"I know." Akiko replied, grinning. "Who said I wasn't willing to go down with you? I didn't come here to lose, but I'll settle for a draw!" The portal began to edge closer and most of the people by then had fled, not wanting to get sucked in. Even the combatants respective team members had jumped back to get away from the portal. Ryuka had long since moved the referee away from the portal.

"Fine then, a draw it is." said Yuzuru who reverted back to his Shikai as a sign of good faith.

Akiko grinned and turned to face Ahatake. "Onii-chan, this is it for me today." She said as the portal inched closer.

Ahatake chuckled again. "Well make sure you get out of there fast. We're gonna need you when we make it to round 2."

"Alright. I'm looking forward to this though. Me and Yuzuru-kun alone in a seperate dimension." She giggled. "This is going to be fun."

"Oh you have got to be kidding me." said Yuzuru shocked that she was willing to fly into the dimension. "You better help me get those survivers back out though..." he grumbled.

Akiko chuckled. "Forget them. I have other plans for you.." She said as the portal crashed into the stadium and enveloped them both, dragging them into Akiko's strange dimension. As they were sucked in, the portal shrunk and shrunk until it existed no longer.

Koyuki stepped back into the now very destroyed ring and the spectators who had escaped the dimension were filing back in too. She cleared her throat.

"Akiko Ichimaru vs Yuzuru Akiraka ends in a draw as both competitors are out of bounds!"

Ahatake sighed. "I pity the Yuzuru boy..."

Ahatake vs Margin[]

Margin smirked and yawned as he stretch out his arms. "I know that Yuzuru-guy is no good so I better win this one.* He then glared at Ahatake, signaling him that its their turn.

Ahatake chuckled. "I've been waiting for this." He said, jumping into the ring. As Margin entered the ring, Koyuki called out again.

"Ahatake Kurosaki in this corner! Margin Heart in that corner! BEGIN!"

Ahatake drew the Kodachi at his side. "So Margin. We meet again after all that time."

"Sorry." Margin disappeared from Ahatake's eyes, only to reappear with his hand on Ahatake's face. "But, I don't like chit chats that much." He then started charging a cero while still holding his face.

Ahatake ripped his hand from his face and jumped back. "Wow, you're no fun." He said, pointing his finger at Margin like a young child pretending to shoot a gun.



Ahatake shooting his Cero

A massive beam of red energy shot from his finger in Margin's direction.

"Now where playing?" Margin copied what Ahatake did and grinned while doing it. "Bang! Bang!" Only no cero came from his finger, but a cero did came from behind Ahatake, aiming to burn his back.

Ahatake extended his hand behind him, firing another Cero to counter Margin's. However, since Margin had made no earlier effort to dodge his first Cero, it collided with him.

As the smoke made by the explosion caused by Ahatake's cero faded, no Margin appeared but a bundle of chains were laying on the floor. "Your wide open" Margin said as he pointed a blade at Ahatake's throat.

Ahatake jumped back, the blade missing, but just barely. He frowned. Margin had replaced himself with chains. That was new. He drew his Wakizashi and charged in, swinging the Kodaichi to attack Margin.

Coating his hand with his monstrous reiatsu, Margin was able to block the attack bare handed. He grabbed the blade and assaulted with a quick cero.

Ahatake pushed off from Margin with a kick, ripping the blade out of the man's hand, and ducking, the Cero flying over his head. He extended his hand and launched a blast of Dan attacks, similar to a Bala.

With his quick reflexes, Margin managed to dodge most Dan blasts but one hit although he didn't care much, ignoring the wound on his shoulder. Quickly, he jumped in mid-air and landed behind Ahatake, almost invisible wires followed, aiming to bind Ahatake's limbs.

Ahatake jumped into the air, dodging Margin's wires. Gripping the Kodachi, he placed it over his back, and uttered it's release command.

"Sever...RAIKA!" He cried, and it changed from a standard Kodachi to a white longsword with a hook at the end and curved shell-like pipes that form the hilt. Upon transformation, flames emitted from the pipes.

Margin sighed at the sight of Ahatake's release. He then held on his chains and started pulling some kind of blue flame that rests inside of it. "Come then.."

"No need." Ahatake said, as he swung his blade and massive fireballs shot from it at Margin. "I'm more of a distance fighter."

As the fireballs came nearer to Margin, its color started to become blue and stopped. The fireballs then went back to its original owner.

Ahatake frowned. Sending his fire back at him? Using fire against Ahatake at all was pointless to the point of being laughable. The flames hit Ahatake, but did no damage whatsoever. Ahatake grinned and swung Raika again, sending larger and faster fireballs at Margin.

As he saw Ahatake's ability, Margin started laugh. He knows using his inner flames were useless so he just put it on his chains again. Walls of chains shielded Margin from the attack at the same time he sent vast number of his chains towards Ahatake, chains that cannot be broken by normal means.

Ahatake rocketed towards the ground, annoyed with Margin's repeated use of chains. Ahatake slammed his blade into the area and, large fissures began to crack into the ground as fire erupted from it, not only forming a shield around Ahatake, but the fissure's spread around the area, flames erupting around Margin as well.

Margn jumped, with chains following his movements and at the same time protecting him from harm. The heat was not a problem as Margin us used to this kind of heat, or even something hotter. Although he was safe from most attacks, he was getting frustrated on how to attack Ahatake. An idea the popped up on his mind as he let chains also burst from the ground where Ahatake is standing, covering every angle that Ahatake might use to escape.

Ahatake scowled and manipulated the flames to surround him and heat up, and they began to melt the chains.

Margin grinned, smiling about the idea that melting his chains would stop it. The melted chains were still under his control and Margin used it to attack Ahatake again, the melted chains gained the appearance of some huge wave of water heading towards Ahatake.

The flames Ahatake was producing ceased and he jumped into the air, floating just outside of the stadium, in the hole Akiko had created earlier. He placed a hand to his face and donned his Hollow Mask. Then he mercilessly let loose a barrage of Cero blasts upon Margin and even the ring itself.

As Ahatake was looking down, Margin knows he wouldn't notice he just followed him up. There he fired his own cero behind Ahatake's head at point-blank rage. Margin's own eyes were hollowfied, he lost his grin, seriousness is getting in to him.

The Cero collided with Ahatake and pushed him back, but Ahatake grabbed onto the man's arm and hurled him back down into the stadium.

"DIE ON IMPACT!" He cried, watching Margin fall.

Margin stared at Ahatake, in the last second, he used his chain to grab Ahatake's leg, aiming to pull him and make him smash on the ground. "Ain't gonna die, I have a date later on."

"if it's up to me, you won't be getting to it in one piece." Ahatake said, twirling Raika and slashing it down, cutting the chains before he smashed down and returning to a safe spot high in the air. He cupped his hands at his sides and a red orb began to form.


He cried, firing a massive beam of red energy down upon Margin.

Margin's hollowfied reiatsu was leaking all over the place, crushing small fragments of the ring. With his bare-hand, he hurled the cero from Ahatake away. "I have had enough, Ahatake." Margin has left some chains links on the air which later encircles Ahatake and in a flash all the links rushed towards Ahatake.

"You've had enough? How ironic." He sheathed Raika and it returned to it's normal Kodachi form. He raised the Wakizashi. "So have I. Enlighten him, Tentōkūshi." The sword did not change, but five barriers erupted around Ahatake, and the moment the chains collided with them, they began to break down and disintegrate.

