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Unabara Kujira
Age Unknown (Deceased)
Birthdate Unknown
Height 5ft 6in
Weight Unknown
Gender Male
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Soul Society
Team Unknown
Occupation Unseated Officer of Unknown Division


Unabara had dark skin, light blue hair, light blue eyebrows, red eyes, wears the standard Shinigami uniform and carries his Zanpakuto on his left waist.


His personality is mostly a mystery now, as he didn't befriend many, and therefor not many knew him from outside of battle. he was a little angry for not being promoted to a seated officer, but dealt with it.



At a point in time long ago, Unabara was the first to be stationed in Kanmuro Town. After a month, he however stopped coming back to the Soul Society. A couple of low-level Shinigami was sent to find the reason for this. When they arrived in Kanmuro Town, they found his lifeless body, and was soon later attacked by a Hollow, which killed them. This started the curse of the protectors of kanmura Town

Powers and Abilities[]

Good Flash Steps User: he was said to be quite good with the arts of Flash Steps and used them frequently in battle.

Great Swordsmanship: Even though his Shikai's abilities are unknown, he was rarely defeated.

High Kido Level: He was said to have high Kido powers and used them alot in battle.



Unabara with Ningyo

Yangu's zanpakuto is named Ningyo(Mermaid). In sealed state, it takes the form of a regular katana. It's release command is "Rise up from the ocean"

Shikai: Ningyo in Shikai is a grey and blue achor.

Shikai Special Abilities: It's abilities are unknown, but presumably it includes water.