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Akujin's Past
Time: Six Days after the Zero Division Recruitment Arc

The Gotei 13 was new again. Six days ago, the captains that had fought valiantly against Sosuke Aizen were promoted to the Zero Division and the lieutenants were sent on a century long mission with promises of the same fate as their captains upon their return. Akujin, former third seat of the Sixth Division was chosen to fill the shoes of Captain-Commander Yamamoto until a proper candidate could be selected.

It was early morning, and Captain Akujin arose like everyday. He took a stroll through Seireitei to the Shinigami Archives, as he believed in keeping up with the times and knowing Soul Society's past. He had selected his vice-captain, a man simply known as the Swordless Swordsman. The man was always drunk but at least he could fight. As Akujin read amongst the scrolls of the library, he discovered one that caught his interest. It read as follows;

Arturo Plateado
Over 2000 years ago, in Hueco Mundo, a lone hollow managed to make the jump to an arrancar, being the first of his kind to do so. Arturo being the first arrancar, gained many hollow supporters and used them to storm Soul Society. The bloodshed was so massive that by the end of it, more than four fifths of the Gotei 13 and the Royal Guard were slaughtered. One lone captain, Captain of the First Division at that time, Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto forced Arturo to retreat to Hueco Mundo, where he remained dormant for thousands of years. Then, one hundred years ago, he again appeared but was stopped by Hirako Shinji, then Captain of the Fifth Division, and his lieutenant Sosuke Aizen. Arturo again returned to Hueco Mundo, never to be seen again. It was said that his powers were capable of absorbing the reiatsu of those he killed and transforming Hollows into Arrancar.

Akujin was greatly intrigued by the power of this Arturo figure. Were arrancar really this powerful? And if so, why didn't Aizen find and use Arturo for himself. He decided it was about time someone solved the mystery of this powerful arrancar, and so he snuck off into the night and using his great kido prowess, made a rift to Hueco Mundo and entered it. Never to be seen again by the Gotei, until of course a few months later....