"Margin." Ahatake hissed, descending slowly until he was floating above the ring just barely. "It's over for you." He swung his Wakizashi down. " Mukei Hachō." He uttered the attack's name and it shot out of his five barriers and at Margin.

Margin didn't reply but instead raised both of his hands and started charging two fully powered ceros. Trying to fight Ahatake's own attack with his own, Margin hands were being lacerated by the force but he applied a lot of his hollowfied reiatsu. "Not yet, Ahatake."

Ahatake smirked under his mask and opened his mouth, firing his own Cero at Margin, on top of the Mukei Hachō that was still slashing with him.

Margin's ceros were being overpowered, only Ahatake could have done that. It was not looking good for Margin but he just doesn't know how to give up. He just dodged Ahatake's attack and moved up. He breathing heavily but never did he wanted to lose to Ahatake. Not gonna lose.... He thought to himself.

Ahatake sighed. "Margin it really is over for you. I won't even need my full power to end this." He fired a Dan blast at Margin.

Margin did not say anything, he was silent, has he already admitted defeat? He let the Dan blast connect, but as the smoke fade, he appeared unfazed by the attack. "Are you mocking me?" His voice was different, not the usual Margin we hear everyday. He was ready at any attack Ahatake may give. "If you want to defeat me, atleast knock me out."

Ahatake decided to tempt him. "Try and break my barrier Margin. Punch it."

Margin smirked, he knows Ahatake is trying to make him do something stupid, so instead he surrounded Ahatake and his barrier with his chains, he moved the chains and dragged Ahatake out of the ring, He then said BANKAI, Margin's blade emitted some kind of glow around the area. More chains erupted from the ground, even that from the air, chains appeared, wrapping around Ahatake with his barrier. Margin hoped for a ring out.

The chain's however, began to disintegrate on contact with Ahatake's barriers, and the demonic smile his mask wore signified Ahatake's mood at the moment. He was confident. He knew he could win this. He held up his blade.


His blade shattered into numerous pieces and those pieces caught flame. Ahatake began to shape them, until they took the form of a giant wave. The wave of flame charged at Margin and crashed down.

Margin covered himself with more chains, he was pretty confident that the attack won't get him.

The attack, however, DID get him, crashing through his chains and onto the man's flesh.

"Give it up Margin."

"Why should I give up? As long as I can still stand and fight....there's no giving up." The Margin burned by the attack literally exploded leaving chains behind. "I have no plan on giving up, especially to someone like you, Ahatake."

Ahatake scowled, and whipped his hilt in Margin's direction, the flames rushing after him.

Margin was running like hell in a pretty comedic fashion. This flames just won't disappear does it? He thought to himself as an idea came to his mind. Margin went directly to the barrier with the flames still following him, as he was about to hit the barrier, he jumped high to avoid crashing, hoping that the fire will be destroy the barrier.

In surprise, Ahatake's first barrier shattered. "What the..? I-impossible!"

"Ahatake, what is this? Some kind of game?" Margin is getting pretty annoyed with the fact that his like a entertainer inside a box.

Ahatake scowled. This man had actually passed the first test. He hadn't expected anyone aside from Seireitou to be capable of passing any of them.

"Yushikōsa." Ahatake muttered and his barrier was covered in a dense pool of energy, making him impossible to be seen by anyone. As this occured, a solid clone of Ahatake appeared outside the barrier, mask and all.

"About bloody time..'"' Several scratches could be seen in Margin's body, any normal human would have collapse but not him. Margin raised his hand and fired a cero that went directly at Ahatake.

The Cero pierced Ahatake's heart, and he went down.

Margin was shocked that Ahatake didn't move, that was a little fast. He knew something was wierd, why didn't he move?

The Ahatake that was killed faded, and two new Ahatake's replaced it. They drew their swords, and began to charge at Margin.

Before they could get neared to Margin, chains started encircling them, compressing each and every second. Still, Margin was thinking what is going on, clones appearing from nowhere is a little bit unexpected for him.

As the clones were killed, four more replaced them and launched their attack.

After seeing more clones, Margin had atleast got the idea of Ahatake's ability. He scratched his head out of annoyance and shouted out loud. "VERY CLEVER AHATAKE!!!" And he even has the ability to double the clones that i have killed, really...WHY MATH?!!

Each clone thrust it's fist forward, aiming at Margin's face.

Margin simply ducked down and dodged the fists. He can't kill this clones or they'll simply multiply by 2 again and that will really be frustrating for Margin. This clones were really starting to get on his nerves.

The clones extended their hands and fired Cero blasts at Margin.

"Are you seriously trying to bore me to death? Clones that multiply everytime you killed each of them won't do any good to you sir, why don't you just face me head on?" Margin really had enough of this nonsense, pretty much a waste of time for him.

One of the clones spoke. "I'm just following how my Zanpakuto works." It said, annoyance in it's voice. The four clones surrounded Margin, letting loose huge Cero's.

"Come on, Ahatake, this will take forever, I won't kill more clones, if you don't show up, it'll take decades before this fight is over." Margin said as he simply sat down and let the ceros passed.

"Then it will take decades." The clones said simultaneously as they launched blasts at Margin from their blades.

"Ok that's it, HEY PU$$Y! You afraid or something? Your clones can't do sh*t! Their nothing but fake moda fokers!" Margin's temper got to him, his blood was boiling, he just can't stand enough of this ability.

The clones chuckled. "Trying to lure me out?" They asked, their eyes glinting. "Not going to work." One clone charged in, his fist hurtling towards Margin.

Margin let the fist connect to his face. He stared at the clone with much annoyance on his eyes. His reiatsu become even denser and heavier, his heart is pounding like never before. His not just annoyed but angry to the point that his hollow can feel his inner world tremble.

Every Ahatake began surround Margin, moving swiftly. They're Spiritual Pressure began to rise, causing the stadium to tremble. The stopped and extended both their index and middle finger. They began to crackle.

"Bakudō #9, Hōrin!" They cried, and orange hued tendrils with spiraling yellow patterns to erupt from their fingertips, and wrapped around Margin's arms, binding him. The ends of the tendrils remained connected to the clones to allow the clones control.

Fokin binding spells. Although the Bakudō was strong, its not something that Margin couldn't handle as he releases more of his hollow reiatsu to disspell it. "Like I said, you clones can't do sh*t anymore, I figured them out, its useless better use another of your magic tricks"

The clones sighed. "We pretty much figured you'd break out. Kido isn't our forte anyway." They appeared next to him, two clones grippung his shoulder, and the other two gripping his arms.

"We intend to take you with us!" The clones jumped high into the air, Margin tight in their grasp.

Right in the middle of the air, flames started to burn the clones that were attached to Margin, he does have inner flames inside his chains that he keeps attached to his body. Fine...Gimme eight more.. He though to himself as he sighed.

As the clones faded, the eight more came indeed and reattached themselves to Margin, and pushed off again. The moment the broke through the hole in the stadium room, a Garganta opened up in the sky.

'"GRAAAAGGGGH!"" The clones launched Margin with all their strength into the Garganta and closed it. They fell down to the ground and collided with the stadium.

Koyuki began to count. "1...2....3..."

"Now I'm really pissed..." Remembering what Zen has thought him about Gargantas, Margin ripped open a garganta with his hollow reiatsu helping him. With only 3 seconds left, Margin was able to return. "I'm really getting tired of this Ahatake, is there really nothing else besides this effing clones? There not that much fun anymore."

