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"The pendulum swings forward, barreling towards the future will stop for an instant so that we may peer into the past. Though it was only the briefest of moments, its effects were wide-spread and long-lasting. We must know the past, yet we are forbidden to learn. Therein lies the truth behind the masks."


Diverting from the Soul Society, the story instead begins in the Dangai, a mysterious and dangerous spiritual plane. Having been created by the original Soul King, two components, known as the kōryū and kōtotsu, formed alongside the unique dimension in due time. Being comprised fully of reason, several developments formed, revolving around harnessing this newly discovered energy.


Notable characters[]

Note: These characters are listed in the order in which they appear.

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Behind the scenes[]

This particular "Turn Back the Pendulum arc" is to account for the creation of the Dangai, as well as the birth of my main character. It will incorporate various aspects of the Bleach universe designed here on Bleach Fan Fiction, such as the concepts of parallel universes, the Reikai and reason, all being concepts established by Seireitou.

The quote above is a modified version of the original Bleach "Turn Back the Pendulum arc"'s tagline.

Strange for a fan fiction story, the first three chapters are told entirely in a third-person point-of-view, while the rest of the chapters are told from the perspective of Atelier Garfiel, also known as a first-person point-of-view. It is unknown why the author did this, whether it be on purpose or accident is completely up-in-the-air.