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"The pendulum swings forward. The story barreling towards the future will stop for an instant, so that we may peer into the past. Though it was only the briefest of moments, its effects were wide-spread and long-lasting. We must know the past, yet we are forbidden to learn. Therein lies the truth behind the masks.


Before there was Soul Society, the spiritual world was in chaos, ruled by warlords who battled for supremacy, a time where none were safe from Hollows, as they attacked with impunity. In this age, a being of unprecedented power would arise to stop the bloodshed and he would beseech a warrior to gather forth his allies from all stretches of the cosmos to unite, and create a heaven for us all.


Notable Characters[]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The events of these stories are meant to provide an account of the formation of Soul Society, substance and depth to an otherwise vacant history of the Bleach universe. The author will try his best to work within the confines of already established characters, though some concepts may differ greatly than what is generally accepted.
  • The opening quote is the same used to introduce the first "Turn Back the Pendulum" arc of the main Bleach series.