"I expected you to give up long before now." The clones said, fury in their voice. WHAT would get RID of this guy? Would they have to crush his damn throat? Actually, that was worth a try. The clones took a stance, and charged at Margin, their blades aimed at his throat.

They have not reached Margin, chains started to erupt from the ground, everywhere we look there is chains, the whole area has turned into some kind of chain prison. Anyone who would step in there would be burned alive and turned into ashes in mere seconds. Margin was laughing inside his prison. I'd kill them all! Yes! I'd kill them all! I'd kill them so fast that they can't reproduce faster than I could kill. Margin had just snapped, his multiple personality syndrome just kicked in.

As the clones died, 12 more came in their place, then 14 more, then 16. The numbers only increased, and Ahatake, the real Ahatake, began to see a predicament. This prison that Margin had trapped them all in couldn't be invincible. He extended his hand and wordlessly fired a Cero at Margin. In all the confusion, it had to hit.

Not seeing the incoming attack, Margin was hit and left him shocked for a few moments.

As the clones grew in number, some clones were untouched.


The spheres formed by the two clones

This was due to the increased number, the chains had shifted higher up, the clones being repeatedly kill and expanding up there. Two clones charged in on either side of Margin, a spiraling sphere of reishi, Hado #3, Kajō, in the hands of each clone. The extended their hands, aiming to slams the orbs into Margin.

Margin went closer to the other clones, and as the 2 clones preparing to hit him got closer, he dodged at the right timing, hoping that the attack from the 2 other clones can kill more clones.

The clones spheres slammed into each other, and they fell, Instead of causing more clones to form however, nothing happened.

"Shit." Ahatake thought to himself. "I hope he didn't notice that."

Margin might not look it but his eyes are fast, he noticed the flaw in Ahatake's ability and quickly resealed his bankai. "So what are we waiting for?" His eyes went back to normal, making appear like a regular human being with clothes tattered.

The clones fell to the ground and scrambled to get up. Due to the Hollow Masks, their expressions were unreadable, but the fury radiated throughout the ring. They all dispersed and Ahatake's barrier came into view again.

"You're starting to tick me off Margin." Ahatake said, twirling his blade from within the confines of his barrier.

"Oh, am I?" Margin taunted Ahatake, with that mocking smile of his and even cracked his knuckles. "Are you going to step out in that pussy-hut of yours?"

"No." Ahatake replied simply. This guy was good and he seemed to be figuring out most of his abilities. If he showed off anymore, it would come back to haunt him later. He sighed. It seemed test 3 would have to wait. He extended his hand, and fired a Cero at Margin again.

Margin didn't put much effort into dodging the incoming Cero as he simply moved a few meters away from the attack. "Come on, Ahatake, I know your capable of so much more, SHOW ME!!"

The Cero turned and shot back at Margin from behind. "I've shown you enough." Ahatake replied. "FALL!"

Margin didn't dodge the attack, to inflict insult to the Ahatake. As the smoke fade, Margin appeared with a small wound on his abdomen but acted like he didn't care.

Ahatake sighed, which sounded like a hiss through his mask. "What are you, half cockroach?" He asked, annoyed. "How does one kill you?"

"Its only that your not even going all out in this fight, and I hate it when your just watching from that barrier like a lil pussy."

Ahatake sighed. He was right. And he had a feeling if he blew up the stadium he'd be disqualified. If only he could control his barrier and force it to spread.

"DAMN IT ALL!" He thought, his spiritual pressure beginning to rise in his anger.

Margin knows that Ahatake is somewhat pissed but for what reason, he doesn't know but he had a feeling its because of his insults. "So...We're just gonna be waiting for each other to do something? Its getting boring you know."

"I didn't come here to lose Margin." Ahatake explained. "I have someone here I have to beat, and I'm not going to lose to you!" He raised his wakizashi up, and a massive amount of energy began to leak outside of the barrier, wrapping and encircling his blade.

"And what? I came here to lose to a pathetic piece of sh*t like you?" Margin replied, with much annoyance embedded in his voice. "How can you defeat me if you're just standing right over there like a big lame-ass?" He insulted as his eyes begins to change again. His reiatsu leaking again all over the place.

The two reiatsu's began to clash, and the very area began to shake. The energy around Ahatake's blade began to tower up, and out of the roof like signal. "This match with end just like our last! With you unconscious at my feet!" Ahatake cried, swinging his blade down and letting loose a truly monstrous blast of reiryoku, larger than a barn silo.


Everyone in the stands did just that, running in either direction to avoid getting caught up in the blast.

Margin smirked as he saw the the attack coming at him. Chains covered his arms as he charges the most powerful cero he could fire. Even with his almost limitless reiatsu, Margin is getting tired as he concentrates most of his energy to this Cero. "Not gonna end like that." He said as he fire a massive pitch black cero towards Ahatake's own attack.

"If I have anything to say about it, it WILL!" Ahatake cried, opening his mouth to let loose a Cero blast which combined with his own attack, making it larger and more powerful. It began to push Margin's Cero back. "I will walk away here the victor!"

"IDIOT!" Margin saw Yuki outside the stage, the blast could kill everyone near. With all his remaining strength, he summoned up a barried made of chains to shield the people behind him, especially Yuki. The barrier took most of Margin's reiatsu and weakened his cero, making Ahatake's attack hit him but only barely. He fell on his knees, his breathing barely even catching up.

Ahatake raised his hand hand up, and a crackling red and black orb formed above it. It was Ahatake's strongest Cero.

"It's over Margin."

"You keep on saying its over...its over...its over. And its really annoying to hear, especially that those words came from someone like you." Margin stood up, smiling, his aura is different, different from the way it was just now. His reiatsu that has been drained up suddenly bursted again.

"I really don't get you. You really are a cockroach, you just won't die!" Ahatake cried, launching the orb at Margin.

Useless. Margin though to himself as he raised his hand to welcome the attack.

The moment the Cero has touched his hand however, it exploded in a blinding flash.

Margin's hand was severly pressured on blocking the attack that Margin couldn't even move it anymore. But he wrapped his chains around it and stared at Ahatake coldly, the intent to kill was obvious.

"For the love of whatever God exists, this is ridiculous." Ahatake groaned. "There is foul play goin' on here."

"You know what's more ridiculous?" Margin asked, still staring coldy at Ahatake. "You up there doing nothing." Margin pulled his blade and pours reiatsu into it. "Bankai." Again, chains bursted from the ground, limitless chains appearing from everywhere. Margin then used them all at once to go to the barrier. The limitless supply of chains will make it hard for anything to destroy it all.

As the chains came into contact with the barrier, they began to disintegrate. Ahatake raised a hand to his face and cracked his mask. It was pointless to keep using it. "Margin, your chains are pointless! Give it up!"

Margin's eyesight started to become blurred. His legs were shaking and couldn't focus on fighting anymore. A few more seconds and Margin collapsed, no way he could still stand with those injuries.

Ahatake sighed, falling to his knees, but not deactivating his barriers yet. "Was Margin really down?"

The count began.

Before the count would end, Margin was atleast able to stand up but still shaking. He raised his blade and it emitted some kind of glow that lighted the whole area, light could passed everywhere. He again glared at Ahatake and chains appeared from inside his barrier, filling the whole place. "Everything the light touches, is.....MY TERRITORY!" The chains then started crawling to Ahatake's whole body.

Ahatake's shattered the barriers, sealing his Zanpakuto in the process as the chains began to wrap around him. "What the...what the heck is this?!?"

