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Turn Back The Pendulum - Yūrei's Schism is an article created by Achrones150. Use is allowed with the permission of the owner, with the exception of collaboration-created articles.

""We all have had to climb some sort of mountain, jump over some sort of ravine, break some sort of bone in order to get where we are today. For us, it was a matter of not breaking just one... but many. The civil war tore families, friends, and lives apart, and it was the only war in existence that was waged for hundreds of years. The events that took place so many years ago made us who we are, and despite the casualties.... we can never allow ourselves to forget that."
Avaron Setsuko

Yūrei's Schism is a variant of the popular Turn Back The Pendulum series. It specifies details given concerning the history of Yūrei's first civil war and the events prior to it.

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