Margin knows that even Ahatake couldn't stand the heat from his chains, so he pulled out the inner flames in it and binded his whole body outside the ring. He then looked at the referee, signaling her to start counting.


"Do you want to win?"

A voice sounded in Ahatake's head, speaking quick.

"Yes.." he hissed. "I want to win!"

The demonic hiss was heard, and Ahatake's mask began to form, though it was different and the energy more demonic. He looked up at Margin, an insane grin on his face.


Ahatake pushed himself up, chains and all, completely ignoring the heat that the were exuding as he wrenched them off of him. He laughed insanely and jumped back into the ring before the count as reached 10, grinning in Margin's direction.

Hollow Ahatake was in control.

He unsheathed Raika and charged, the sword glinting with a strange red glow. As he closed in he swung it down.

Margin, or rather Hollow Margin who just took control a few minutes ago, didn't change the look at his face, cold and angered, H-Margin is not always like that, why is he mad at Ahatake? A chain wrapped around Ahatake's blade, he pulled him and a charged a cero right on his opponent's face.

Ahatake ducked, his head colliding with his opponent's gut. Wrenching the blade out of Margin's chains, it was smothered in Hollow Ahatake's powerful energy, and he swung it down, aiming to cut Margin in two.

"How dare you....." With quick movement, H-Margin covered his hand with hollowfied reiatsu and caught the blade with his hand, although it made his palm bleed. While he still holding the blade, chain binded Ahatake's legs so that he couldn't run, he placed his index finger on Ahatake's forehead and started charging a cero again.

Ahatake laughed, using pure brute strength to force the chains off, and grabbed Margin, throwing him out of the ring and onto the hard, unforgiving ground. The Hollowfied Ahatake gestured to the referee, who started counting.


The cero Margin fired went off randomly, bouncing everywhere until it has formed a small cage like object around Ahatake, inside the cage are chains that wrapped Ahatake's whole body. Margin didn't even appear to have felt the ground smashing to his skull as he jumped back to the ring and compressed the cero cage with Ahatake inside it, binded by his burning chains.

Hollow Ahatake let out a feral scream and shattered the chains, his body partially hollowfying to achieve this feat. He sped towards Margin, and sunk his fist into the man's face, sending him flying and breaking his nose. Then, Ahatake let loose a Cero barrage at Margin, not allowing him time to recover.

Covering his front with chains to guard him from incoming ceros, Hollow Margin rushed in full-speed to Ahatake and when he got there, he held his face and pushed it to the ground, inner flames then started appearing on his hand that still holds on Ahatake's face, trying to burn his whole head.

Ahatake pushed himself up, and then down, slamming his head, and subsequently, Margin's hand, into the ground. The he jumped back, and extended his hand.

"Hadō #33, Sōkatsui!" He cried, charging a blue orb of energy in his palm. However, it began to glow purple. "Cero." He cried, firing the combined Cero and Kidō spell at Margin.

Unable to react as it all happened so fast, Margin was knocked down on the ring floor. While he is down, Margin raised his hand and fired a Bala blast to Ahatake, it was the quickest attack he knows.

Ahatake dodged with ease, and shot four rings at Margin, pinning his arms and legs to the ground. As he was out of the ring, the ref began to count.


"Cero." Hollow Margin shot a cero on the ground he is pinned on and quickly removed the rings on his arms and legs. His blade started to glow again, a sign that more chains would come in the area. He jumped back at the ring and tried to clean off the dirt on his clothes.

Hikari was looking on with a small frown on her face. "Why is this fight taking so long? There won't be a ring left when this is over."

"Don't look at me, ask the writers." Seikai murmured.

Ahatake gripped the Cero, and flung it back at Margin, aiming for his head.

Hollow Margin bended his body sidewards and the Cero missed. Chains keeps on appearing non-stop as Margin went to the middle of the area, he used the chains to make some kind of dome shape object in the ring that forces anyone out of the area or else they'll get burned to death. Margin rest inside the dome as he controls it from the inside, inner flames started to spread in the chain-dome, adding its guarding/protecting capabilities. The dome is made of several thick layers of chains, one can't just destroy it in one blow.

Ahatake punched himself in the face, breaking his mask, and his Hollowfied parts shattered. He turned and walked out of the ring. "I'm done." He said. "And as for you, writers, I'm on to you." He said before sitting down.

Koyuki cleared her throat, and announced Margin the winner by forfeit.

The chains all shattered and faded with the wind, Margin fell unconscious, that kind of battle would really exhaust or might even kill anyone. Yuki jumped on the ring and carried Margin out of the area and layed him down. "You did well, now time to rest." She smiled as she looked up to Zen.

Zen smiled, he knows what will happen next. He doesn't care who or what he will be fighting, as long as he can fight that is.

Round 3: Where We Were Destined To Be[]

It was here that Ryuuka himself finally looked up. "Hm? I suppose it's my turn, then..." He stated casually, hopping off of his seat. With glib steps, he made his way into the ring with his arms folded inside of his sleeves. Whoever his opponent was, it didn't matter to him. After all, he was born into the 11th Division, the part of the Gotei 13 made for heavy combat. He was already mentally prepared by the first two battles, so he could think clearly in the face of combat.

Zen went to the ring and saw his opponent and there he sighed. He stared at Ryuuka and grinned. "Looks like I'm gonna be fighting an insect for this round, hey, be sure to hop and hop until I pull you legs off, ok?" He was underestimating his opponent as he is pretty sure he can win this round.

So this man liked to taunt him. A small grin climbed up his face, and he tilted his head to the side, undeterred by the man's words. "Is that so?" He questioned, keeping a level-headed tone. However, it was slightly teasing, meant to get on the man's nerves. "Well, you can try... but I can't guarantee I won't stop you flat by accident." They weren't words of arrogance, but words of simple taunt. In truth, he didn't really know what to expect, so he had to be prepared at all times.

"Your starting to amuse me, insect." Zen appeared right behind Ryuuka, smiling. He took his glasses off and clean it with his handkerchief found in his pocket.

"Not bad...." Ryūka thought. His movements were fast, and his speed was tremendous. Though, he seemed to be focused on toying with him rather than anything else. "Well, thank you..." He commented, looking over his shoulder. "Now, how about we actually fight? The audience is getting rather bored."

"Works for me." Zen said as he pointed his black gun at Ryuuka's back. BANG!

Had it been under normal circumstances, Ryūka would've been killed. However, the cock of the gun tipped him off. With a simple Shunpo, he was able to get out of the bullet's path - a testament to his own speed. Now, he already had his sword unsheathed, the blade gleaming under the artificial lighting. "Hey, don't you think that's a bit unfair?" He complained, slightly annoyed about his opponent using a gun against him.

"Oooh, first time that an insect actually complains." Zen fired more bullets on Ryuuka, his not even taking this seriously as his not really taking aim. 1..2...3...4...5..6..7..8...9..10...... Oh this guy is good at dodging. He thought to himself as he counts the all the bullets that misses.




Raising his blade up, Ryūka used the flat side in order to block the oncoming projectiles. Each bullet resided Although he knew the man wasn't bothering to put effort in actually killing him, he decided a little lecturing would be in order. "Oh, wait, never mind..." He said mockingly. "This is fair, considering your aim is terrible." If the man wasn't willing to put his full strength into the fight, then he would just settle for fighting on his level for now. It would give him time to analyze the man even more.

Zen didn't even bother speaking as he thought it would only be a waste of time. Bullets were being fire one by one, but all was being deflected. He then put on his glasses and looked at the bullets that scattered around Ryuuka, he smiled as the bullets begin to turn black, and all at once spear-like objects emerged from the bullets, all aiming at Ryuuka's heart.

"That's new..."

Narrowly, Ryūka evaded the spear-like weapons. So it was just more than guns fired... the question was now, was it simple shadows being utilized, or a demonic energy? Either way, he knew he had to fight more seriously. With the Shunpo that had allowed him to evade the bullets, he re-appeared behind his opponent, sword swung in a horizontal arc.

Zen didn't dodge the attack, it cut in him in half as he fell lifeless on the floor but his grin didn't disappear.

"...what the hell?" Ryūka thought in surprise, staring dumbfounded at the bicuferated corpse. Wary, he leaped back, frowning in disdain. Did the man really allow himself to die with a single strike? It couldn't have happened... one moment, he was convinced that the man was overestimating his abilities. Now, it seemed like he was ready to die. Such didn't add up with him, and he was hesitatnt to declare the match over just yet. His eyes narrowed, ready for any change in his opponent.

The dead body raised its hand and continued firing bullets at Ryuuka. The lower body then reconnected to the lower body as it did. Zen was able to stand up and appeared unharmed. He started laughing at the idea that he was cut in half by Ryuuka. The firing continued again and again, it even seem like he has some unlimited bullets on his gun.

"...oh, damn it." Eyes widening, Ryūka immediately raised his sword to once again deflect the bullets headed his way. That was definitely not High-Speed Regeneration - damage to the spine and lower internal organs would've not been repaired so easily. What the hell was this guy?! Using yet another Shunpo, he re-appeared off to the side of Zen and made another horizontal strike on his person.

Again, Zen did not dodge and was again cut in half, but before he fell to the floor he held Ryuuka's arm and pulled him with him. As the distance was close enough, Zen put his gun on Ryuuka's mouth, wanting to end this fight, he fired another bullet.


Instinctively, Ryūka jerked aside, the bullet tearing its way through the jawbone. Gritting his teeth, he grabbed the barrel of the gun, his hand squeezing it tightly. The immense strength put into the vice grip caused the causing to crack, and then the gun barrel to shatter, metal pieces falling to the ground. "Funny that you're sticking to using guns, when you have a sword on your waist..." He said, stepping away from the fallen body once more. "And I'm blocking all of your bullets... shouldn't that tell you something?"

"You want me to use something else?" Zen asked as he reconnects his body again. The metal parts dissolved into the ground like ice. Zen then get his other gun from his back, color silver unlike the his black one. "Funny because, once I use other things besides my guns, I'll be fast forwarding your death." Mocked Zen.

"Well, at least you'll be getting somewhere..." Ryūka commented lightly. "Or, does getting cut in half so many times work wonders on the spine?"

Zen took aim at Ryuuka with the gun his holding, he smiled before firing a somewhat cero oscuras-like energy beam that destroyed fragments of the destroyed ring.

So he wasn't switching weapons any-time soon... Disappointed, Ryūka raised his blade up into the air before swinging down to meet the blast head-on, slicing the energy into two halves that separated around him. The energy was noticeably intense, and he squinted his eyes a little, feeling the equivalent of a strong wind come onto him.

The two separated parts of Zen's attack changed its path and went back at Ryuuka. Zen again fired another cero-like blast towards Injiki.

With another Shunpo, Ryūka vanished from the spot where he was, opting to once again re-appear off to the side of Zen. This would go nowhere if Zen kept regeneratin himself like this. Still... there had to be a limit to how much he could pull himself together. He could guarantee that a more devastating attack would increase the energy needed in order for regeneration. He would kill him until his "immortality" ran out. This time, Ryūka proceeded to strike vertically instead of horizontally, aiming to split Zen down the middle.

Not gonna work. The blade sliced clean on Zen's body but instead of reconnecting, only one half of the body regenerated as the other half was seeming turned to black flames that surrounded Injiki. Zen can be seen smiling outside the flames, he knew this would end quick, unless Ryuuka thinks of something else to escape.

However, a simple swing of Ryūka's blade managed to pull himself out of harm's way, pushing the flames away from him and clearing a path towards Zen once again. "You must realize that I'm fending off your attacks just as easily as you're recovering from my own..." He commented, once again bringing small talk to the table.

Zen was impressed at this shinigami, few have lived just by standing right in front of him but this Injiki guy, he was different. Zen's hand twitched as he whole place, beat, as if there is a heart deep inside the area. "Have you seen how my son's ability work?" he asked as he looked directly at Ryuuka's eyes. "Mine's somewhat the same, only it is not restricted through the form of chains." he explained. "In short, your pretty much fucked."

Ryūka thought for a moment, frowning lop-sidedly. In truth, he hadn't been paying much attention to Margin's and Ahatake's fight, but rather preparing himself for his own. He raised a hand to put on to one half of his face, sighing in annoyance. "Well, truthfully, I wasn't really paying much attention. Guess you'll have to go through the trouble of having me see it again, won't you?" He asked patiently.

Zen's right hand was changing, its getting bigger and bigger. A creature emerged from his hand that appeared to be a dog with hundreds of eyes. Zen's arms and his head fall off as the creature went out of his body and quickly rushed at Ryuuka.

"This guy's a zombie...." Ryūka thought, lowering his sword for a moment. However, he swung it back up once the monster was in range of his cutting edge. Did this man even have a limit to his powers? No... he had to have a limit! Everything could only be pushed so far until they break...

As the creature has been sliced, a hand came out, aiming a gun on Ryuuka and fired several black energy beams. Zen would never reveal the secret behind his abilities a secret no one has ever found out, that's why no one has ever defeated him yet.

He never saw it coming.

The beams slammed into him, exploding upon contact. Pain rocketed through his very nerves as he was thrown ruthlessly onto the ground, skidding on the ground. He came to a rest on the edge of the ring, head hung backwards. His eyes were shut tightly, and he was breathing heavily, both shocked and agonized from the attack on his person. Slowly, he stood once more, though his stance was hunched.

Zen went out from the body of the hound, he stood and stared down at Ryuuka. He was kind of disappointed that this fight will not last that very long anymore. The smile from his face was gone, disappointment is the only that can be seen from his face. He did not attack, he waited for what Ryuuka's next move will be, but as what he can see, Ryuuka doesn't have that much fight left in him.

It was just another reminder of what would happen if he wasn't careful.

Quickly, Ryūka went of the offensive once again, re-appearing above the man. His hilt was gripped in both hands, and he swung down with all of his might.

This time, Zen still didn't dodge but caught the blade that was about to cut him in half again. "Release you zanpakuto, your not gonna last if you don't at least release that piece of crap." He ordered, seeing Ryuuka wounded from his last attack. "RELEASE YOU DAMN ZANPAKUTO!"

"Why are you so worked up...?"

Ryūka immediately followed the question with a vertical kick that struck into Zen's chin, the force sending him skidding across the arena and off of the stage. "Sorry...." He said sincerely. "But I'm just not used to releasing my Shikai. Such would make it too easy for me to fight easier. And as for my wounds..." He leveled the blade with one hand towards Zen calmly. "Do not underestimate the power of a Shinigami."

Zen immediatley got up to the stage and stretched out his arms. "And you made it sound like I'm not a shinigami myself." Zen's body exploded as dark matter scattered on the floor. The real Zen was just sitting on a piece of rock caused by the last fight. He clapped his hand, amused by Ryuuka's performance. "Nice...real nice, you really are a 1st class shinigami, can't argue with that but....I do hope you could do a lot more."

"....I should've known you were hiding behind a puppet...." Ryūka muttered, turning to face the man. "You gonna fight me for real now?"

"Yeah, like I can regenerate that fast." Zen stood up and threw his gun away. What was he thinking? Is he gonna fight bare-handed? "So, shall we start this crap again?"

Immediately, Ryūka put two hands on his blade, focusing. His spiritual energy exerted itself from his body like flames from a wildfire, surrounding him and reaching up towards the sky itself. "Yeah..." He said, almost in monotone. "Let's."

Waving his hand, Zen summoned up dark matter from where Ryuuka is standing, a coffin-like object formed around Ryuuka. With another wave from his hand, hundred of blades were formed from his dark matter as it all stabbed the coffin.

"Too slow...."

It was the simple wave of the hand, as well as the sudden flow of spiritual energy from the ground that tipped the Injiki off. With a Shunpo, he was able to get behind the man, sword swinging in a horizontal strike. However, he could easily assume that the man would dodge this time; he couldn't regenerate that fast.... right?

Zen didn't move with his dark matter blocking the sword, forming a hand behind his back. Another hand formed behind his back but this time, holding a gun aimed at Ryuuka's head. In an instant the gun fired again a cero-like blast.

Fighting with energy? Very well.

As he twisted his own body to avoid being disintegrated, he gripped his sword tightly, focusing reiatsu into the blade. Coupled with his own strength, the pressure was enough to cause the barriers to crack. Another cut would easily destroy the barrier and get to Zen. The Injiki did just that, raising his blade and swinging once more.

Surely, this Injiki guy is underestimating Zen's dark matter. But Zen simply jumped back and return to his stance. "Hey, sorry but I think I've had enough, if your not releasing then I'll simply put an end to this." Zen raised his right hand and a orb-shape dark matter starts forming on his palm, its gathering all of the dark matter scattered in the area. He then threw it to Ryuuka at full-speed. "No use trying to destroy it, it'll simply absorb any sort of energy-based attack, and using your sword will just be the same. As for dodging it, it'll chase you around with its speed increasing every second until it catches you."

Why did he have to put him in this situation?

Even as Ryuka made the moves to avoid it, he decided not to stall any more. With near-silent words, he stated his release command, "Send the immortals to their graves... Tenshi." Immediately, his sword grew in size, gaining a thicker and wider blade, close to that of a scimitar.

Trying to be cautious, Zen quickly did something that he surely knows that his image on Ryuuka's vision has somewhat become dull in a split second, what he has done is unknown. The orb continued to rush toward Ryuuka, its speed, like what Zen has said, continued to increase, almost breaking the speed of sound.

Ryuka didn't seem to attempt to dodge the attack this time.

The orb went through him... and he disappeared.

However, at the same time, his scimitar-like blade ripped through Zen's back with immense force.

Figures. While Ryuuka's blade sliced through him, Zen quickly grabbed the blade, ignoring the fact that a blade just ripped his back. His hold was great enough to stop Ryuuka's movement for a while, enough for the orb to touch him. The orb attached to his flesh. The orb then released more of the dark matter, more and more until it has engulfed Ryuuka whole. "No use trying to remove it, it'll just kill you faster."

"Too slow...."

However, by the time Zen had moved to grab the blade, what he had held was an after-image. The real Ryuka had been standing back to back with him. A horizontal gash came across Zen's mid-section, nearly cutting the spinal chords in two. "This is why I didn't want to use this ability..." He said quietly. "It's far too powerful, far too unsuited for a hard worker like me. But you insisted on pushing me..."

Zen saw the wound on his body, he then started laughing (again). "This is GREAT! Never thought someone like you would actually, wake my sleeping nerves." The wound's edges has some kind of black flames cling to it, gaining the appearance of a ripped clothing.

"What in the hell is that...?"

It didn't matter. One final blow would put his opponent out of his misery. Without hesitation, he made the last attack he could while in his state; he cut through the entire torso at the left shoulder, severing his arm and part of his side from his body. However, it would not be the only attack initiated. As Ryuka's speed-enhanced state faded away, the orb that had meant to stick itself on the Injiki had instead chosen another target - its summoner. Sticking to the torso, it started to envelop Zen in the same manner that it had tried to do to Ryuka.

"Damn...His good but did he really thought it'll take effect on someone besides its target? Oh, well." The act was perfect, it only took a matter of time before Zen actually disappeared before Injiki's eyes. As Zen knows that Ryuuka doesn't know what will happen after the orb had finished with its target, tricking him would be so easy. Small fragments of dark matter can be seen on Ryuuka's clothes, the black color made it hard to see. After a few seconds, the fragments started to enlarge as it crawls from Ryuuka's clothes to the skin of his arms and legs, there it entered through the small pores of his skin. Inside, the dark matter turned into tiny blades that sliced through everything inside.


All thought had been lost, once he saw his blood erupt from his body through the wounds he had already sustained. Immediately, his Shikai faded, reverting back to its normal state. His eyes went blank, and blood came from his mouth. His body was too torn in order to even feel any pain. With the crimson liquid staining him, he fell to his knees, then onto his stomach. His hand let go of his katana, and it flew off of the ring. He lay deathly still, no signs of life, and no signs of breathing.

Dead? Possibly.

Defeated? Certainly.

"As Ryuuka Injiki is unable to continue the battle, Zen Heart is the winner of this match!" Koyuki announced, clearly Ryuuka is beaten.

Zen immediately went to Ryuuka and removed the dark matter inside of him, only to put it back but this time he used it to replace the broken vessels in his body. He grinned and helped him stand. "I've got to say kid, you got a lot of potential stored up in that body of yours, its only that you had to face me."

"Tch..." The Injiki growled a little, even as he accepted the hand up. He stood up on his feet, choosing not to say anything to the man. Instead, he walked over and picked up his blade, then returned to the spot where he once was.

Zen returned to his place in their side and sat down, Ryuuka did gave him a pretty impressive show and he got tired a little bit but tried not to show it. After a while, Yukidomari walked in, she was gone the whole fight and nobody seems to know where she has been but one thing is for sure, she's different from what she is before Zen and Ryuuka's fight. She went to Margin and embraced the unconscious man. "I would never do anything to harm you, Margin" she whispered. She then stood up, ready to fight. "I think you already know your up next, Yuki." Zen said.

Yukidomari vs Seikai[]

Seikai scowled. "I'm up next." She hissed before Hikari could say anything.

"Why you?" Ahatake asked. "Why not Hikari?"

She merely fixed an icy glare at Ahatake, and he backed off. Seikai walked slowly into the ring, and beckoned at Yukidomari.

The casual cheery mood on Yuki's face did not appear, instead a cold look can be seen. She jumped in the ring and stared at Seikei, no words came from her lips as a cold, dark aura surrounded her.

The ref announced the participating members and ordered the match to begin.

Seikai drew her sword. "I'm not like my other teammates." She said, saying the last word with distaste. "I won't hold back."

"Neither will I." Yuki replied, clearly she is not in a particularly good mood. In a flash, she got behind Seikai with her blade touching her neck.

Seikai jumped back, gaining some distance. She placed her hands together, and an orange sphere formed in the middle. She threw the sphere up and uttered one word.

Okaeshi Explosion

Ōkaeshi activating


Ōkaeshi, the forbidden Kidō that was fueled by hate, an emotion that was coursing through Seikai's very veins. The sphere exploded, and many small "meteors" rained down on Yukidomari.

"Hado #90, Kurohitsugi" Yuki whispered as she was dodging all the meteors coming from above. Yuki's mastery over Kidō should never underestimated, after all she had learned from Zen, no one should. A block box then surrounded Seikei, it is unknown what is happening inside, but it is clearly not nice.

Out of nowhere, the glinting blade of Seikai was being pressed to Yukidomari's throat. Part of Seikai's clothing was missing, but not enough to be revealing. When the Kidō box ceased, that missing article of clothing was inside, pierced from all sides. "You underestimated me, thinking I would be caught in such Kidō. Good-bye." She whispered, pressing her blade down in a move to decapitate the woman.

With just a second left, Yuki bended downwards, effectively making the blade pass through her without causing her harm. "Your the one who overestimated your powers. Bakudo #61, Rikujōkōrō." Before the light could even touch Seikai, Yuki used another Kurohitsugi to confuse Seikai.

Seikai, however, vanished, taking to the air. She extended one of her hands, and a whole opened up in it's palm.

"KAZĀNA!" She cried, and the whole in her hand suddenly started to act like a black hole, sucking in everything in it's path. The ring started to break apart and be absorbed into the Kazāna. Yukidomari would be sucked in as well if she did not act fast.

Knowing that Seikai is too busy controlling her Kazaana. Yuki got behind her again and proceeds with a horizontal slash.

The cut was not deep, as the sword was blocked by the bejeweled outfit Seikei was wearing, She heard the Kazāna's sound start to increase,a nd she quickly closed it for fear it would tear. She jumped down, descending onto the ring. She hadn't forgotten that Seireitou had sealed her back then with those strange cuffs. She inhaled deeply.

"Hadō #39, Nenshō." She exhaled, releasing a huge amount of flames from her mouth and into the air, shooting at Yukidomari.

"Danku.." Yuki murmured as a barrier covered from the attack. With the barrier still on, Yuki rushed to Seikai at full-speed, making her somewhat unseen. She pointed her finger on Seikai's chest as she fired a Byakurai spell.

Seikai deflected the low level spell with her band hand, sending the remaining energy of it hurtling into the stands, frowning. Seikai jumped into the air, raising her hand up. "Hadō #91, Kokusenna!" She cried, and four large points of spiritual energy with a blue sphere in the center, and it somewhat resembled a Hira-Shuriken. She threw it in Yukidomari's direction.

Yuki started mumbling some words and her fingers pierced through some kind of fabric. She then tore out a large garganta that swallowed the sphere. After it has disappeared, a thrust from Yuki's blade was seen, heading towards Seikai's abdomen.


Kokusenna as it flies

Seikai placed her hand on Yukidomari's blade and pressed down on it, using it to lift herself up and higher into the air, escaping Yukidomari's attack without any damage whatsoever. She rocketed down, hoping to take advantage of the confusion her maneuver should have caused Yukidomari, and swung down her blade, aiming at the woman's shoulder.

"Deny.." Before the blade could even reach Yuki's shoulder, wires wrapped around the Seikai's blade and effectively absorb the spiritual energy on, making it useless once released. The wires then extended and tried to grasp Seikai's arm.

"Bitch.." Seikai thought, feeling her sword's energy sap away. She jumped back, and began forming seals. "Bakudō #5, Ōnaminagare!" She cried, and was enveloped in a crackling aura that surrounded her body. She gripped her sword and glared at Yukidomari. Before she could move however, her aura faded.

"What the...?" She frowned. "What just happened there?"

"I only got 20 minutes so I better end this quick." Yuki thought to herself as she releases more wires the goes-off randomly, slicing through almost anything it comes contact with. After a few more seconds, the arena is filled by wires, making it gain a spider's trap-like appearance.

Effectively dodging the wires, Seikai was still mumbling, wondering why her aura had faded. She looked around, frowning. It seemed she really was trapped.

She tried once again to perform an Ōnaminagare, but the moment it formed, it faded. Much of the crowed was laughing at her failed attempts to summon her power.

The second act was a success, now Yuki only needs to finish the last act. She went out of her trap that almost cages the whole arena but she stepped in an area where she thinks she's safe. The wires started to move all around Seikai, forming a sphere around her. Escaping would be impossible, its useless.... She started moving her hands in a circular manner and closed her hands after that. All of a sudden, the sphere made of wires compressed, surely everything inside it would be lacerated and be rendered powerless as the wires absorb any sort of spiritual energy.

"It can't be. It''s Jièlìng! It's borrowing my Spiritual Energy to replace it's own! That means I can release!" She gripped her sword and spoke her release command as fast as she could. "The true mind can weather all the lies and illusions without being lost. The true heart can touch the poison of hatred without being harmed. Since beginning-less time, darkness thrives in the void, but always yields to purifying light, Jièlìng!" Her sword glistened as she finished the command, and she felt her barrier exude from her body, covering the area. As it did this, the wires began to fade and the area was clear again.

Seikai frowned. "Jièlìng is using my energy to sustain it's release state. I'm not sure how long this'll hold. I pray to whatever God is out there it's power is restored before mine runs out."

"Shit.." Yuki noticed her zanpakuto's abilities being rendered useless and it has returned to its sealed state. "How the did that happen?" Then an idea popped on her mind, if she can trick her that it didn't work then.. "What the hell is that? Nothing really happened, Seikai." Using her reiryoku , Yuki used it as Margin had, turning them into wires and again covering the area. "I hope she doesn't notice."

"You really are a troublesome bitch." Seikai murmured. She raised a hand into the air, and it began to crackle with electricity. "Jièlìng! Spare my energy for this technique!" She though, and a large angelic lance appeared floating above her hand.


Ransarai's appearance

"Hadō #97, Ransarai." She whispered, still holding the attack. Due to it's large nature, it's spiritual energy began to crackle and whip, cutting into any wire close to it.

Gatherring all what she has learned from Kido, Yuki plans on using most of them. "Danku!" A barrier appeared although she knows it would just shatter, she concentrated her reiatsu into the barrier adding its defensive capabilities.

"Danku? Don't make me laugh!" She threw the lance at Yuki, and it tore through the ground, and destroyed a vast majority of her wires as well.

"She just used a majority of her Reiatsu, and after the enrgy drain I used on her, I'm pretty sure she's just hanging by a thread." Yuki carefully analyzed the situation and looked for any blind spot Seikai has. Yuki's reiatsu is enough to keep up with Seikai who in turn has a different situation. After her barrier has shattered, Yuki managed to jumped up high, enough to dodge the lance and went directly at Seikai's front. Having no second thought, she summoned 4 Danku-s to atleast keep Seikai from moving, Again she jumped in mid-air and fired a Raikōhō above.

Seikai dodged the blast quickly. She smiled. "This is going to be suicidal." She said, and suddenly, the indivisible, intangible barrier she had set up with her Zanpakutō hardened, completely hiding them and the ring from view. This barrier was harder than diamond. Nothing could get it.

And nothing could get out.

And that very nothing collided with the barrier. The Ransarai that Yukidomari had dodged was prevent from leaving the barrier and it collided. Seikai smirked in Yukidomari's direction. This really was suicidal.

BOOM! The lance exploded, and that very explosion was contained inside the barrier that Seikai and Yukidomari were in.

"What the?? I'm not gonna die in this freaking tournament." Having no other choice but to use all what she got. She turned her attention the explosion that rapidly destroys everthing on its path. She summoned up all her reiatsu, and fired another Hiryugekizokushintenraiho to atleast weaken it, though this didn't do much. Yuki turned back and tackled Seikai to the ground as she summoned another Danku only to be shattered easily by the explosion. The result is her back being lacerated but it must have protected Seikai atleast. Her last words were "You idiot..."

The barrier shattered, returning to it's former intangible and invisible state. Seikai looked up at the woman, her vision growing hazy. Her barrier faded completely as she pushed Yukidomari off of her. She had shielded her. Yukidomari had shielded Seikai. She frowned as the ref began counting.


With littles strength remaining, Yuki grabbed Seikai's leg foot. The counting stopped as Yuki pointed her index finger on Seikai's head. "Byakurai..." but nothing appeared, she will really die in this state. She lost consciousness as her hand fell down.

"..5...6..7...8...9...10!! YUKIDOMARI IS DOWN! The victory goes to Team Kurosaki!" Koyuki yelled this into the stands as Seikai walked out of the ring, leavin a dying Yukidomari there. She collasped against a wall and lay there, exhausted.

Ahatake looked at Hikari. "Hey, Hikari. Go heal the girl in the ring."

"Of course." Hikari replied, and her body fell unconscious. From it, a naked, slightly transparent form of Hikari emerged and floated over to Yukidomari. Hikari wrapped her arms around the unconscious Yuki. She began to heal the girls wounds, reishi flooding into Yuki's body.

Yuki remained unconscious. Margin and now Yukidomari, so many has been severely injured by this tournament. Ciel stood up and smiled. "Ok then, leave the rest to me, Zen-sama." Zen didn't reply but his nod meant something.

After Yuki's wounds were healed, Hikari returned to her body, but did not awaken. "Oh yeah." Ahatake murmured. "That spell knocks her out for a half hour."

Koyuki cleared her throat, and spoke into the mike. "I'm really sorry to say this, everyone, but that last battle completely demolished the Tournament Ring. We're going to have to have a short intermission while we fix it. Thank you for your patience."

"..Wow." Ahatake laughed. "Talk about luck."

"Nice, a fixed ring would really give me a lot of advantage." Ciel smiled, mockingly.

Hikari vs Ciel[]

Hikari's eyes fluttered open, and she sat up holding her head.

"Oooohh..." She groaned. "I forgot that jutsu takes alot out of me." She stood up, shaking her head. She looked at the newly fixed ring. " long was I out?"

"For about half an hour." Ahatake replied. "They just finished fixing the ring, so it's a good thing you woke up."

Hikari chuckled. "Guess I should take my turn." She said, walking slowly into the ring. She smiled in Ciel's direction. "You're up yes?"

After walking in the ring, Ciel used shunpo to get infront of Hikari. "Pleasure to meet you, my name is Ciel Sora, former member of the 2nd division of the Gotei 13." He raised his hand, offering a handshake.

"My name is Hikari, the Gotei 13's World of the Living Representative. I hope this will be a good match." She extended her hand, shaking Ciel's.

Ciel proceeds by kissing Hikari's hand. "Such a horrible environment such as this does not suit a very lovely woman like you." Ciel looked at her in the eye, followed by a gentle smile.

Hikari's face reddened slightly. "You'll seen see I'm more powerful than I look."

Koyuki cleared her throat. "The final match! Hikari from Team Kurosaki vs Ciel from Team Heart! Everybody begin!"

"I hope you'll go easy on me." Hikari said, settling into a battle stance.

"Bakudo #9 Ge.." Ciel was right behind the girl, preparing to cast a spell on her back but stopped at the last moment. He jumped back and sighed. "I guess I can't go tricking a girl like you would I? If I did, my conscience will be haunting me for the rest of my life. I'll just do it the old-fashioned-way."

She chuckled. "Smart boy." She formed a hand seal. "Bakudō #43, Hari." Two eerily glowing blades appeared above Ciel, and flew down at him. "I'll try to make it hurt as little as I can."

"No...Please give it your best." Ciel easily dodged the blades, as he got behind Hikari again, the blade of her kusarigama on her neck, one pull would easily behead her.

She moved quickly out of the way, smiling. "You're fast. But I'm not sure if that will be an asset here." She extended a hand. "Hadō #13, Kirābī." Glowing circles formed around her, moving in a spiral motion. Three of them shot Ciel like bullets.

Ciel didn't move, the bullets pass through him like he wasn't there at all. "Kindly, repeat what you just said, Hikari-chan." Ciel grinned in a mocking fashion.

The bullets turned around, heading back towards Ciel from behind.

Again, the bullets just passed through like Ciel was nothing but air. What? Is it an after-image?

" illusion perhaps?" She gripped her blade, and spun it, while it was still in it's Sheath.

"Bow to me...Akihime." Her sword's it's hilt becoming red, it's guard becoming a hexagon, and a long red ribbon forming from the pommel from the end of the handle, carrying glistening white stars and a jewel at the end. "If this is an illusion, I'll shatter it." She said quietly. "Defend..Mabormetsu." An invisible burst of spiritual energy was set forth from the blade, along with a bell that sounded like a ringing bell. If the Ciel she was facing was an illusion, or even a form of hypnosis, it would break.

The "Ciel" Hikari was facing shattered. Hikari was indeed correct, it was merely an illusion as the real Ciel threw his kusarigama to Hikaru, hoping to wound her at least.

She dodged, the attack missing her as she braced herself. "You can use Illusions?" She asked, looking at Ciel.

"In a certain degree..Yes." Ciel pulled the kusarigama and it went back to Hikari.

"I see." She smiled kindly. "If illusions are your only power, you will not get far with me." She said, dodging again, and extending a hand. "Haien." She said, and flung a purple ball of fire Ciel.

The ball of fire was able to hit Ciel, he seems rather distracted. Ciel disingrated, leaving no trace behind.

Hikari sighed. "Ciel, I told you that illusions will not work against me." She held up her sword. "Mabormetsu." Once again, it released a blast of invisible spiritual energy, and a ringing bell sound.

Ciel was hiding behind the Kido wall he used, but it shattered almost immediately. ""

"Illusions are my specialty." She replied. "Seeing through such simple deception is easy." She pointed her sword at him. "Blessing...Senfuyu." Her sword glistened as she uttered this command. "Do you smell that?" She asked. "It's the smell of burning flesh."

Ciel screamed out of pain. He saw his whole body burning in flames. "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??!!"

"You are burning." Hikari replied. "This stage is your funeral pyre." She had created an illusion that Ciel's whole body was on fire, and his body was experiencing the effects of such an event.

Ahatake shuddered. "I would hate to be him right now.."

"8....9....10!!! Hikari is unable to continue! The winner of this round is Ciel Sora of Team Heart!" Koyuki had just announced the winner.

Ciel walked towards Hikari and struck some nerves that woke her up. "Sorry Hikari-chan.....You've lost, lemme explain so that it won't confuse you. The moment you shook my hands, you've already been put to a deep sleep. How? I put pressure on some of your nerves just the right moment you touched my hands. And illusions won't work now will it? From the start I knew you have an Illusion-type zanpakuto, zanpakutos had been classified into numerous types. Unforntunately for you, an illusion-type is not a rarity anymore, counters for it has been made and I just used it, by blocking some thing inside my body." Ciel stood up and walked off, smiling.